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  1. Mock's are getting ridiculous just to get clicks. An official mock from NFL.com has the Steelers taking Justin Fields, at Pick 24. If he falls out of the top 5 I'll be surprised, and if he falls out of the top 12 I'll be shocked. That said, if he falls to 18 or lower we should definitely make a move for him, imo. It's been proven that Justins can succeed in the NFL.
  2. It seemed to get worse as the season went along with him often overthrowing players by 2-3 yards, which is the "safe" throw, so that the defenders don't have a shot at it. But at least he's not underthrowing everything like Brees, it's not a case of his arm can't do it, it's a case of his accuracy being off or a case of him not wanting to take a risk and let a WR go for it. My hope is that with a more complete offseason, and another year out from the surgery, he can work with the WRs a lot this offseason to dial in that deep ball and work on their hands. Also, I think that at least 50%,
  3. I think that Alualu should be the priority. I don't think other teams will be coming in hard to sign him, and that we could get him on a decent deal for 2-3 years. He was an all-star at run stuffing and getting pressure up the middle before his injury. When he went out, our run defense completely fell apart, and after he came back he was good, but clearly wasn't 100%. I think that Hilton or Sutton will probably get snatched up by another team, so the team should focus on Sutton who is more versatile, even though watching Hilton blitz is very enjoyable (he does make coverage mistakes more
  4. At this point, with the Ben talk, I'm just worried they try to shoehorn a specific position at 24, instead of taking BPA. I just keep having Edmunds and Artie Burns flashbacks. They weren't really the BPA, but they fit a position of need. And taking Edmunds 2 rounds prior to when we needed to still hurts. Based on comparing multiple big boards it looks like we should be able to get one of the top 20 players in the draft (not that everyone agrees on a top 20), because some teams will reach for positions of need. We should be able to get one of: QBs - Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Lance (def a
  5. Ben and Art Rooney II met today. According to Ben's agent it went well and he'll be back next season under a readjusted contract (whether that means a cut or extension with voided years remains to be seen). This is definitely not a guarantee that he'll be back, especially since it was Ben's side that released it, but it does make it seem more likely. We'll see what happens, I just hope that this doesn't mean that we pass on a QB just because Ben is back. This isn't the same situation as GB and Aaron Rodgers. Ben is not still in his prime and MVP caliber (at least he hasn't looked that wa
  6. There have been a number of articles recently tying the Steelers to a QB in the 1st round, either Trey Lance, or more likely, Mac Jones. The detractors from Trey Lance mention his poor passing in his lone 2020 game, but also his exceptional athleticism. The only disappointing aspects in Mac Jones' game are that he's not an electric runner, and that he played with exceptional talent. I'm not completely sold on Mac Jones, but I do find the arguments against him to be somewhat ridiculous. Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow had some amazing WRs and RBs, and really good offensive lines, but they
  7. We can tender Dwayne Haskins in 2022. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2927668-dwayne-haskins-rumors-former-wft-qb-visits-steelers-after-meeting-with-panthers This way, if he plays amazing we can put a 1st round tender on him for $2 mil, and if another team signs him we get a 1st. $2 mil is relatively inexpensive for a backup too, so even if he's not amazing, we could resign him if he's not actively hurting the team, because Rudolph will probably get more than $2 mil in FA.
  8. Steelers restructure Cam Heyward, allegedly free up $7 mil in cap space. Players still available to restructure without extensions: Tuitt - $9 mil base salary, could push $4.5 mil into next year if 0 extension Devin Bush - $2.2 mil base, could push $1 mil into next year Boswell - $3 mil base, could push $1.5 into next year If the Steelers extend/resign the following players they could push out some cap space: Big Ben - $41.25 mil Eric Ebron - $8.5 mil DeCastro - $14.3 mil Tuitt - Only this year and next year left, could extend to push money o
  9. Also, recent news saying Cap is likely $182-$183 million. And there's been a fair number of mocks over the weekend that have the Steelers trading up with the Chargers (13) to draft a QB (Mac Jones or Trey Lance). I doubt that happens, I think it's mostly people speculating and not any news from the Steelers FO.
  10. Updated Mock assuming no trades and trying to use semi-realistic landing spots, like no 1st round graded players in the 3rd, etc. This mock is based on several assumptions: resigning Banner and Feiler to start at Tackle spots and compete with Chuks; keeping Ben for at least 1 more year; resigning Sutton but releasing 1 of Haden/Nelson; Juju, Big Al, Dupree are gone; resign Alualu. What I think they could do, not 100% what I think they should do. 1. (24) Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa - His versatility and ability to play OLB & ILB make him a valuable player. 2. (55) Kyle Trask, QB,
  11. I'd be ok with him as a Steeler in the 2nd. A lot of people are negative on his prospects to be better than Mason Rudolph, but I saw a better QB on tape. Not sure he'll last til the 2nd half of the 2nd though. It helped that he had Pitts, Toney, and Grimes, but I saw a QB that lead pass catchers into open areas. Not one that waited to see an open WR (ahem, Fields). He could be a 1-year wonder, but I think he has the chance to be very good if protected. He's not real mobile, but he could be a solid pocket passer.
  12. This could be why Rooney and Colbert are out there talking to the media about it. The implications from their comments seems to be, we'll see how this aligns with the team's plans/cap situation. Ben has some leverage, but only if the Steelers really want him to come back, and the outward comments have not illustrated that. If he makes Demands, he'll probably be let go. I'm still highly doubting that Ben is willing to give up money. He was most likely stating a willingness to restructure, which means that he won't miss out on any payments, they'll just be moved around, very different.
  13. My guess is that he either plays for the Steelers, or he retires, like Polamalu. That said, if he thinks that he has 3+ years left, and the Steelers try to get him to retire, then he could sign with the Bears, WFT, Carolina, or Texans (if they trade Deshaun). I think none of this happens, but those teams are some of the most desperate for a solid QB. Also, I think it would take Ben at least 1 year to get up to speed on a new system, and thus the Bears are probably out because they have to win in 2021 or get fired. Yeah, the floor has gone up by $5 million, that's great news. Hopefull
  14. The main takeaway I saw, from people trying to be objective about it, was just that until the cap situation is confirmed, they can't really make any decisions. The overwhelming consensus from people that regularly cover Pitt appears to be "He's coming back." Or at least that's what I'm seeing. So I'd assume that's the case until we hear otherwise. Also, I'm generally the most optimistic Steelers fan, I even predicted a 13-3 season last year before the season with Ben coming off major elbow surgery. But somehow the end to this season left me with such a sour feeling that it's made me pess
  15. I guess, what's your version of a best case scenario? Something like this? Extend Ben 2 years, push money out. Extend Decastro 2 years, push money out. Resign Banner (fully healthy) and start Banner and Chuks at Tackle, Dotson and DeCastro at Guard, and FA/Rook at Center. Draft LB in 1st who can play OLB/ILB hybrid and improve both positions, giving Highsmith and Spillane/Vince runs for their money at starter. Resign Alualu to shore up NT spot. Draft WR in 4th who helps immediately at Slot. Draft Center in 2nd who can start immediately. Dra
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