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  1. No, not true. We just need other teams to come down to our level, like the Seahawks! Browns - Baker and Chubb and Hunt out will even the odds. Ravens - it just feels like Lamar is pressing his luck with his rushing, but maybe not, maybe he's the extreme outlier when it comes to rushing QBs. So, yeah, if Lamar gets hurt we have a very good chance to beat the Ravens...
  2. Also, even with the loss this week, it looks like Buffalo is a favorite to get the bye in the AFC (them or Ravens right now), so beating them in Buffalo would be required to move on. With the injuries to Hunt, Baker, and elsewhere on the Browns, wins against the Browns, Bears, and Lions don't seem impossible! I do think the Lions are better than their record, they fight so hard for Dan Campbell. That game won't be a gimme unless bad Goff shows up. It would be nice if the Raven's luck took a dip. They just outclassed the Chargers, but before that they were getting really lucky in a lot of games to squeak out wins.
  3. For this week's game, it feels like a trap game that we lose in years past. Like when we lost to the Ryan Mallet-lead Ravens. We should win against a terrible Seattle D and backup QB, but I think the odds right now are 55-45. Hopefully this team is prepared and comes out hot like the last 2 weeks... and actually maintains that pressure. We almost gave the game away last week due to a couple stalled drives where Snell and Ballage screwed up and the defense gave up key plays to the opponents. Hopefully the Steelers can finally put together another game from beginning to end.
  4. He's not performing better than the people we already have on the team. Wonder if the Steelers are trying to move him for a 7th and don't want to risk him getting hurt. Otherwise, cut him and hope we still get that 5th round comp pick for Feiler. Suck cost fallacy and whatnot.
  5. Browns Cardinals game is supposed to have crazy 20+ mph winds, could be a formula for an Under.
  6. Well, that Bucs line got F'd by the Eagles going for 2.
  7. 100% agree. Mason and Dwayne are only signed for 1 more season (restricted FA for Haskins). That would tend to the support the idea of draft a QB and let them sit a year; or, if there isn't a franchise QB available this year, the Steelers could sign a QB for the next 3-4 years to wait for a better QB draft.
  8. Why? He had a decent O-line last year and was just ok. He has one of the top TEs in the league, and solid WRs in Ruggs, Renfrow, and Edwards. They have a very solid, if oft injured, back in Jacobs. Our O-line is not decent and our offensive play calling has been suspect except when Ben goes no huddle. Also, Carr is not typically willing to let WRs go for 50/50 balls, he often has to see a WR open before throwing. Part of the reason people were upset with him in recent years and his refusal to throw deep. He's throwing deep more now, but only when people are wide open. I think Carr is probably top 20 in the league, but I'm just not seeing a difference maker who can lead the team that much better than Mason Rudolph. I'm not sure the cost in $$ and picks is worth the improvement, and we could use that money and picks to improve O-line and retain young players like Minkah, Claypool, or Diontae.
  9. As a Steelers fan I'd be more confident in the under. Geno Smith starting for the Seahawks and a washed up Ben for the Steelers, Carson and Najee banged up, Juju out. This feels like a 17-10 game. This week I like: Bucs -6.5 Chiefs -6 Bills -5.5 Cowboys -4 Chargers/Ravens O51.5 Raiders/Broncos U44
  10. I'd rather the Steelers didn't trade anything for Carr, he's owed $20 million and only signed for 1 more year. I don't think he's worth signing to another big contract which we'd have to do to make any trade worth it. He's not a Super Bowl winning QB, he's just meh. He's probably better than Mason or Dwayne, but not by enough to be worth $20 million and a pick or more. The upside of Rodgers and Wilson is that they have the talent to lead a team deep in the playoffs, even if the cast around them isn't great.
  11. I think this is one reason they don't go QB in the 1st next year. Also, Tomlin has never really had to develop a rookie QB with high stakes. Landry Jones and Mason Rudolph weren't 1st or 2nd rounders, and the team knew that Big Ben was going to be the starter and they were just drafting backups. With the "Retool not Rebuild" philosophy that Tomlin repeats over and over, it's not surprising that he doesn't want to have to rebuild the team behind a rookie QB. The rookie class this year is expected to be an excellent one, and they've all struggled mightily in the first 5 games: Mac Jones 2-3, Trevor Lawrence 0-5, Zach Wilson 1-4, Trey Lance 0-1, Fields 2-1 (but he's been mediocre, 29 for 57 and 388 passing yards... in 3 games). If we draft a 1st round QB and start them right away, the odds are that he will not be as good as an average NFL vet.
  12. When the front 4 was completely healthy (Highsmith, Alualu, Heyward, and Watt) they were getting QB pressures like crazy on Allen. Then Alualu and Watt went down to injury, and Highsmith followed up with an injury of his own. From the eye test, when he's been mostly healthy and on the field, I thought he's looked decent. It seemed like he was getting QB pressures, but not necessarily sacks. But stats guys recently have pointed out that QB pressures is the much more consistent gauge by which to judge pass rushers, not sacks. Jarvis Jones lead all college football in sacks, but he was not good at pressuring the QB. Overall, I'll wait to judge until both Watt and Highsmith are fully healthy again. Wouldn't surprise me if the Steelers signed a vet QB next year and don't use their 1st on a Rookie QB. The QB class looks very weak. Initial mock drafts have 1 QB in the top 10. I would not expect the Steelers to trade for a QB like Carr who could still be under contract if the Raiders don't cut him. If Wilson or Rodgers is available, a trade could happen, but I don't think the Steelers offer would get accepted. Teams would be more likely to take three 1sts from Miami or Oakland or Houston who are expected to be worse and have higher picks. I don't think the Watson trade would happen due to character concerns unless it was proven to be a bunch of bunk (which doesn't seem likely). The starter week 1 next year is probably Rudolph or Haskins. I think the only way this isn't the case is if Ben gets hurt and they start this year and are absolutely terrible. Would not be surprising at all if the Steelers start a mediocre vet next year and then draft a QB in 2023. Also wouldn't be shocking if "the standard is the standard" and we start mediocre vets for the next 3 years, unfortunately.
  13. It has to do with how comp picks are calculated. He was signed and counted against the compensatory formula, when he was traded to the Steelers, his counting against the formula was traded too, so he would cancel out the 5th rounder they'd get for Matt Feiler. (This is conjecture by people who study Comp Picks, but is not guaranteed) Not sure, I know that cuts of comp players frees them up again, but there is a cutoff for that. I remember Matakevich got cut one year and cost us a late round pick.
  14. Two 5ths if you count the comp pick we probably lose. He was inactive against the Broncos.
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