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  1. Correct, they did beat Buffalo with their defense at almost full strength and offense at full strength, and got lucky with a punt blocked for a TD. In years past I would expect the Steelers to be competitive if the defense held opponents to 24/27 pts, but we weren't really competitive in either of the next 2 games. The offense is still terrible and does not appear to have changed much from last year. Run on 1st down for nothing or penalty, and pass within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. I do not expect practice squad guys to play as well as the best linebacker in the NFL, but our offense was much worse than the defense was last week, even with all the replacement players. If the D gets healthy and the O-line improves, we have a shot for sure to put up a fight with most teams in the league. But we keep losing players to injury, and I think it will take a while for the young players on the O-line to improve. Also, based on the first 3 weeks, it doesn't look like Ben can make the throws necessary to keep opposing teams honest. The middle of the field has become a wasteland devoid of Steelers' pass catchers.
  2. If the Steelers end the season with 3 wins he might be on the hot seat. 3 wins might sound like an overreaction, but we have a really tough schedule, and most of the teams on it are better than the Bengals and Raiders.
  3. I don't think we'd have to trade for any of the coaches I mentioned because they're currently coordinators. I was more asking if we could trade Tomlin away (if it came to that). As opposed to just letting him go, or him resigning.
  4. With the 2022 QB draft class off to a mediocre start this year, we could be in for some trouble if we go all-in. I think the chance that we go O-line in the 1st and just roll with Mason/Dwayne is not an impossibility. Our offensive line looks horrendous so far this year. Also, as per usual, the rumblings have started about Tomlin. He is signed through the 2024 season, and this season will most likely be his first losing season. Some people are calling for change, saying that things have grown stagnant. I still think he's one of the top 8 coaches in the league and I'm not sure who would be a better replacement, but if the Steelers were to move on, could he be traded? In the past Parcells, Belichik, and Gruden were all traded for 1st round picks plus more (sometimes multiple 1sts). Are there other teams in need of coaches who would be interested? And if so, who would the Steelers target for success? The Bears, Giants, and Vikings seem like possibilities, but I'm not sure if a team would want to trade for a HC as opposed to hiring one. Three of the top coaching candidates so far, I think, are Kellen Moore, Byron Leftwich, and Mike McDaniel. They're all offensive coaches who have shown an ability to adapt to the talent they have on hand and to create a scheme that is competent for today's NFL. Leftwich has the benefit of working with the best QB of all time, but his offense with Jameis was very productive too. It was mainly the defense and turnovers that let them down. Kellen Moore has transformed the Dallas offense from hot trash under Garrett, into one of the most prolific in the NFL. They have the benefit of a star QB, solid RBs, amazing WRs, and great O-line, but he has shown an affinity for play calling and design. Mike McDaniel is more of a wild card. He's the run game coordinator for Kyle Shanahan, so it's not 100% clear who is the reason behind their rushing success. Either way, the buzz around the league is that he's a solid leader who is on the rise. The fear is that we'll become just another team that rolls through coaches one after the other. Stability is important for success and is one of the reasons that the Steelers have been one of the most successful franchises in the Super Bowl era. If/when the Steelers move on from Tomlin we have to give his replacement time to create their own culture. People are already calling for Canada to be replaced after 3 games (possibly rightly so), but it can't be the same for whoever the next coach is. The grass isn't always greener.
  5. Yikes, the Steelers have scored the 2nd least points in the AFC, only ahead of the Jets. Ok, if the team does manage to turn things around and turn this season into a success, what would it take? Get healthy on defense Have the offensive line come together Improved passing down the middle of the field Improved running game (relies on offensive line) Win turnover differential Getting healthy on defense is possible. Alualu will be out for a while, but Tuitt could come back eventually, and the other injuries aren't anticipated to be long term. If the offensive line was able to grow and improve then that could improve the pass pro and run game in 1, but the odds of this happening with no change in personnel and mid-season aren't high. I don't think that Ben will improve with his passing down the middle of the field. If we want to improve here, or get more mobile at QB to hide O-line issues, we'll have to bench him. But, his on field decision making is better than Rudolph or Haskins (in theory, that 4th down throw was garbage). Overall, it is possible that this team could improve by a significant amount by the end of the season, but this is supposed to be the easy stretch in our tough schedule. Any improvement will probably be too late to help us get to the playoffs, but just in time to prevent us from getting a high draft pick to use on a QB. Also, after a few weeks the trade for Witherspoon seems like a bad move. Gave up 2 5th round picks for a guy that was inactive last week (regular pick and probably lost a comp pick).
  6. I'm willing to give Ben and Canada 1-2 more games to figure it out. New offense, old dog, etc. I think Ben is done and Canada's offense doesn't seem to be working with our current personnel. But I'm not going to start calling for replacements yet. If the team doesn't look significantly better over the next 2 weeks, then changes need to be made for Tomlin to maintain credibility. The first domino should be benching Ben and seeing how Rudolph or Haskins runs Matt Canada's offense. If, after a handful of weeks, the offense still is garbage, then it shows that Canada's schemes aren't working with who we have and he's not able to properly adapt to the NFL level of competition. If this team ends with 4/5 wins (or less) and Big Ben was never benched, then I finally might start to doubt Tomlin and actually support a change. The coach is supposed to put the team first, and do what it takes to win, not appease players on their way into retirement. If Tomlin does sit Ben to try out the younger QBs, and the team still doesn't have success, then I'm willing to give Tomlin/FO a chance to replace Canada and try their hand with a new rookie QB next year. That said, some of the in game coaching already this year has been disappointing.
  7. Last week they were missing Haden, Bush, and Tuitt, and then Watt & Alualu left early with an injury. This week they were missing Watt, Tuitt, Alualu, and Highsmith. When you're missing 4 of your front 5 it makes it hard to get pressure. This D will improve when they get Watt back, but it probably won't be dominant until it gets closer to full health. Also, Ben will put this D in bad situations with the other team taking over with good field position.
  8. I think it's pretty safe to say our Offense sucks and our Defense is too injured to prop up the offense. I'm not sure if our offense is complete garbage because of Ben, or because of Ben and OC. It feels like Ben isn't capable of fully implementing Matt Canada's dreams for the offense because he's incapable of passing over 10 yards in the middle of the field. If Ben is similarly bad next week, and Tomlin puts him on the field again the week after, I'm going to have problems with that. I don't think that Rudolph or Haskins are stars, but Ben is playing like he's completely done. The offensive line hurts a lot, but the decision making and passing has been atrocious. I am usually one of the most optimistic Steelers' fans, believing we have a shot at the playoffs until we're officially eliminated. If the team plays similarly for the rest of the year, I can't picture 6 wins with the Schedule we have left.
  9. If Bush, Haden, Watt, and Big Ben play this week I think we have a 50/50 shot to beat the Bengals. If Mason or Dwayne start, I think that drops to 25%. Similar drop if Watt and Bush or Haden miss.
  10. Steelers sign Taco Charlton to Practice Squad. I'm sure he probably won't even see the field, but I liked him coming out of school. Looking back though, I think I gave him a huge bump for being called Taco...
  11. Our whole defense is questionable right now. With an old Ben, I don't think we can win with a mediocre Def. When our D is healthy, I think it's easily top 5, but they're decimated by injuries and it's only been 2 weeks, that's not a good sign. To maintain hope for the season we need our D to get healthy, for the O-line to start gelling, and for the running game to take off more. Big Ben isn't the same, he might lead a drive here and there, but he's not a reliably accurate QB.
  12. Our Defense has 0 chance to carry this team while missing 5 of 11 starters (Tuitt, Haden, Bush, Alualu, Watt). If Diontae's injury is serious then the coaches should have to answer difficult questions, why risk injury when the game is obviously over? Glad I didn't go full optimist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWmQbk5h86w At this point I think we go into the Bye 3-3 which isn't as good as I hoped. I think we'll need 8 wins in the first 11 games to make the playoffs because I don't see us doing better than 2-4 against Ravens, Vikings, Titans, Chiefs, Browns, Ravens. If our Defense is able to get healthy by then, different story, because our D can take down a great offense, but if we're missing key pass rushers/d-line/linebackers/cornerbacks, we're just screwed.
  13. I did see the game and our Offense looked horrible in the first half. But they did rebound well and scored on 4 drives in the 2nd half, but we can't rely on ST TDs for future wins. That said, if the Steelers blow out the Raiders I'll probably go full optimist...
  14. Power rankings jump the Steelers from 14-18 to 5-8, I feel like they're more optimistic than the average Steeler fan. I'm at around top 10 for now, lets see 2-3 more weeks first and then judge this offense/team.
  15. Why blitz when Heyward/Ingram/Watt/Highsmith/Alualu combo is getting pressure on most plays? If this defense can stay healthy it will be so fun to see this year. Read that from 1 source when he was put on IR, has any more info come out?
  16. Biggest takeaways for me during the game: Special teams is still a liability during the return game. Giving up those free points to start the game was infuriating, just kick it out of the endzone and take the touchback. The block later was amazing, but the two aren't related. Rookies played very well for rookies, if they keep improving our draft class will be awesome. Pierre showed up big during big moments. Watt and Ingram and Highsmith are going to be a fearsome rotation. The Ingram signing appears to be an excellent one. The offensive line is very much a work in progress. They got blown up on a semi-regular basis by the good Bills D-line. Ben got hit a fair amount, and our running game was 0 in the first half. They did better in the 2nd half, hopefully they'll keep improving. Our front 4 was wrecking the Bills, we barely blitzed. If we can get Tuitt back healthy, that would be awesome. I didn't hear Devin Bush's name all game. No positive mentions or negative. But I did see him out of position on the Singletary runs late in the game, he overran the play and got trapped by an O-lineman instead of being in the gap. I'm hopeful that it's a case of he was usually where he needed to be, and was just overshadowed by Watt and Heyward. Edmunds made a few nice tackles, and Minkah had excellent wide ranging coverage. He was close to a few picks on tipped balls. We won the turnover differential even though we missed out on a few fumbles and picks, if we can keep this up we'll be in good position. We're tied for 1st in the AFC North!!! ... With the Bengals?! The Browns lost and the Ravens have yet to play, but lost their top 3 RBs and top Corner. Things might not be as bad as they felt just a few weeks ago, but I'm reserving my optimism until after next week. The Raiders should be easier than the Bills, but I just want to make sure our Offense can perform. I couldn't find my previous record guess, so my updated guess is 11-6, good enough to make the playoffs as a wildcard or division leader.
  17. I'd argue that most of the throws Allen missed he was under pressure, so it wasn't just fluke bad QB play. A QB like Brady might still make the throw, but with Heyward in your face and Watt and Ingram closing in, many QBs would miss. And yeah, our running game in the 1st half was horrific, but it improved some in the 2nd half. Chuks is still a big liability on the right side. He got blown up by that D-line. Though the Bills do have a good D-line.
  18. I'd argue that the offense is still a work in progress but that it looked much more open than last year. There were actually passes more than 4 yards down field. They started Dan Moore, Kendrick Green, Najee Harris, and Pat Freiermuth. Most of them looked pretty good. Najee didn't explode, but he had some really solid runs in the 2nd half. Moore and Green looked pretty good for rookies, there was a Claypool end around where he could have gotten a TD but Green missed the block down field. I think his running in front of Claypool got us an extra 5-10 yards, but if he had gotten hands on the defender then it would have been a TD. Pat looked incredible. Not many catches, but some really key blocks.
  19. Holy smokes! I hoped for a win, but definitely didn't expect it on the road. Our offense looked horrible the first half, but decent the 2nd half, and our D was very solid. Building up my hope and expectations for the season, which is definitely dangerous.
  20. Thank goodness. Wish it was a 5 year extension instead of 4, but I'll take what I can get. It will be interesting to see if Minkah resets the market too next year.
  21. Yes. I can confirm that at least 1 Steelers fan is concerned. I think that Watt seems to be more sensible than Bell or Brown, so I don't think he'll blow things up in the same way, but if the Steelers pull their offer when the season begins I don't see Watt staying a Steeler, which is my biggest concern. You don't let one of the top defensive players in football at one of the most valuable positions get away, even if it means breaking unwritten rules that you arbitrarily set for yourself. If a deal gets done between today and Sunday I won't say I told you so, I'll just breathe a sigh of relief. As someone who thinks the Steelers have some tough years ahead after Big Ben retires, I was holding onto the hope that at least our defense would be fun to watch.
  22. Nooooo, we almost did it. We almost had a drama free offseason. If they don't find a way to get this deal done, and Watt ends up not being a Steeler long term, that's almost inexcusable by the front office. They have self-imposed rules about contract negotiations, ok, but you don't let the best defensive player in the league walk away.
  23. We traded a 2023 5th for him. So really, we gave up two 5th round picks. Hope he works out, wish it was for more than a 1-year contract...
  24. It apparently cancels out the 5th round comp pick we would have gotten for Feiler, in addition to whatever pick was sent to Seattle. So now I think we just get a 3rd for Bud Dupree. Also, he's just on a 1-year deal, so I really hope we only sent a conditional pick, like a 7th if he gets X playing time.
  25. He is incredible when on the field, but he has seemed injured/unreliable in recent years. Next year is the final year of his contract, I'm really not sure which way it will go, extension or allowed to test the market.
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