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  1. Understood. The hypocrisy around here is unreal though (not calling you a hypocrite, just in general).
  2. Are we more or less looking at the floor for GHIV? Isn't the buyback (if the merger doesn't take place) of this about $10? I'm thinking about throwing a few bones into this.
  3. Had a few cards graded that didn't come back the way you thought they would? 😆
  4. Yeah, that's been my understanding of it too. I've still got a handful of graded stuff but besides the Jordan rookie, most of it has probably fallen off the cliff. I also have a bunch of CGC slabbed comics - much more in my wheelhouse. I wonder if PSA's parent company owns CGC too? Hmm....
  5. Did this start with Covid? Cards from the 80's and 90's seen any resurgence? Man, did those take a #### around 2000.
  6. I appreciate your input, and what you say regarding the big investors makes sense. I sold half and letting the other half ride, at least for now.
  7. Well, at least he's a FA after this year. Hopefully he lands on a team with a QB that can actually chuck the rock.
  8. Tempting, although I'm still down about 30%. Better than staying in and becoming down 40-50% again, eh?
  9. Sugar of Sufjan's new album. I wasn't high on it after the first listen, but it's really grown on me. Just don't expect Carrie & Lowell.
  10. There are no wrong answers. All those albums are or near masterpieces. Gun to my head: Dark Side Animals Wish You Were Here The Wall
  11. 10 Team PPR IDP Team A received James Robinson, AJ Epensea Team B received Jalen Reagor, N Morrow Team A had limited depth behind Chubb, Conner, and White. Team B looking to bolster WR core for the long term.
  12. 😅 Glad you sold some AFTER the pop. I bailed a couple of days ago.
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