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  1. Understood. The hypocrisy around here is unreal though (not calling you a hypocrite, just in general).
  2. Are we more or less looking at the floor for GHIV? Isn't the buyback (if the merger doesn't take place) of this about $10? I'm thinking about throwing a few bones into this.
  3. Had a few cards graded that didn't come back the way you thought they would? 😆
  4. Yeah, that's been my understanding of it too. I've still got a handful of graded stuff but besides the Jordan rookie, most of it has probably fallen off the cliff. I also have a bunch of CGC slabbed comics - much more in my wheelhouse. I wonder if PSA's parent company owns CGC too? Hmm....
  5. Did this start with Covid? Cards from the 80's and 90's seen any resurgence? Man, did those take a #### around 2000.
  6. I appreciate your input, and what you say regarding the big investors makes sense. I sold half and letting the other half ride, at least for now.
  7. Well, at least he's a FA after this year. Hopefully he lands on a team with a QB that can actually chuck the rock.
  8. Tempting, although I'm still down about 30%. Better than staying in and becoming down 40-50% again, eh?
  9. Sugar of Sufjan's new album. I wasn't high on it after the first listen, but it's really grown on me. Just don't expect Carrie & Lowell.
  10. There are no wrong answers. All those albums are or near masterpieces. Gun to my head: Dark Side Animals Wish You Were Here The Wall
  11. 10 Team PPR IDP Team A received James Robinson, AJ Epensea Team B received Jalen Reagor, N Morrow Team A had limited depth behind Chubb, Conner, and White. Team B looking to bolster WR core for the long term.
  12. 😅 Glad you sold some AFTER the pop. I bailed a couple of days ago.
  13. 10 Team PPR with IDP Team A gets Brees, K Drake, Chris Jones, 3rd round pick Team B gets M Ryan, Jareen Reed
  14. In Fro's case, just have to hold a years worth of dividends to get back to purchase price. INSW about a decade 🤣
  15. For those who are still holding shippers, what's your strategy here? I've taken a bath to the tune of about 40% with FRO and INSW, although collected dividends along the way. Looking at their track record, there is still room to fall, but probably not more than another 10-20%.
  16. Yeah, I appreciate what you're saying. Multi tasking isnt the best for spelling correctly.😉
  17. Thanks for your input. I've got a handful of stocks like this where I'm down 10-20% on average and have been waiting to see if I can get back to even before selling. Half tempted to sell everything regardless of haircut just to reinforce plan of sticking with the ratio of spy, metals, bonds, etc as mentioned before (taking emotion out of trading/investing). Also can't shake the feeling the markets going to #### the bed before the election. I know, I know, the market usually does the opposite of what the herd thinks.
  18. Most, not all. Yes, I'm looking at you BEEM.🤬
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