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  1. im looking at the same players in .5 ppr Right now im leaning towards Bowden only because he'll have more touches (should) and I need some upside. Not pretty options at all.
  2. Im rolling with Wilson. Is there any reason for Mostert to push himself? They arent playing for anything.
  3. im rolling with him. Injuries have me limping into the playoffs. He has a shot at having a good day...imo its a gift from the fantasy Gods
  4. Now they are saying game is postponed till later in the season? Basically anyone w/ players on these teams is screwed. I have both RBs 😑. Cant even put them on the IR on ESPN.
  5. yeah...real men place inflatable rats in front of a business when contract negotiations go bad.
  6. it is REALLY hard to say OBJ is washed when his QB is a joke. I mean...Manning was done in NYC when he was killing.
  7. I was surprised to look at the box score this morning because I could have sworn it seemed like Samuels was trading series w/ Snell. Must have just been in to block and/or run routes.
  8. how are they damning? His text essentially say "you tried to scam me but it didnt work...we had sex and youre dumb".
  9. do you edit the lineups based on how you feel/what you know about the players? i.e...It had Brieda in a few of my lineups, but I deleted him because nobody knew how SF offense would look. Ive noticed that my cash lineups are good GPP plays because I always seem to play one guy that is low owned. For example I played D Jax, and he was owned less than 10% everywhere...which shocked me.
  10. Had a few guys hit...but didnt play them all in the same lineup...and I only played like $30 total. I had D Jax and Watson in most of my lineups but pulled them back some at the last minute.
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