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  1. QB1 - KC QB2 - SEA RB1- Elliott RB2 - Henry RB3 - Chubb RB4 - D Cook WR1 - M Thomas WR2 - Godwin WR3 - T Hill WR4 - D. Adams WR5 - Cooper TE1 - Kelce TE2 - Kittle PK1 - Lutz PK2 - Butker DST1 - TEN DST2 - BAL Flex - Ertz
  2. I think the fact that there is so much talent still available, trading back isn't a bad idea. As long as they don't go RB (except maybe later 3rd rounder) I'm ok with pretty much anything. Some high quality DL, OL, and Safeties available right now.
  3. I've had this feeling for a while, and wouldn't be surprised if they went OT over Okudah just to really show how smart they are.
  4. Until Ohio state is in the west, making the championship game is meh. Lots of mediocre teams have made it from that division recently.
  5. So Brady would have called a timeout and told them to put other players in? I don't remember if they even had a TO. This is silly trying to blame Stafford for the coaches terrible play call.
  6. I must have been watching a different game. They only got pressure when Wentz held the ball forever because nobody was open. Jarrad Davis still has no clue in coverage.
  7. Can they please just get rid of Nevin Lawson? I'm sick of watching him have so close to good coverage, but still give up catch after catch. Pretty sure he hasn't touched a football in 3 years.
  8. I'm really hoping Landry or Davenport are still available at their pick. Some really good DT and RB will be available in Rounds 2-3.
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