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  1. I have no idea anymore :( 1pt PPR S.Ware vs BAL J.Wilson Jr. vs DEN C.Godwin vs NO
  2. I'm deciding between cutting him for Stafford, Bortles, or Luck.
  3. Anyone know why Penny was return kickoffs all of sudden last game? Makes me want to drop him in my return league now
  4. 12 Team - 1pt PPR Should I trade my Fitzgerald or J.Landry (They are my WR2/Flex) I have Keenan Allen as my WR1 for D.Freeman? I have T.Coleman already and I get Edelman back in a couple of weeks Here is my team: https://imgur.com/a/rynl8Y8 Thanks!
  5. 1pt PPR Who would you rather have rest of season as WR4? Mike Williams or Geronimo Allison?
  6. In my 14 Team league in the first 4 rounds I drafted: Freeman Mixon Mckinnon Baldwin Wat do? thinking about picking up felix jones and zac stacy
  7. Rest of season 1pt PPR Mike William or Geronimo Allison
  8. 12 Team...we only have 4 benches lol Who would you rather have? Cousins or Cam? I'm just worried about the lost of Olsen
  9. I have Cousins as my QB right now, but someone just dropped Cam. Who would you guys rather have rest of the season?
  10. Drop Lutz for McManus? Saint's score too many TDs for my taste
  11. is there a way to see how much the a player goes for in NFL.com leagues?
  12. Thought's on Jakeem Grant from Miami? was 2nd in targets and does both KR and PR for those in return yardage leagues
  13. I really wish, just once in my lifetime, get the opportunity to live like this for one day. Just going to random girls at a strip club and smack big fat booties http://www.tmz.com/2018/09/11/leveon-bell-pittsburgh-steelers-nightclub-holdout/
  14. Any chance they take Lockett off special teams? Only reason I have him is because I'm in a return yardage league.
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