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  1. Absolutely not. Sorry, that’s just setting a bad example
  2. As someone who doesn’t post a lot but I’ve been a subscriber for 3-4 years now, I highly value the draft dominator every year. That and the myfbg weekly tool is very nice...I have a busy schedule and sometimes miss things so syncing up the rosters and telling me what moves I could make are worth it. But yep..to summarize..to save myself time. I love blooms podcast as well but I realize it’s not a membership perk
  3. Offense doesn’t look great so far. Going to be a lot of games where he may not do much until the 4th. He’s going to miss Hopkins
  4. Man there’s a lot of frustration on his part, will be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully he balls out and doesn’t consider holding out
  5. Bucs got a steal. He’s going to dominate goal line carries.
  6. He is going to practice tomorrow.....you never know what happens but I imagine they will get this worked out sooner than later.
  7. I’m no fantasy football expert by any means but I have never found a reason for the hype of JT.i don’t follow FF a lot in the off season but I do know that Marlon Mack isn’t a scrub. The guy can play. Why does everyone think the colts are just going to give JT all the carries? It’s not like it’s Carlos Hyde as the starter right now.
  8. Haven’t seen dr chao been incorrect before...just saying
  9. Well I was wrong. The snow is coming down hard here all morning.
  10. I would expect the snow to play a minor role. I have seen a little bit of the reports but for perspective, I live 10 mins away from arrowhead and it is 50 degrees right now. Snow most likely won't stick and I am guessing they will have it tarped up before game time
  11. Is McCoy even worth playing? Now Darwin Thompson is getting more run than McCoy....
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