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  1. Hell yeah, man! That’s great to hear, I’m sure it’s been a tough year. Hope all goes well through the offseason, I’ll be back here week 1 in September.
  2. Home made cubano sandwiches and lots of coors light. Haven’t seen you around these threads much lately, hope you’ve had a good season
  3. If the Buccs win does the mvp default to Brady? Feels like a team effort on both sides of the ball thus far
  4. Ain’t no way in hell that play call said “Chad Henne, sling this ball” 😂
  5. Getting a report from Jack Collinsworth after listening to CC for nearly 4 hours is so disturbing.
  6. “But at the end of the day … the Browns is the Browns.“ -Man who lost to the Browns twice in 8 days
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