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  1. Counter argument is picking up a foot on the goal line is no sure thing with only one down to do it, and even if you do a touchdown is certainly not guaranteed afterwards. I’m glad it wasn’t me that had to make the decision but I get it.
  2. Don’t think there was any “right call” there, both options are solid. Kicking and living to fight another set of downs in OT was just as viable. Don’t hate the call though
  3. I was not prepared for the Bobby Rainey name drop on this broadcast.
  4. Eh, gave Myers plenty of time to ready up for a 40+ yarder
  5. How the hell did they stop this for review? Wtf
  6. What a cluster of a sequence of events
  7. Bit of a low blow, I too did not see it coming
  8. That couldn’t have been an easier DPI call
  9. Tom’s 2 touchdowns away from cracking open a 600 club tonight, not sure if Joe Bucks mentioned that a dozen times yet tonight.
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