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  1. He did but I really couldn’t keep track of where the on-field play ended and where they officially marked it. Was a first down though.
  2. He definitely never controlled it before dropping it. I’m pretty sure he just didn’t know the ball was there.
  3. Sooo Humphrey just didn’t know he had an interception chilling in his breadbasket?
  4. I live in Cincinnati unfortunately, CBS usually gives me no choice
  5. I mean, why were the Bengals wearing road jerseys today at home.
  6. I did some digging and it appears they’re still using the same off-white “bone” on “bone” unis on the road. Hopefully you’re right, though.
  7. Edit: nevermind, these tops are apparently just “modern throwback” alternates, not new road tops. Yikes.
  8. Yeah, I’m definitely still not a fan of their uniforms overall but these road tops are so much better than what they unveiled last season.
  9. I see the Rams made their road cream jerseys slightly less awful, eh? I wasn’t aware this happened but I’m glad it did.
  10. Wooosh, that was quite a first half of football, from kickoff to 00:00.
  11. He’s had a hell of a game, might as well let him try the ole 60 yarder.
  12. A bit delayed here but I’m not sure what was even taunting there. Really hope that’s not how soft the rule is going to be called all season.
  13. I have retired from fantasy play, but I have a cold beer and football so I too am very happy.
  14. What’s up, boys. It would appear that football is back
  15. Hell yeah, man! That’s great to hear, I’m sure it’s been a tough year. Hope all goes well through the offseason, I’ll be back here week 1 in September.
  16. Home made cubano sandwiches and lots of coors light. Haven’t seen you around these threads much lately, hope you’ve had a good season
  17. If the Buccs win does the mvp default to Brady? Feels like a team effort on both sides of the ball thus far
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