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  1. That thread is in the wrong forum and the guy who started it is questionable.
  2. His season started late due to injury. Then when he got to playing he was doing so in a horrible offense. NFL history is littered with wide receivers who had blah rookie seasons and then blossomed in their 2nd or 3rd seasons. Mims also missed a game due to a family emergency. I don't know if the details ever emerged but it could have been something that was bothering him the whole season or maybe the event popped up out of the blue the week he missed the game. He made some nice catches. He didn't show anyone that he is the next Al Toon but he didn't look like a bum either. I'd say he was okay last year.
  3. Ehh. Smith-Schuster is more concerned about off field stuff. At the same price, I'd rather have Davis. Davis in the type of offense LaFleur will run is a good fit. Davis can catch slants. He plays inside and outside the numbers. He had a slow start to his career but played very well last year. What this does is make the Jets not have to think about WRs in the first round. Getting Amari Rodgers in the 3rd round would be nice. The Jarrad Davis and Carl Lawson moves are more inconsequential. The key to winning is having a good quarterback and not having a dysfunctional organization. Lance, Wilson, or Fields has to pan out or the team will stay bad for a few more years. It is that simple. The C. Davis move matters because he can help the young quarterback avoid being a giant question mark. At least the next quarterback will have a better WR corps than Darnold ever had.
  4. Maybe they should fire Saleh. I hear offensive genius Adam Gase is available. (You cannot win with some people.Some just want to be miserable.)
  5. Yes, bumping my own post. Graham got brainwashed in New England to never work for the Jets and Campbell is content in Iowa State. That left Saleh. Of the nine guys who the Jets interviewed, Saleh was my top guy by a mile. I am very pleased.
  6. I have not decided on how to rank the other quarterbacks yet. Trey Lance might actually be a better passer and runner than Fields. Mac Jones has good accuracy on deep throws but detractors will say he played for a juggernaut. He also had that DUI as a freshman. That could be chalked up as being an idiot and hopefully he learned from it. Zach Wilson is the most Darnold-like. He does take a lot of chances after scrambling. I see him as another interception machine. The best runner of these four is clearly Lance. Who will best protect the football? That might be Lance too. I suppose I'd rank them Lance, Jones, Fields, Wilson. Most geeky in that personality-wise he might be like the Mannings and Daniel Jones and Chad Pennington? Clearly Mac Jones. I believe it was @rockaction who questioned Fields' throwing motion. I do see the concern there. He is not as smooth as these other guys. The Jets had to go and win a game (and then another) and make this difficult on us and themselves. The right guy to get here may be Lance. Thing is I'm not sure moving down a few spots will even work. Lance might not get past Atlanta at 4.
  7. Yeah, it is tough but is probably the right thing for Johnson to say at this time. Darnold is still under contract. If Johnson said it like, "Darnold is our quarterback and we will not draft one", then we would have a right to be furious.
  8. If they hire some vanilla coach or a clown, I might be done. The candidates this time around are better as a group than what was out there two years ago. Also, the Giants fan cardboard cutout in the Bud Light ad would be an improvement over Gase. Saleh could draft a defensive lineman. Boogie Basham (Tarell's cousin) could fall to the pick from Seattle or the Jets could take him in the 10-15 range if they trade down and end up with three 1st rounders. The Basham cousins with Williams, Fatukasi, and Franklin-Myers would be one of the best lines in the league. My Bieniemy concern is what the heck is the guy saying in interviews. It is like Willie Randolph constantly getting passed over. Then he finally got a shot with the Mets. He did alright and then never got a manager job again. Joe Brady has a shot to be really good. The ultra young guy with this now 10-year run of crap is scary. I'd be more comfortable if Brady had another 5+ years of NFL experience. He can succeed in L.A. because the Chargers are a little brother to USC and the Rams. There will not be prickly media and fans to deal with. Also, Justin Herbert.
  9. I actually think it is actually a rare glimpse of genius that the Jets requested an interview with Graham. His history does include some offensive coaching. In addition to defensive coordinator the Giants also list him as assistant head coach. I did not think the Jets would pursue Graham for two reasons- their general ineptitude and crosstown team cooties. The concern about Graham is the New England stint. Belichick may have brainwashed him into never working for the Jets.
  10. Looking at the Jets division every division winning coach had been from a defensive specialty aside from offensive line coach Tony Sparano in 2008. Of course, it is largely Belichick but it is still true. Herman Edwards won the crown in 2002 and Sean McDermott this year. Also, the three teams ahead of the Jets right now are all lead by defensive coaches. I have noticed that McDermott, Flores, and Belichick have their hands all over their teams. We did not see that from Bowles or Gase.
  11. Do we not remember that Gase largely got the job due to his supposed expertise as an offensive coordinator? Matt Campbell, I think, is the best candidate. I say this from my couch. I will not be interviewing these guys. I don't get to ask the questions I would need answered in order to recommend the best candidate to Chris Johnson. Therefore, I could end up being wrong. But to simply dismiss a guy because of his specialty as a non-head coach is actually patently absurd and potentially a grave error. Daboll is a vanilla guy. If he got the job and was as lame as Mularkey or Marrone or Gase, then it will have been another terrible hire. This team is in desperate need of a culture changing coach who will oversee the whole team and not stick his face in a playsheet and be zombified when the other side of the ball (whether it was offense with Bowles and defense with Gase) is on the field.
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