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  1. Next year, you mean? Or you think they cut him this year?
  2. Boswell's got at least 10 points (Yahoo scoring) in each of his last six games. No way I'm benching him in the finals.
  3. We're complaining about him not playing pro football.
  4. Good. I don't know why we have to have the attitude of "HOF QB or bust." Given this franchise's recent history, a consistent, slightly-above-average QB is worth his weight in gold. Letting this guy walk and starting over seems like insanity to me.
  5. This has to bump him over Hightower for me, though it could probably still go either way. Shoelace and West in the semis. God help us.
  6. Was planning to just roll with Santos, but this thread convinced me to drop him for Boswell at the last minute. 13 more points for it, which won me my playoff game. <3 this board.
  7. Terry Bradshaw on the Fox postgame show: "For any young person out there, Peterson is about the best role model you can have, in terms of something like overcoming an ACL injury."
  8. Feels bad man. I always liked him as a person, and he was a really special player. This Skins fan is sending thoughts and prayers to him and to you guys.
  9. Tough break on the drop, but very encouraging start I think. 5 touches on his first 5 snaps played, right?
  10. but will they even use him with this game pretty much out of reach? They were still using him on that last drive.
  11. 6 bench spots in Yahoo standard, but mine's a 14-teamer so it doesn't hurt as much keeping him around.
  12. Not sure I want to wait until Sunday to count on him again when the alternatives are Lacy and Asiata tomorrow night. Think I'm gonna play the Thursday lottery and start those two unless we hear some good news tomorrow.
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