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  1. Bad day to have Hill, Hardman, and Butker going in my lineup.
  2. He was out there on that last int play but looking like a decoy today.
  3. Hardly. Didn't see him on the field for that last 3rd down.
  4. 1ppr league Picked up Stevenson so many other on here. Now left with either Hoping Collins plays or do I put in Gainwell v LV or pick up Bolden and start him over Gainwell or Collins or Dee Jay Dallas for a Collins backup plan? I have Collins in there right now. Need help on this one. TIA
  5. I picked up and started Watkins tonight because my whole wr crew is hurt and because I thought Hurts would hit him deep on some passes tonight. I'm just plain dumb to have thought that.
  6. How can you not pass on this secondary
  7. I know it's only been one quarter but maybe they're committing to Sanders tonight.
  8. Here's a crazy one. 1ppr I have Tyreek Hill but if he is out do I start Hardman or Gordon? TIA
  9. Damn. I'll be at the game tonight. I was hoping the rain was going to hold off until after it was over or at least until late in the 4th quarter. I'm a fair weather in person football fan. Anyone wanna buy two tickets.
  10. No wonder no one else tried to pick this guy up in my big money league.
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