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  1. CEH for sure. He caught 55 passes his last yr in college but doesn't sniff a look in this offense and that fumble last night probably won't help either.
  2. Pitts being blanketed or just not targeted? I see he only has 1 catch for 6 yds in the 2nd half.
  3. My I know what I'm doing Gio flex start kinda backfiring on me
  4. TB better fix their secondary or they won't be repeating.
  5. I see Mike Evans picking up right where he left off last year minus the TD's
  6. Didn't they bring Gio in so that stuff wouldn't happen this year.
  7. Mental illness and alcohol are bad dance partners. Probably upset that he’s not signed yet as well. Knowing he’s nearing the end of his playing days. I bet all of these things finally converged together and sent him over the edge. I wonder though if all the money he has to make things go away, will he really learn from this and better himself. Time will tell.
  8. It’s about time we did away with the mask mandate in Kansas. People can think for themselves and use common sense when it comes to wearing a mask.
  9. I hope he does pardon himself. He’s allowed to do it so why not. Give the middle finger one more time to these blood sucking good for nothing career politicians on the way out the door.
  10. C'mon Zeke you can do this. Just take a seat for one more week and make this easy on all of us that have and need Pollard for the Championship game.
  11. Would anyone dare Higgins over the likes of AB or Crowder in a full pt ppr? I'm sure I'm just trying to outhink myself there but it's tempting.
  12. Not too tough of a choice but I put Pollard in over Conner/Snell.
  13. Was all ready to start Johnson and now have to decide between him or AB. Might still roll with Johnson. Probably just as much upside as AB.
  14. Just call it a season Zeke and give us guys who took a shot on Pollard a chance to see what he can do and a little hook up for the semi's. Why is this guy still running out there all gimpy anyway.
  15. Not that he does much but did I hear correctly that Conner went to the locker room for an injury but was back on the sideline? Anyone see anything?
  16. Set up for a nice day today my ###. Pollard outscored him. Knew I should have left him on the pine today.
  17. Glennon no like Chark but I fell for it again going against the really bad Tenn pass D. Shame on me.
  18. Not looking good for all of us that took a chance on Booker today.
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