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  1. Wells Fargo. If I want to use the ATM I can have the app send a one-time code to my phone, and then I just key the code into the ATM.
  2. The post office only takes debit cards. I semi-regularly need to mail stuff out from my home office, so I use a debit card there that I keep in my car. Other than that, I don't even use one at an ATM because I can use my phone for ATM transactions.
  3. All of this. My brother lived in this neighborhood and I’ve driven this road a lot. It’s not treacherous. The guy they interviewed said he lived 5 miles away. He was happy to be on the news. Plus the guy that said Tiger “almost hit him” was apparently the guy that blocked him in while he was loading luggage, and when he got out of the way Tiger took off. That was nowhere near where this happened.
  4. Wait until it turns out to be a mechanical failure and he sues them for a billion dollars
  5. Running late to meet Drew Brees...my complete speculation is he was calling/texting to give them an ETA and slammed into the median.
  6. Is anyone actually wearing two masks? I have seen one person double-masking, and that was at an airport last week.
  7. Doesn't work like that. If I have a client that died a day after a traumatic incident, I'm going to determine whether I can show causation. And I will talk to the police about it, and they will investigate it. An insurance company won't affirmatively investigate unless someone reports a potential claim.
  8. Happens on the civil side every day. Lawyers want to establish causation to determine liability exposure.
  9. It would be a trademark, not a copyright. Plenty of tribal names are registered trademarks, plus you can hold a trademark through use even without registration. IIRC, there's also a specific protection for Native American goods and artifacts. The question is whether the use of the Jeep Cherokee name may cause any confusion to consumers. That seems like it may be a reach, unless the tribal nation is manufacturing some kind of car related goods. Regardless, I doubt they would be suing Fiat/Chrysler to make them stop using the name. All they need to do is to start a publicity cam
  10. I have a 2013 Wrangler in my driveway that needs a new engine at 92,000 miles. It's a piece of trash.
  11. No. It isn't. Neither of you can back up your claim with any certainty. The cause of death is unknown. If he had a stroke, it may have been unrelated to the riots but it also may have been induced by the stress. If he died from a reaction to pepper spray, there's probably a direct causal link. At this point, all we know for sure is that the fire extinguisher narrative was completely false.
  12. I am something like 1/64 Cherokee. The name offends me because Chrysler vehicles are pieces of garbage.
  13. There was evidence of him hitting something in the DUI incident in 2017. That's three single-car crashes. Qualifies as several.
  14. According to the sheriff just now, he managed to bounce of the median, hit a sign, shear off a tree with an 8" trunk and still had enough momentum to bounce all the way across the road and into a ditch. Seriously, someone take away Tiger's license.
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