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  1. it is ridiculous that they need a report in order to hold a vote to decide whether to enforce a subpoena
  2. i couldn't care less about his political affiliation. your hero is a punk murderer who fulfilled his fantasy. you're the only one who makes every single topic come back to your hatred of the "left" and BLM in particular. It's pretty clear what your basic motivation is, and it's disgusting. I'll stick with the facts and law, two things which you have shown repeatedly you nothing about.
  3. you're worried about how it got out, and not the fact that he said he wanted to shoot people? loathsome.
  4. this. automatic and immediate loss of nonprofit status.
  5. is that something that actually happened, or did we just pretend it did to make an old deranged man happy? seems like they just stopped at ripping off the star trek logo.
  6. last night i was at a bar with a Giants fan and Craig Counsell's uncle. I bought them a round of drinks and just as the Giants fan went to take his first sip I told him I hoped he choked on it.
  7. if the WS happens he'll get a ton of cheers if not a standing o. he's beloved in LA
  8. does that say roberts? you're still at this? so weak. anyway, for everyone but hairy clownfish, Dodgers starting Knebel again. Has to be the first time someone started two consecutive playoff games, yeah?
  9. find one post where -fish- mentioned roberts. you were arguing with yourself, clownfish. and you are the one that thought it was a 7 game series. If you're really a Dodgers fan, I'm ashamed. learn the game.
  10. you started an argument with yourself and as far as i can tell you lost. he's going to be really upset when he figures out there's no game 7
  11. weird how Rittenhouse can shoot people over a dumpster but a policeman stopping a domestic terrorist from attacking members of congress is somehow wrong. oh, that's right. one has something to do with BLM.
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