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  1. Facts and logic won’t ever overcome cognitive dissonance.
  2. The courts have decided that there is probable cause to go forward with a case for first degree intentional homicide. Jon argued that that charge is delusional.
  3. It’s weird how much people want to bend over backward to defend insurrectionists. The San Diego Union is a very conservative paper.
  4. That’s not deadly force. Not justification for shooting him. He may get a friendly jury, but charging him with first degree intentional homicide is in no way “delusional.”
  5. It's not just racism. She just accused Ron Johnson of being a Russian spy. She'll say anything to get a reaction.
  6. Ratings. Same reason people like Hannity and Carlson still have jobs. If people are talking about them, it means people are watching.
  7. She's on a roll lately. Can't believe she still has a job. But then again, they kept her on after a blog post that Orin Hatch's questioning of Samuel Alito was akin to performing oral sex on him, and then her claiming that she hadn't actually posted it. I guess it's really hard for them to fire her.
  8. To be clear, he got charged with reckless homicide for one of the men he killed, intentional homicide for the other, and attempted intentional homicide for the guy he shot but didn't kill. Those are in addition to reckless endangerment, etc. Of the three people he shot, one was armed (the guy he wounded but didn't kill). Rittenhouse claimed he started firing because he heard a gunshot, so it was self-defense. The gunshot he reacted to was a warning shot from one of his vigilante cohorts.
  9. Oh, and Rittenhouse's attorneys filed motions to dismiss two of the charges (reckless endangerment and minor in possession of a gun). You know which charges they didn't try to dismiss? First degree murder and attempted first degree murder. And a judge found probable cause on all counts.
  10. By the way, Rittenhouse's defense to the murder charge is that he was acting in self-defense. You know who came up with the story of his "self-defense"? Lin Wood. Yeah, that Lin Wood.
  11. That's odd. I've been practicing law for 25 years and I think the charges are appropriate. Where did you get your law degree? Oh that's right. You don't have one. You're just relying on baseless opinion once again.
  12. He's been charged with first degree murder. Do you ever bother to check facts before you post?
  13. Most recent polling I saw says that about 15% of Americans flat out refuse to get it and 55% say they have or intend to. That leaves 30% on the fence. Figure half of them get it, that leads to 70% of Americans vaccinated. Maybe more, because the percentage that have been vaccinated + intend to be vaccinated is slowly rising as concerns about the safety of the vaccines decrease over time.
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