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  1. DDT was an insecticide, not a drug. It was approved by the Department of Agriculture and approval was cancelled by the EPA. The FDA had nothing whatsoever to do with it. It is not a good example of anything having to do with vaccines.
  2. i volunteer to moderate your message boards in a way that is both arbitrary and confusing
  3. you're the one trying to use a statistic to support an unrelated argument. Why wouldn't you use the actual numbers? Seems weird if they back up your assertion.
  4. or maybe you hired security so you had the same amount of customers but caught more shoplifters. that's what you're trying to do. again, if you want to use numbers to show illegal immigration, use those. the apprehension and expulsion numbers aren't accurate for this purpose. even the source says since they count repeat offenders, they aren't accurate.
  5. you want to have it both ways. you cannot use a record high of apprehensions and expulsions to claim that people are just walking in. it's absurd.
  6. But you don't know it's a 21 year high in illegal immigration. you know it's a 21 year high in apprehensions and expulsions. how are they just "walking into the country" if we're are record levels of apprehensions and expulsions? that's the exact opposite of what you're claiming.
  7. Joint defense agreement with Australia is a huge win for Biden. Sorry, France.
  8. you can't expel someone without apprehending them first. in either case, this number is not reflective of anything but the number of migrants awaiting hearings or already expelled. It's the Border Patrol doing it's job.
  9. "Migrant encounters" means apprehensions by Customs/Border Patrol. The complaint here is that the Border Patrol is doing its job too well?
  10. people find government conspiracies in the strangest of places.
  11. it's being driven by supply and demand and auto manufacturers. you know, free market capitalism and such.
  12. so job creation and improving crumbling infrastructure while moving away from fossil fuels.
  13. The auto manufacturers are already headed in this direction. Ford and GM each committed over $25 billion to electric vehicles through 2025. They worked with California on the law it adopted. This isn't some sort of surprise or burden on the auto industry.
  14. never liked them based on what i heard on the radio, but saw them live at Lollapalooza in 2019 and they were great. amazing energy.
  15. My understanding is that Pfizer hasn't completed its own trials on 5-11 year olds yet, so it hasn't been submitted for approval yet and expects to in the next couple weeks. Moderna is lagging behind Pfizer on its own studies. The FDA did ask Pfizer and Moderna to expand their studies to 3000 subjects. I think Pfizer's was like 2200.
  16. the vaccine (at least Pfizer) is expected to be approved for 5-12 year olds in the next couple weeks.
  17. still, it makes no sense not to at least offer migrants in custody the vaccine. even if there's a legal issue relating to mandating it, they aren't even offering it.
  18. starting October 1 all green card applicants must be fully vaccinated.
  19. yep. if the GOP would let go of the lies, they could admit that Trump got crushed and that they have a great opportunity to do well in 2022 if they move on from Trump populism and return to conservative values. democrats are imploding and the GOP is saying "hold my beer."
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