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  1. .5 PPR QB: Rodgers or Luck WR: need 2 -- Diggs, AJ, E.Sanders, Edelman, Ridley RB: Chubb or Ware Cheers
  2. Christian Kirk? Seems to be in the boom/bust category similar to Tre'Smith and D.J Moore albeit with a lower ceiling and lesser QB. The Cardinals will likely be losing and getting garbage time points in their remaining games this season.
  3. Redskins lost two starters on their O-Line for the season and Trent Williams had thumb surgery in Week 9. Will Alex Smith have time to throw?
  4. A.Jones is sitting out on the ww and I’m in dire need of a RB (Fornette, Yeldon, Duke Johnson, Lamar Miller). ‘Bout to break the bank over the likes of D.Lewis and D.Henry based on potential opportunity going forward...if he puts up 10 pts per game, so be it.
  5. #1. Flex (choose 1): Edelman, Sanders, Ridley, Shady #2. RB's on my roster: Elliott, CMC, Shady, and Alf Morris. Drop Alf Morris for Rod Smith? #3. Evan Engram: any faith in him when he returns? Sure, in theory he should help the Giants offense but Engram being out isn't why Eli is inept. #4. Which 2 of these receivers would you roster if all we’re available? Kirk, Sutton, Tre Smith, Callaway Cheers.
  6. Picked up Coutee to stash on my bench and had to drop Callaway, Kirk, or Sutton -- moving forward with Kirk and Sutton.
  7. Grant, Rodgers, and Hines will be serviceable. Detroit has allowed the fewest WR points-per-game (22.3) in PPR formats. Cobb, Allison, and now Adams iffy for the Packers. Even if they all play, it appears they'll all be less than 100%. If 1 or none of them play, Packers have Graham and Montgomery?
  8. Same boat. Leaning Luck for the same reasons -- it also seems the Colts will be airing it out as they haven't had a ground attack this year.
  9. 0.5 PPR WR: Need 2 — AJ Green, E.Sanders, C.Ridley, T.Lockett RB: L. McCoy, A.Morris, or R. Penny (if C.Carson can’t go today) Thanks Bloom
  10. Torn between starting Gore or risking it with Murray tomorrow. Gore hasn't done much since week 11. Leaning Murray.
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