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  1. When they showed the end zone view from behind Henry it also clearly showed one of the Bills on the second level get pushed down from behind. But yeah, if you are going to rely on consistent penalty calls as a road team in big games you are going to get your heart broken for sure.
  2. A few good replays out there. Josh picked the wrong side. On the right the DE was flared out wide and it would have been a much easier push. Indeed that side did get a good push. When he took the snap he also did a jump backward and left. Not sure if that is normal to avoid foot tangling on sneaks? When he did this his feet were in horrible position behind him and moving backward to then try to get any forward push. And then he slipped trying to create that leverage. So basically bad all around.
  3. If Knox is in I would love putting the big guys in and rolling out. Without him I don’t think you can call that with the game on the line. Had to sneak if going for it. Dawkins just got blown up. But again, they couldn’t convert in short. They already pulled the trick play for the 2 pt conversion and also threw to Sweeney for a short TD. They knew they were getting no push.
  4. They had not run it particularly well or got much push on their other short yardage situations in the game. Not sure why they would put the game on the line assuming that would change. At least it was the right play call if they were going to go for it.
  5. I didn’t get in here to post in time but I hated that call before the outcome. HATED it
  6. As long as Bal knocks them out in the playoffs we are all good
  7. That is way too easy. No pressure on Tannehill tonight
  8. Not a fan of the deep ball on 2nd 17. Gives you no options on 3rd but another deep ball.
  9. Even though he is jumpy Allen has protected the ball well. Eaten it a few times when I thought he would have normally thrown it up
  10. Good call. Bills WRs can get open against the banged up secondary.
  11. Obada back in coverage on that third down conversion. Nice play call 🤔
  12. Allen had happy feet on that throw to Knox. He is jumpy
  13. Aren’t Boogie and Epanesa both better run defend options than Obada? Maybe Addison even?
  14. Allen needed to stay in the pocket on that third down
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