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  1. If they aren’t planning on bringing in the Multiverse concept with Pietro I think it was a poor decision to use that actor. Drumming up interest and speculation with no payoff = 👎
  2. The Bills will be making a play for him no doubt. They just saw TB use a similar defensive strategy against KC that Buf did with massively different results. A key difference? The Bills got no pressure.
  3. I have gone from hating this guy (Bills fan) to respecting the hell out of him. Best ever.
  4. I would have loved the last two weeks. I would have HATED to lose to Brady. I actually ended up cheering for him tonight. At this point, what is another ring for Brady. What I didn’t want to happen was continue building the legacy of KC and Mahomes as the next dynasty. That narrative took a hit tonight. I am happy with the result, I just have to shake my head at Brady continuing to be super human. Hoping the Bills put what little cash and picks they have into the lines. We saw tonight what happens when you dominate up front.
  5. Hope we get some sweet memes of Mahomes running backward after some great ones of Allen who did it on one play in the championship game.
  6. That is the coverage penalty they haven’t been calling this post season. Game is going to open a lot if they call it today.
  7. I heard today on ESPN that he has 3 pts in the first quarter of all his Superbowls combined. That is a stunning stat.
  8. There are so many cool stories they can do with the Multiverse concept. It is a fantastic way to roll these worlds together. I am super excited by the news on the Spider-Man movie. If they draw off the Spiderverse comic storyline that is going to be amazing.
  9. When I started working for a company that was traded I was stunned when we struggled to hit targets every quarter and our stock continued to climb at five times the rate of the market. That opened my eyes that our results did not drive our stock price. It was all speculation. Interesting to see what changes if any will come of this. It is certainly opening more eyes to how messed up this whole system is.
  10. I would love to see some analysis in coming days on what the Bills were trying to do on D. I get Kelse is talented. But there were many catches he just ran, turned around, and caught the ball. Maybe it turns out that there was a failure to execute, but my assumption is they just had a bad, bad game plan and didn’t adjust it. They were going to stick with their zone no matter what. Epic failure against this QB and those weapons.
  11. Agreed. When they are throwing swings for auto ejection that the refs miss in Q1, and still roughing the passer with 4:32 left up by 23, you somehow need to not lose your head or you are the one who comes across looking bad. Allen said after the game he needs to not lose it.
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