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  1. Hmmmm. Should we try that Allen sneak more often on short yardage? I wonder…
  2. I like that call. Take 6-7 yard easy throws. Stop trying to be cute
  3. I wonder if that 10 seconds will factor in. oops. I am off. Like Daboll
  4. I think it was an intentional throw away but that happens all the time in the league and they don’t call it grounding so bad call. Prevents the Dolphins from going for 3.
  5. Don’t think the Bills should be blitzing right now
  6. Agreed. They had two lead blockers on the right and then Moss took the play to the left. Just let Allen push ahead. I don’t get it.
  7. Allen needs meditation training. Once he gets jacked up his game suffers a lot
  8. Do the Bills ever cover the middle of the field?
  9. I was going to post that Allen high on the first throw was a bad sign…..but before I could log in….Singletary 😀
  10. My thoughts: - Allen didn’t look good - Play calling on offenders was really really bad. Don’t know why Davis was not targeted more. Too many deep passes. And the brutal 4th down call. The short crosses to the slot were open all day and they should have kept pounding that. - The defence was OK except there was little pressure on Ben in the second half. We know CB2 will be picked on all year...Bills didn’t address it so they made their bed - The rushed deep pass to end the 3rd made no sense as they were against the wind. They could have let the quarter end and had the wind at their back. That wasted play came on the same series as the 4th down call.
  11. 8 hrs of travel, landing in Buffalo I could see my town across the water on the other side of the border 😡 Worth it to be there tomorrow. Edit: seat sold
  12. Alright, I don’t have a buddy who wants to fly down from Canada to see the game so I have an extra ticket. It also means I am flying solo. Anyone have a friend who wants to buy a ticket at a reasonable price. Over face value but under secondary market (I need to pay for my flight down there). And maybe invite a solo Canadian to a fun tailgate? Sitting up top, section 313.
  13. I was really optimistic the days of being “Billsy” were behind us. It’s going to be ugly if this situation leads to a loss in the regular season.
  14. Interesting first week in Canada’s election. Trudeau called the election mid term hoping to change his minority government to a majority. He was way ahead in the polls and it looked like a solid play until: - public backlash for calling an unnecessary election - criticism of handling of Afghanistan - some are mad that he didn’t do more to convince Biden to open the border, especially when he did several weeks ago to Americans. Polls have him at a dead heat now with a chance of losing the elections outright
  15. So did the Bills just have a lot more juice for this game than the Bears?
  16. I would indeed have to fly Toronto-Detroit-Buffalo which is my current plan. On the plus side it can be one way. I can take a car service and cross back over to Canada via land without issue
  17. Ugh! I guess I am flying from Toronto to Buffalo or taking my chances on being able to talk my way through.
  18. It is a bit scary thinking that this generation of Taliban/Al Q fighters will likely hate the US more than the ones 20 years ago did. And their leaders will be pumping them with false confidence from this victory.
  19. Medical emergency: Border guard: “What is the reason for your visit?” Duff: “I’ve got a fever and the only cure is to SHOUT” Guard waiving me through: “Go Bills!”
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