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  1. so, in case you didn't listen to the latest edition of the audible. Dak prescott is ok. He is not an A+ this reeks of jerry jones over reacting to the early returns
  2. I live in Minneapolis. The local buzz is that the reason Teddy didn't play is because the coaching staff doesn't think Shaun Hill is good enough. They wanted to put him on display for as long as possible so that the media, fans, and ownership would agree and spend some coin on a legit backup. End of story. There is nothing seriously wrong with Teddy, if he has a sore shoulder who cares. Joel Stave on the other hand has looked good against 3rd string bums.
  3. I didn't see Cooper Kupp on this list. Is that intentional? I thought that he would be a good devy prospect at this point.
  4. Another trade going down during our draft: Team A sends: Emmanuel Sanders, 2016 - 2.05, 2017 - 3rd Team B sends: 2016 - 1.08 If it matters, so far the draft has been: Zeke, Treadwell, Henry, Coleman, Shepherd, Prosise, Thomas (NO),
  5. I would take Henry, IMO he is the best talent on either side of this trade.
  6. Curious what you guys think about this trade that just happened, was not involved: Team A: gives Adrian Peterson Team B: gives Thomas Rawls, John Brown, Ladarius Green, Christine Michael, 2016 - 2.12, 2017 - 2nd
  7. Just went down this week in my league: (Start 1 QB 6pt/td, yardage bonus league) Team A Gives: Kirk Cousins, 2016 - 1.12 Team B Gives: Johnny Manziel, 2016 - 1.05
  8. (preface, none of these guys can even carry Randy's jockstrap) BUT even Randy Moss had Cris Carter. If we are talking redraft, I think it makes sense to consider who each WR will be lining up across from. Not that Defenses can't adjust, but in NYG OBJ is getting the #1 coverage and the safety rolling over the top, meaning Shepherd should be one on one against a teams #2 CB. Thomas has the best, most accurate QB of the bunch, and should get #2 coverage since Cooks is there. Coleman will probably be the #1 in CLE, and if not, if he flashes, there is nothing stopping the opposing team from putting the #1 CB on him. So a rookie WR against #1 CB. Once Gordon is ready contribute, maybe, but that is a lot of ifs. Treadwell, Doctson, lets not even go there.
  9. Thomas and Shepherd APPEAR to be in line for the two best rookie WR seasons from this years class. I would pick either of them as first rookie wr in a re-draft. Long term, I still like Treadwell, Shepherd, Doctson, and Coleman better in terms of WRs. I would pick Thomas ahead of Henry, but its close.
  10. That Lebron James comparison is interesting. I made it a point to watch several of his games last season and I have to agree. Auburn game; when I saw that defender leave his feet and hit Fournette at what looked like a decent angle, but the defender bounced off. https://youtu.be/AEmQH5jQSlo?t=2m26s I can't considering tanking in my dynasty league. So I'll have to get the trade wheels in motion. There is no way he is not #1 in my mind.
  11. I get that he is rebuilding, but moving Brady, Forte, and Jordy to net a 2017 1st and Duke Johnson seems like a pretty small return. I would like to think that the in season price he could have got for just Jordy would be more than that.
  12. reminds me of a slower Travis Jervey Could be a steal in Dynasty drafts next season, for my team's sake I hope his "whiteness" hurts his draft stock.
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