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  1. No school here. This program sends them overseas for a semester. Should be this fall but they backed it up for covid. He will have to be vaccinated.
  2. I haven't posted much in here, but I've been reading everything. My oldest just accepted his offer to his second choice. It was a very close second so no disappointment. And we just received his acceptance into Honors College program which means..... my son will be in New Zealand for 5 months starting in January. New Zealand. I guess I better do the good dad thing and make sure he has seen the Hobbit movies.
  3. True. I would love a few one off episodes of a few different people that were small characters dealing with the new world that didn't focus on superheroes but real problems.
  4. I kinda do (I think) and it's an interesting philosophical question - I know the internet has been full of people defending the "Thanos was right," theory but we are past that now in this universe because everyone is back. And the question is, now what? They've either said or strongly hinted that for those 5 years the world was almost united somehow. Borders and those differences were gone and people lived together somehow better in the midst of the loss. OVer 5 years people have moved on and adapted. There were certainly people that got remarried or had kids or more and then..... eve
  5. I'm a little behind but this is the most satisfying one of these I've ever seen.
  6. Cash bail and most of the lower end criminal justice system needs massive massive changes. It isn't about anything remotely close to justice anymore. It has become a sentient entity ensuring its own survival.
  7. Liked it. I'm fully invested in all the characters and universe they've created though. I'm still, to this day, just amazed at the casting choices. I don't think they could do better if they tried. They can keep taking my money.
  8. This case is a nightmare for everyone involved in it. It will bring out the worst possible media attention and everything that goes with it.
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