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  1. Not surprising, I've held him in contempt for years now.
  2. Black Widow was fun. I get all the love for Francis Pugh. She was the highlight of the movie. They went a little overboard with black widow being able to do superhero things without superpowers but it was the universe as usual and I wouldn't mind those characters showing up again in something.
  3. Enjoyed squid game. Did not enjoy ending that much though.
  4. Nice @fatguyinalittlecoat I was coming in to post something similar. I will be closing my practice in a month to go work for a non profit who reached out to me and offered me a job I can't pass up. Massive life change but I'm getting happier each minute I think about it. Won't be in court anymore, but I also won't have to deal with 9pm Saturday night client calls either.
  5. I would enjoy this type of conversation because I agree with you. Though maybe for different reasons and I assuredly have different solutions.
  6. It's been a few years since I got someone pregnant but I'm pretty sure she couldn't do it without me, so I did give her.....something. (Trying to write that with no puns or innuendo was impossible.)
  7. Ah...Old Key West. Nice to see you again.
  8. My wife couldn't give a one word to answer to the question/ask.... can you just say one word and only one word and nothing else?
  9. Sort of. I'm kinda thinking and writing. What Russia did to Ukraine was bad. But I haven't thought about it since at least covid began. But if Canada did something similar to Washington State I would still be a news junkie on it voting for people to do something about it. I'm sure there are natural disasters all over the world that i could donate 10 bucks to by text. I've only done it for things here. I'm growing increasingly tired of American soldiers dying for other people in the world because they are "my" soldiers. Things like that. Like I said haven't thought about it in these terms. My faith is telling me I being an ***hole though, so there's that too.
  10. I gotta be honest; At this point all the writers are too lazy to be trusted with this universe. They are getting worse than the Game of Thrones guys.
  11. Don't know if I thought about it before but I voted yes. Mainly because whether or not I truly do, my actions - or better, my reactions to events in the world - would back up a yes more than a no.
  12. Historians are going to define this Era as a new dark ages. Not because of the loss knowledge, but because of the loss of discernment coupled with the belief that access to information creates wisdom.
  13. Conservative Democrat (until the Trump Q parts of the GOP disappear into the black hole of history they deserve to go into). Mayor Pete. Would have clicked on a few of them if that was an option, but none of the GOP, see above.
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