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  1. Schauf and Bloom stream a weekly video about IDP? I'd no idea. Glad you posted...
  2. Simmons has been playing mostly deep in conservative shells. Denver won going away against the Jets. I wouldn't panic over Simmons's lack of production just yet.
  3. No love for Darrell Taylor? 😭😭😭
  4. Great encapsulation of what's wrong with MFL position designations. Hill is changed based on a sentiment that he goes from a 3-4 to a 4-3 via trade. Stephen was thought to be an option at nose in Denver, but that's not what we've seen this preseason. Davenport has take-lock that the broncos are an unequivocal 3-4 and that any IDL not playing nose should be tagged DE. Then Tufele, who's playing a role similar to Stephen's, is switched back to DT first because the change to DE a couple months back was obviously wrong (he's not an edge like Josh Allen) and second because Davenport is curiously unwilling to conclude that Dan Cullen's Jags defense is also a 3-4. I'm happy to learn that MFL is heading toward "true positions" next year, but I'll hold reservations until I see the execution. I just want consistency. For predictability's sake.
  5. I posted my thoughts on cuts here: https://twitter.com/DynastyTripp/status/1432700739525173252?s=20 Nothing as interesting as Cam Newton tho!
  6. Arbitrary position designations frustrate the hell out of aspiring IDP dynasty gamers. They make the game less accessible. I've encountered lots of league mates who quit in frustration, citing this. Aaron Donald was changed from DE to DT in late August on MFL and still no one knows why (I.e., no methodology has been articulated such that we could learn and adapt). There's no skill in gaining that windfall in your DT-premium league. Debates over whether Khalil Mack is a DE or a LB just make IDP look like a foolish side show at this point.
  7. Interesting skill set to assume Logan Ryan's role from a couple years ago. Worth watching in a deep league requiring CBs.
  8. Yeah, I have lots of CJGJ in dynasty with the expectation Davenport would switch him to CB like he did Damontae Kazee. Wouldn't it be nice is position designations were logical, even systematic and predictable?
  9. Madubuike to DT (no, he's not a nose tackle) while Oweh to LB. What are we even doing anymore? True positions or bust for me.
  10. Considering how quickly he was changed from LB to DE in MFL, I expect he'll stay there this season. Is there risk he'll be changed back next season? Sure, but prolly lower than for a typical DE playing for a coach on the hot seat this year.
  11. I think Carl Lawson is a windfall in this situation. He's in my top 50 IDPs for dynasty.
  12. Yeah, that makes no sense that the two obvious 5-techniques on that roster are tagged DTs. It wreaks of a situation that Gary Davenport could watch in August and say, "duh." Keep in mind he was threatening to change Allen to LB when Todd Wash was there.
  13. I agree it hurts Ferrell, but Ngakoue fit into a very similar scheme in Jacksonville with Josh Allen and Calais Campbell. Ferrell will play big end in Gus Bradley's 50-fronts with Crosby and Ngakoue outside. The challenge Bradley has is to get one of those two to play in space or they'll get lit up like Atlanta has the last couple years under Dan Quinn.
  14. I agree, Gally. I couldn't understand why they dealt Casey last spring. This seems like a correction. Simmons should wreak havoc in 2021. Good looking 3- and 4-down sets with Autry at 3/5T and Dupree and Landry on the edges.
  15. IDPGuys,org staffers have been posting for a couple weeks that they're adding more customization to it. More slides and switches, I reckon. I subscribe to DTC but don't currently use the IDP piece. Hopefully, that changes.
  16. Thanks for the hat tip, @Duckboy. Tick, Gally, and Mac really help drive the convo. Great contributors
  17. Others are clearer. Melvin Ingram is expiring. Nwosu goes to OLB. Tillery to DE. Derwin James loses upside. Rayshawn Jenkins becomes irrelevant. Jabari Zuniga, Julian Okwara, and Austin Bryant become deep sleepers at DE. Sadly, the Jets have nothing else of interest other than Big Q (still obviously a DT in my eye). Da'Shawn Hand should go to DT, but he was inexplicably changed to DE a couple years ago. I don't know if Davenport pays any attention to IDPs this deep. A couple of Lions are tricky. Does jamie collins's role look like Demario Davis's? He might spend another off-season way undervalued. And dare I say, dare I invoke the name 😬 TRACY WALKER?! 🔥🔥🔥
  18. Joey Bosa started his career as a 3-4 end as well. 😃 But will his role look more like Aaron Donald/Jurrell Casey or Bradley Chubb/Khalil Mack? I'd guess the latter. 😰 Gary Davenport seems convinced that Fangio (from whence DC Staley came) runs a typical 3-4, and immediately changed Broncos' position designations after Fangio got the job. 😭 However, Donald was changed to DT in Wade Phillips's 3-4 one August and was left there under Staley. Star player treatment? Donald was the closest DL LA had to an EDGE by usage. 🤷‍♂️ To my eye, the Rams OLBs were clearly OLBs unlike, say, Mack. I haven't started my off-season study, so my initial impressions might be off.
  19. A couple reporters I follow, John Owning and Patrik Walker expect Randy Gregory to play LEO. That's super intriguing to me. If he shows he can hold up in run D playing full-time, he'd have double-digit sack upside. That pushes Tank to big end, which I don't love. As for Aldon Smith, does he come back? Do they try him at SAM? Is he just DE depth? Who slides inside in sub-packages? Or do they focus resources on (sorely needed) IDLs?
  20. Theidpguru.com keeps a chart of this current throughout the season.
  21. Thanks for sharing! Including 3-4 OLBs makes this exercise doubly hard. And since scoring systems vary so widely, I don't think including them is all that useful. I think it's ok to leave out McKinney. He could be a cap casualty of the new regime, and he doesn't look like a full-time player to me for most current nfl defenses
  22. https://www.fftoday.com/stats/fantasystats.php?o=3&PosID=50&Data=Last5&Show1=15&Show2=17&LeagueID=107644 Here's a source for that.
  23. Sigmund Bloom has said FootballGuys will be following others' leads on position designations, so this may be a reaction to Davenport's comments on his podcast.
  24. I like to stash young athletes at DE/EDGE that need time to develop. This is convenient when a player is stuck on a 3-4 now but could change due to turnover at DC. Think Jabari Zuniga, Jacob Martin, Julian Okwara, Austin Bryant. I also like DJ Wonnum, Terrell Lewis, Alton Robinson, Darrell Taylor (but health? 😬), Darryl Johnson. I'm not giving up on Marcus Davenport, Lorenzo Carter, Oshane Ximines, Uchenna Nwosu, Kemoko Turay or Tyquan Lewis (How much longer will Justin Houston play? Will they bring back Denico Autry?). And what do the Steelers do opposite TJ Watt? Is Alex Highsmith the answer? Whoever plays there will get some scraps. Are Josh Sweat and Rashan Gary sleepers? They look like they're figuring it out.
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