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  1. Good point. I have Waddle, Laviska, and Jamal Williams on the bench. They all have some concerns too....I will figure it out sooner than later.
  2. Gaskin will move to RB2 and Sutton will be the flex where Gaskin was.
  3. Snell since the Steelers should be in control of this game and a lot of running in the 2nd half. Thoughts on Snell or Juju? I have won but need the higher ceiling for playoff tie breakers. I am leaning Snell with the TD upside.
  4. Hey Sig, .5 PPR Need 2 - Anthony Miller, Cam Akers, Cohen, and Latavius Murray. Logan Thomas or Gesicki. Woods or Hines? NO, TB, or LA Rams? Thanks!
  5. Hey Sig! .5 PPR Flex OBJ or LeVeon? Flex 2 - Cam Akers or Anthony Miller? Jonnu, Hockenson, or Jarwin - opponent has Dak. Goedert, Doyle, or Jarwin? TIA
  6. Hey Sig, .5 PPR - 1st place game....This is a coin flip as I am only down by 3 in projections. Edelman, Chark, Danny A. in the flex? Goedert or Jonnu - opponent has Tannehill? Playing for 3rd - Minshew, Mitch, or Dalton....streaming has been to me this year but Josh Allen's playoff run is rough. I can also pick him up. Perriman, Diggs, or Kupp for WR2? Thanks!
  7. I have the same choices with Goedert and Thomas on 2 teams. I feel they have the safest floor and both have good upside. I am on the fence still, but feel can't go wrong with either. I don't trust Njoku or Howard however they could go off, but too much risk for me given my games are even or slightly behind. If you need upside I think that is Thomas since Seattle is playing as bad as AZ against TE the past month.
  8. I have them in right now but thinking about TB. I will sleep on it and sort it out in the morning. I am worried about Julio against the backups, but I do think SF can pressure Ryan and his mediocre line.
  9. Hey Sig, Trying to recover from the carnage of last week - lost Evan's, Alshon, Penny and Chark. I need some upside after Jackson last night and projections have me down by 16. .5 ppr Winston or Kyler? I need 2 put of Boyd, Slayton, Hearns, DeAndre Washinton, Latavius, or Perriman is on waivers. Team 2 .5 ppr Baker or Allen? Looking ahead to next week and the schedule is not great - Baker has the Ravens at home , Allen @ NE, and I scooped up Brissett playing Carolina at home. Dalton has Miami and also Menchew vs ATL is out there. Goedert or Howard? Flex Diggs, Singletary or Shepard? TIA!
  10. Mornin' Bloom - Winston or Murray? .5 PPR - 2nd flex options are: Chark, Boyd, Penny and Laird? I am projected to win by 13 with Chark in now. Goedert but Vance is on waivers. Gould or pick up Crosby or Bailey? In another league I have Goedert but Engram is stashed on IR. Is he too risky to start in playoffs coming off the long foot injury? Thanks!
  11. Hey Sig, Murray or Winston? .5 PPR - Carson or Tevin? Alshon or Tyler Boyd? Thanks!
  12. Hey Sig- .5 PPR Flex - Latavius Murray, Boyd, Alshon, Cobb (waivers) or James Washington? My opponent has Dak and it's a close one after Williams on Thursday. Goedert or pick up Vance with Alshon playing now? Flex - Shepard, Singletary, or Samuel? ATL or Ten D? TIA
  13. Hey Sig, .5 PPR Goff or Josh Allen? I have Kupp and opponent is starring Woods and Everett. Latavius or McKissick? TIA!
  14. .5 PPR Coleman or Singletary? Goff or Allen? Herndon or Vance at TE until Engram, hopefully, returns? Parker, Fitz, Breida, or Boyd - need 2. Gesicki, Vance, or Jonnu? A. Tate, Mattison, or AJ Brown in flex? Thanks, Sig!
  15. Winston or Minshew? I also have Kyler on the bench, picked up Minshew just for this week, but after looking at schedules Kyler only has the game against TB that looks good. Who would you cut? .5 PPR James White or Devante Parker - diggin' deep for the flex. Thanks, Sig!
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