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  1. Does this fit what everyone is seeing thus far?

    QBs: Way down compared to preseason consensus. The "big 3" have been huge disappointments and are being surpassed by Jackson, Mayfield, etc

    RB: awesome, deep group with a potential 1.01 overall in Barkley

    WR: lacking high-end elite talent but solid depth

    TE: Not many 1st or 2nd round talents to speak of

  2. 1 minute ago, jrwall said:

    Similar production to what Dalvin gave us? Whew, I don't mind hearing that as I have McKinnon, but that's a bit of a stretch. I need to see McKinnon produce for at least another few weeks and hold off Murray before I'd be willing to declare he's a legit RB2. 

    It's pretty obvious at this point Murray is bad, right? He barely cracked 4 ypc last year with a top 3 offensive line in Oakland. He was/is a touchdown dependent between the tackles grinder. 

    McKinnon doesn't have quite the 3-down skillset that Cook does, but the talent gap between McKinnon and Murray is so large it would be a mistake not to use McKinnon in that role I think.

  3. Keep in mind, McKinnon is the most athletic rb in the league.

    Last year was completely lost for Minnesota rb's due to an injury-plagued offensive line, so I think it would be a mistake to extrapolate last year's stats to this season. Looking forward, if used in a similar way to Dalvin (which is a bit of a stretch given Murray got the start last night. Murray is awful though and any touch he receives over McKinnon is a missed opportunity), we can expect similar production to what Dalvin gave us through 4 weeks.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Hankmoody said:

    Yuck!  Although I do like Johnnu.  It's an ok exit price I suppose especially if it's important to get him off your roster.

    But now I'm interested if I can get him in one league I am contending in....

    Yeah I agree his "value" is a bit higher than what I received. But over the offseason and first 4 weeks I received 0 offers in a league that is fairly active in terms of trades. And it was obvious Gronk didn't fit my window (or lack thereof)

  5. 1 hour ago, Hankmoody said:

    I'd have to be very certain it's a top 4 pick, and if so I like the return.  If the rebuild is on there's zero reason to keep holding Gronk.  He might win you games you don't want to so by subtracting his points B is also helping his own 1st next year.

    I meant that the 2018 1st round pick is from a very good team (top 4 contender). So it's likely a late 1st

  6. On 9/20/2017 at 7:22 PM, Magic_Man said:

    Back to my question, what are people getting/giving for him in PPR dynasty?

    12-team PPR dynasty: I traded him away for a late 2018 1st round pick, chris godwin, and jonnu Smith

    My team is terrible and Gronk is by far my best player, so holding this year and next made little to no sense for my squad. I shopped him for ~1 week to every owner where it made sense to and this was the best trade I could swing. Seems like I got ~70% value for him

  7. 41 minutes ago, Football Jones said:

    Not necessarily talking about McGuire & this could be a thread of its own, but Combine & Pro Day numbers are the elephant in the room. You're always not quite sure what to make of them.

    Generally, I feel they're way overrated. For the life of me, I don't understand why they don't have players in full pads when testing. Some guys carry their pads better than others (typically, the bigger guys). It still wouldn't be definitive because there's so many other dynamics that go into gameday speed, but it would certainly be better than having them in t-shirts & shorts.

    Case in point, does Kareem Hunt look like he runs a 4.63 40? No. It's just a tool for me & a very subjective one at that. Dalvin Cook's 3-cone time is another instance where the Underwear Olympics are very misleading. They need to revamp the whole thing, IMO.

    One way I look at athleticism is that, assuming a prospect has the baseline requisite measurables (which exact values can be debated), it matters if a prospect under- or over-performs his athleticism. 

    Just to use a couple extreme examples, Diggs and DGB (remember him?). Diggs had a very young breakout age and was very productive in college despite modest combine #s. DGB (or justin hunter etc) were athletic freaks yet didn't amount to much in terms of production. If a prospect is bigger and faster than their peers and still can't produce, it's a major red flag. And likewise, if a prospect is extremely productive and is a minus athlete (yet still above the baseline requirement), that can often be a strong indicator of a special prospect.

    McGuire may have that "something else" factor that isn't captured at the combine. Although, i would rate his athleticism as average rather than below average

  8. 3 hours ago, -OZ- said:

    He's a top 5 pick but most teams, including the Jets, would be better off over the long haul with Darnold, Rosen or (although he's lost some acclaim lately) Josh Allen. Assuming your coach can do his job.

    Getting off topic but I agree. Case in point, imagine if Dallas drafted Ramsey at 4 overall (the consensus pick) and Henry in round 2. Compare that to Elliot and Jaylen Smith. No brainer to me

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Concept Coop said:

    If I understand what EBF is looking for, I don't know that you can.  Take Tarik Cohen and Marshawn Lynch.  Put them in space and a defense will have a much harder time getting a finger on Cohen.  But if and when they do, they'll have a much harder time turing that into a stop against Marshawn Lynch.  EBF wants the guy who's not getting hit, not necessarily the guy who gets hit, but requires 2 or 3 to go down.  (Correct me if I'm wrong.)  I'm not sure how you quantitatively measure how elusive Cohen is.  

    That's basically how I understand EBF's take as well. But still, there needs to be a metric that tracks this so we can compare players and not just speak in generalities about what we think we saw.

  10. 6 minutes ago, EBF said:

    To me, elusive means making nice cuts/avoiding hits. What PFF is calling "elusive" is what I would call powerful.

    Just look at their list of "elusive" backs:


    1. Kareem Hunt

    2. Chris Carson

    3. Marshawn Lynch

    4. Jordan Howard

    5. Jonathan Stewart


    Those are mostly bigger/stronger backs who excel at running hard. They aren't really the guys who come to mind when I think of agility and making nice cuts. Lynch was extremely shifty in his prime, but now I'm not so sure. The others are not guys who I would consider to be among the most elusive players in the league. To me it looks more like a list of players who are good at running through contact, not so much players who are good at cutting and making people miss.

    So how do you quantitatively measure 'elusive'

  11. Just now, smbkrypt24 said:

    I think the issue is that there are so many variables that to say elite college numbers and combine numbers = NFL success there is majors flaws there.

    I won't disagree with this too much, because identifying talent is obviously extremely difficult. But imo the starting point has to be college production and measurable athleticism. From that you can nitpick or tape grind or whatever. 

  12. Just now, kutta said:

    You're the one who said "College production matters, and Hunt had more of it than basically anyone. To discount that is wrong imo." I'm merely pointing out that there are lots of productive college players who don't make it in the NFL.

    Do i really need to add, "assuming the prospect doesn't have some other fatal flaw preventing NFL success." ?


  13. 9 minutes ago, kutta said:


    I went back and picked a random, recent year - 2013 - enough time where all these guys could be in the NFL. Here are the top five college rushing leaders by yards:

    1. Andre Williams 2177

    2. Jordan Lynch 1920

    3. Ka'Deem Carey 1885

    4. Bishop Sankey 1870

    5. Tre Mason 1816

    College production doesn't always equate to NFL success.

    Ok I'll play along here:

    Andrew Williams - only average agility and zero production catching passes

    Jordan Lynch - bottom 5% combine measureables

    Ka'Deem Carey - bottom 5% combine measureables

    Sankey - No real explanation, prolific in college and above average combine. Not sure why he didn't fire in the NFL

    Tre Mason - was actually very productive in the NFL for a year before the Rams unexpectedly drafted Gurley. Flamed out with apparent mental issues. Also, did not catch passes in college.


    So I ask again, what's the knock on Hunt?

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