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  1. To me, those numbers show a decline, even if it's slight/marginal. That extra year of age/experience (from 20 to 21) should lead to superior numbers, especially when you consider Mike Williams was healthy this year as well. He went from the #1 overall prospect (some preferred Garrett too) to whatever he is now.
  2. Has the fact that Watson regressed during his final season compared to the previous season been discussed in this thread? It's extremely troubling for a top prospect
  3. What is the bust rate (as defined by not being a franchise NFL qb) for all qbs regardless of college system? I already answered your question though..RG3 was extremely promising before being injured, Bradford's still starting after 7 years in the league, Marriota seems to be a legit franchise qb, Foles was prolific early in his career (which conflicts with your stance that their skillset doesn't transition well early in their career), Garappolo is promising. It's not like the "air raid" system has been around forever so we don't have the biggest data sample yet
  4. How do you define what an air raid offense is? Did Bradford or RG3 or Garappolo play in air raid offenses? What about Marriota? The above list is mostly a list of late round qbs who were flawed prospects for reasons other than their college offensive system.
  5. Similar to low BMI, how predictive of NFL failure is low pass mph? It's my understanding that basically no qb has ever had nfl success with a velocity under 50. Have you worked with passing velocity much? (fwiw I don't think Watson belongs in the NFL. His lack of arm talent is akin to a wr running a 4.9 40-yard dash imo)
  6. By "sandlot player" I see someone with Rodgers/Romo level upside in terms of scrambling ability and pocket awareness. Typically, those air raid qbs who failed as pros didn't have the measurables Mahomes possesses.
  7. Remind me please, what's the flaw with Mahomes? He's, in my opinion, quite clearly the #1 qb prospect in this draft and should be considered a candidate to be drafted 1st overall
  8. What's the story on Chris Godwin's ranking? He seems to be an elite athlete, reasonably productive, and young. He's also getting late-first, early-second round NFL draft buzz A+ name too
  9. It's easy to forget how impressive/special of an athlete David Johnson is.. Thanks for the detailed reply. My point is that Mixon doesn't really have any glaring (possible) flaws that the other top backs in this class possess.
  10. If Mixon is drafted at the top of the 2nd or late 1st (which I think is in play), please give me reasoning why he shouldn't be the 1st rb taken in rookie PPR drafts. He has the ideal combination of size, athleticism, college production, pedigree (5-star recruit and #1 rb prospect in the country), and talent that no other prospect in this class can match. He's 90-95% of David Johnson, except much younger as a prospect. Fournette has athleticism and scheme concerns, Cook is a bottom 10% athlete for nfl rbs, and McCaffery has a low BMI *EDIT* not that it matters, but tape grinders love
  11. 12 team PPR (deep rosters) Gave: 1.04, Farrow Got: Gronk, Charles Sims
  12. It's a near consensus at this point that Mixon is the best rb in this class, especially in PPR formats. When an NFL drafts him in the late 1st, he'll be the 1.01
  13. For reference, 49mph is about ~10% slower than the average. Translate that to WRs running a 4.50 40 yard dash. Has an NFL wr who runs a 4.95 ever had success? Would you draft a wr who runs a 4.95 even if he had elite route running and could create separation at the college level? I didn't think so. The likelihood of Watson having a successful NFL career is extremely low at this point (i'd also argue qb velocity is more important than wr 40 yard dash times)
  14. This guy doesn't belong on an NFL roster. 49 MPH throwing speed means he can't fit a ball into tight windows, hit a deep target without throwing a jump ball, or throw to the opposite sideline with any pace. I really doubt he's going to have any success throwing exclusively dump-offs, slants, and running. Any team drafting Watson is making a big mistake in my opinion
  15. Any recent Gronk transactions? His value has seemingly tanked compared to where it was 2 offseasons ago but he's still only 27 and in his prime. Thoughts?
  16. 14 Team PPR Team A receives: Julio Jones, Martavis Bryant Team B receives: Dorsett, AJ Derby, 1.04, 2.04, 2.10
  17. Uber is really starting to annoy me. I'm a long time customer and have taken upwards of 200 rides over the past couple of years. The service and convenience is amazing, but the surge pricing model (which is a super misleading descriptor) is extremely bad practice. Let me explain. What's become apparent is that surge pricing does not kick in based solely on supply and demand (as Uber explains), but on the customer's willingness to be overcharged. To keep it simple let's define supply as the # of available cars nearby, and demand as the # of customers nearby who need rides. If pricing was
  18. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp/2017/01/25/nflpa-composing-proposal-for-less-punitive-approach-to-marijuana-use/?utm_term=.efdf0e07c843 This is good news for Bryant
  19. Fits perfectly with Cleveland's "moneyball" approach. T-Mobile is loved by the advanced metrics / efficiency guys for a couple of years now
  20. I'm sure he works out just as hard as anyone when. Do you think that excessive drinking doesn't have an impact of athletic performance at the highest level. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't project him to have Gates/Fitz type longevity.
  21. Right. The similarity is that outside influences are impacting dynasty rankings. Bell has a suspension threat, Gronk has longevity issues due to lifestyle
  22. If Bell loses a tier's worth of value for being a suspension threat, Gronk loses at least as much for his lifestyle. How well will the guy's game age when there is video of him being surrounded by strippers pouring vodka down his throat while holding sparklers? I think he actually non-sarcastically said he prefers to drink liquor with water because it keeps him hydrated and he can drink longer. Are we really surprised his body repeatedly breaks down ever season?
  23. I'm curious to know his measurables given his extremely impressive breakout age. There's still a decent chance he's this class' #1 WR
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