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  1. Can you explain? Colts fans I know have been glowing about Ballard’s work as GM and Reich for that matter.
  2. Have a feeling a big game is coming this week. Has been time for him to get healthy and his head straight by now. And for the coaches to realize they have to have him as a playmaker. Running game is banged up. Just wouldn’t be shocking (and I have a dynasty league with multiple flex starters and some doubtful players due to injury).
  3. Schwartz is the best talent. Prioritizing him for dynasty but understand Peoples-Jones for redraft.
  4. Thankfully not every fantasy owner out there is a smart one.
  5. I saw the same thing they saw. Mediocre back not worth the potential headache. I’m not trying to buy Bell; I’m worried about Williams’ role. Hence posting in the Williams thread.
  6. Watched every play. He didn’t look toast. Wasn’t arguing that he was great. He looked like a mediocre back with above average skills as a receiver. Given a consistent workload in Baltimore, it’s not hard to see him having some value there given the lack of proven production for Edwards as a receiver and Williams in general.
  7. People are saying this, but the 2020 film doesn’t show him looking toast. The mental makeup is the issue and risk isn’t it?
  8. Not to mention James White (and Cam at the GL). So basically want no part of any of them like most years.
  9. Higgins is usually ranked in the early 20s of rankings I’ve seen where Gallup is often like 45. I think Higgins upside is even understated by many, so was hesitant to let him go.
  10. 12 team PPR superflex with 3 flex spots. Tee Higgins for Tua and Gallup
  11. That wasn’t my point. I don’t expect them to win 10. Was simply saying I don’t expect Newton to be the reason they don’t hit the over. I would expect his leash is only a month or so as the starter.
  12. If he plays half a season, it would be because he’s playing well. If they’re 1-3, he’s not starting another game.
  13. You left out Bryan Edwards. Just curious where you would have him
  14. Brandon Aiyuk belongs somewhere above 60 IMO, but you have Deebo above him apparently? What’s the process on your thoughts ranking those 49ers receivers?
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