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  1. It’s Newton against Baltimore or Brandon Aiyuk, Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins?
  2. These are two different things. The offense doesn't have to be "the same" in order for Rivers to like to throw to a quality tight end. We literally have nine years of Rivers targeting one tight end 90-plus times.
  3. Agree on the secondary and lack of reps. Id love to watch this and again but as far as Trubisky, there were a handful of really nice throws stepping into the pocket in the first half. He didn’t have that same confidence in the second half and scrambled too often. Needs to keep developing rapport with Burton and Anthony Miller. We saw him find Miller on one key third down. I think the talent is there with Trubisky.
  4. If this is "dropping logic," I'll pass. Signing Allen Robinson and Trey Burton and drafting a talented middle linebacker. Anthony Miller has some buzz. Pace has had some big whiffs. This year seems like he executed a halfway decent plan.
  5. I don’t get that take at all. There’s not much money tied up anywhere aside from Mack. It’s exactly what they should do while the offense is stocked for reasonable salaries for the next few years.
  6. I don't understand the fantasy analysis I'm hearing from some that he has no ceiling as a fantasy prospect. He has the athleticism to pick up rushing yards (at least like Alex Smith) to go with the accurate arm. Ran for 300 yards and five TDs last season. Guys like Evan Silva, whose opinions are usually reliable, just keep repeating that he only started 13 games in college as a certainty he will bust. It's time to actually find a valid critique.
  7. PFF's 2018 mock draft has the Bears picking fourth and taking a pass rusher. https://www.profootballfocus.com/draft-sam-darnold-goes-first-in-pffs-early-2018-mock-draft/?utm_content=bufferd2085&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=nfl
  8. Schefter reporting Chicago signs Jaye Howard, one of top run-stopping 3-4 DEs. https://www.profootballfocus.com/pro-former-chiefs-dl-jaye-howard-to-visit-the-chicago-bears/
  9. They're all pro QB prospects, not good or mediocre QBs at this point. He had a great college season, making him a pretty good prospect. Obviously not elite if you're comparing college QB prospects over the years but definitely not mediocre either.
  10. That won't be determined for a few years. That's on the surface. Silvia is regurgitating some mainstream media commentary. The only people I care about is those that study these players at a very in-depth level. Plenty of those (PFF had Trubisky as their No. 1 and "safest QB in this draft.") had him as having all the tools. Just questioned the experience. Kiper had Shaheen in his top 80 players overall. PFF had Eddie Jackson rated well above (around 85th player I believe) where the Bears drafted him. Cohen does have measurables comparable to Sproles when he came out (f
  11. NC A&T is Division I. Evan Silvia is one of my favorite fantasy matchup analysts but he is not an opinion I would care about when talking about draft evaluations.
  12. Tough. He signed with a rebuilding team. If he didn't think a QB was a possibility, that's his mistake. He's still the starter. He's still getting a huge opportunity to prove himself. We aren't talking about a former All-Pro.
  13. He can gain experience at the pro level when his time comes. Ideally, he can take his time to learn the offense. Hopefully, Glennon does a good job so the team around him can be in much better shape when he's ready to take over. Sounds great in theory.
  14. Brad Johnson was never really the starter at Florida State (249 career pass attempts) and threw for 29,000 yards in the NFL. Cam Newton started 14 games at Auburn. It's not like Trubisky wasn't capable of being the starter prior to his junior year. He was behind a guy that was winning games so the coach never took the job away.
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