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  1. I'm just LOLZ at the whole thread. How is this anything? I did click so...that's on me. 😐
  2. Eckler is not a 3 down back. I just don't understand the hoopla around this guy. Is he good? Yes. Is he great? Mayyyybe. Is he great as an every down/3 down back? NO. He has been injured every time they try and jam his small with giant muscles frame in that role. I think he is best served as a 3rd down back sprinkled in on 1st and 2nd here and there. No offense to the guy he was a bright spot when used, but he breaks down all too soon and then your left with Kelly. That didn't work out too well. I know I'm probably alone in this thinking but I believe the Chargers of LALA Land need another fea
  3. Please don't underestimate the want to belong. You built a community here MOST police themselves.

  4. Ya know Joe sometimes I have trouble navigating this board. I never insult people or even respond. I think saying you are Josh Gordon isn't cool...but I was shown the way by some of your most excellent posters how wrong I was.  Lock all you want but that nugget will never go away unless you say no. Shtick or not I don't like it. Either way thanx for your time doing what you do.

  5. San Diego Charger fan who knows how to hold my liquor and who's not looking for a fight. Please don't take our women away from us or burn down our stadium....please...lol. 

  6. He hasn't played yet.I know. I was looking for the posters who support to show before he does...either way, story of the day.
  7. Your front office bought into this circus. Don't even pretend that it's all him. Embrace the giant mink coat you are wrapped in and HOPE it works out. It just may...OR not. I soooooooooooo remember a Leaf that turned brown and died wayyyyyyyyyy before it's time. It happens. Unfortunately it happens to the Browns more than most. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Grab an inflatable swan, a magnum of champagne and jump into the pool...Because guess what? It's too late to B i t c h now. I wish you success. I truly do because nothing makes Sunday rock like an upset. NOTHING.
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