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  1. Please bring back dark mode. This is hard on old eyes.
  2. I was A rabid fan. Now I just follow news and whatnot. The Spanos' sucked San Diego dry and then left behind a legacy of mostly enjoyable rollercoaster football history just to kneel to the almighty (ghost) dollar fabled to exist in LA. Like the Chupacabra that dollar has been elusive and most think non-existent. Dea has the right idea. Get your money now girl, before Dean burns it all at the altar of what will never be.
  3. I'm just LOLZ at the whole thread. How is this anything? I did click so...that's on me. 😐
  4. Eckler is not a 3 down back. I just don't understand the hoopla around this guy. Is he good? Yes. Is he great? Mayyyybe. Is he great as an every down/3 down back? NO. He has been injured every time they try and jam his small with giant muscles frame in that role. I think he is best served as a 3rd down back sprinkled in on 1st and 2nd here and there. No offense to the guy he was a bright spot when used, but he breaks down all too soon and then your left with Kelly. That didn't work out too well. I know I'm probably alone in this thinking but I believe the Chargers of LALA Land need another feature back. After O line of course.
  5. Either teams whole team could've had the worst week ever. No points are guaranteed prior to playing. Sitting one does not equal another on the team posting points they were assumed to get. I've been beat by a 50+ point effort by 2 players on an opposing team while the rest were well below their point forecast. I see it as a not optimal trade condition, but not illegal either. Vote on it before next year's season starts.
  6. That would be based on a minimum of days and no + test. So the % lies in the days not covid itself. It's 5 or 7 I think. Anyone know?
  7. Dolphins will be just fine as long as they can hang behind by 3 or 7 pts in the 4th quarter. ...That's magic time for those opposing the LA LA Chargers.
  8. He's in my line up and I'm plenty nervous about it.
  9. I need a Burton sighting. I need him to be Gold, Jerry! Gold! Or I could play Hooper after an appendectomy ...2020 is so 2020 it's killing me. lol
  10. They did get this pick right so I guess the Disneyland set can be happy about that. Too bad Herbie will have to toil under the banner of LA LA LAND and the squatter known as The Dean.
  11. It would have to be 3 tacos to make any sense at all.🌮🌮🌮
  12. I was thinking a Dark Horse comes up in the race for DAK : The Falcons? But they are embroiled in cap hell. Maybe they blow it all up but I would think not. I know they are thinking Matty Ice is melting and time is running out. I guess they are right up against the cap right now.
  13. Bears D has been a complete letdown as far as FF points. TB calls Giselle at halftime and asks for kids to be put to bed early. Then calls his fave NE and KC restaurants to ship him 4.5 lb lobster tails and 1lb Kobe steaks (respectively) pronto !! As in helicopter service. Then takes the bedroom by storm ...Sleeps the sleep of angels and wakes up to a new america!
  14. Make sure anyone filling in for you has a idea of how to navigate your hosting site. I'm sure you would know that but sometimes it's overlooked.
  15. Thank you for not monetizing this and other info. Classy move.
  16. I heard that Milkman and Deamon are really going at it. My source says it's getting a little old. Source: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/783255-official-2020-philadelphia-eagles-thread-playing-for-the-tie-the-official-title-of-our-2020-season-dvd/page/72/#comments LOL
  17. All this may be true and most likely is. Still with so many rookies having good to great showings Miami may not want to hold off. I love Fitz. Even with all the shortcomings he has. I just see a time for Miami to push for an awakening... some kind of hope for something other than "we'll get 'em next year". If they are smart it will be what you think. On that there is no argument.
  18. Fitz being Fitz. Just good enough to start and just not so bad enough to bench...I feel a disturbance in the turnover force though. Fitzmagic seems to crest and fall. Winter is coming, then Tua.
  19. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29915900/49ers-te-george-kittle-ruled-vs-jets-sprained-knee
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