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  1. He was released by the Hawks, Redskins, And Cowboys. Helluva year to accomplish that.
  2. Breaking News,; classy parting statement from Philbin. He's a good guy.
  3. I was excited about Lazor bringing some Philly/Kelly style concepts. The offense versus the Jets early was as poor as you'll see.
  4. Tannehill? Miller? Landry? Suh? He has the groceries, he's just never figured out how to open a refrigerator or use a can opener. I kinda like the guy in interviews but just feel he's a poor coach. Seems lost.
  5. Say what you will, but if you value PFF Miller and Tannenhill have graded out high prior to this season. Tannenhill for several seasons and Miller very high last season. Offensive line is a joke. They have two studs, Pouncey and Albert, who are always hurt. The Right Tackle, James had a pretty decent, promising rookie season even though many thought he was a reach/over drafted because they needed line help. The guards seem like turnstiles effectively. I'm wondering with the big Suh signing why they didn't address the line more. A couple low-mid-level vet prospects would have been appropriate. Guys like Mathis and Long come to mind at least as backups, swing guys, or starters come to mind. In Tannenhill's defense, he's not had a lot to throw to, the line has been terrible, they don't support him with a run game, and the QB is always misjudged both good and bad for the W's and L's. Truth be told, he's more or less graded out as a Top 10-12 QB since he got his feet wet. Defensively, they have enough marque guys that you would think they could scheme well enough around their deficiencies.
  6. FWIW, my childhood baseball friend, Ray Farmer, GM of the Browns, interviewed with the Dolphins and turned that job down for, gulp, Clevland. I hear that female math/cap wizard ? Carries a lot of power.
  7. I have no idea what to do with him. Thought he would be solid coming into the year. He fit my 2 big criteria of having a late bye and playing in a dome. But 1 point through 2 weeks is awful. Don't want to drop him because the offense could get going at any point, but it's getting harder to stick with him. Thought I was pretty sly picking him up in my draft after several K's had been taken and seeing him boot a 55 yard er in preseason (range was questionable). As I'm sure for everyone, he's killed me.
  8. Just catching up. North Carolina guy that grew up with Ray. From a fantasy angle I'm wondering if Turbin could be the 1a or 1b in the offense if his ankle heals sufficiently. Duke has generated a lot of buzz but you never know after a guy has his bell rung. Obviously, while talented, Crowell is not without some warts.
  9. I'll take the over. This.He's gonna score 48 Touchdowns. That's my stone cold lock of the week.
  10. The only thing that can stop Gronk is Gronk. Can Gronk even stop Gronk? I think this is one of the more dominant Gronks out of all the Gronks in the multiverse. Yeah, but why did this one decide to play football? Makes you wonder. I mean of all the things he could have been, a football player? Makes you wonder what kind of lesson he's trying to teach us through this.
  11. The only thing that can stop Gronk is Gronk. Can Gronk even stop Gronk? That's an age old question. One that pits volition versus power. I pose you another question. If Gronk is the Omnipotent Gronk, could the Omnipotent Gronk make a rock he couldn't lift?
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