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  1. If Stafford can be a little better than Trent Dilfer they have a chance.
  2. Not a Lions fan, but good to see a long suffering, loyal fanbase enjoying some success. With their defense playing so well, I don't see any reason they can't contend, other than Stafford choking somehow.
  3. That's an easy call. Landry is scheduled for Revis Island. I wondered if it was him or Wallace with Revis, but NE secondary is solid all the way around.
  4. Vegas sees a very high scoring game, so do I. Starting over Jarvis Landry non PPR.
  5. Everyone still holding in redraft? His hands and toughness seem suspect. Steelers running more...
  6. Say whatever anyone will about Tebow, on several occasions he was a good FF play. He would usually get around 45-60 running plus maybe 1 TD rushing, 1 passing, plus whatever passing yards he eked out along with probably an interception. Tebow helped me in the playoffs a few years ago. With the weather getting colder, those rushing yards could put you over the top in a matchup against a dropback passer. Look at Manning last night, pedestrian numbers in the cold/playing with a lead.
  7. Same over Harvin here. He seems hungry, just needs to learn to catch with his hands...
  8. People are going to downgrade him because they say the 80yd td was a fluke, but he still made a play and kept working while Ben shook free...He had another goaline look I believe and this was a down day for the Steelers. He still produced. Excited for the future...
  9. I just want to talk about Martavis, did I enter the marriage counseling thread? I'm placing my bets that he sniffs WR1 #'s next year (and possibly ROS) assuming he and Ben stay healthy. Now I jinxed it damn.
  10. Is it possible Ben had two big games because this guy was there to catch 4 of those TDs along while the other Bryant is doing what he always does? I think so. I hope so. But I don't see Ben keeping up a 430 and 6TD pace. Even during this run Ben has thrown the ball 86 times and Bryant has only been the target of 12 of those. Has that changed his production and do you think he playing time will only grow or decrease? I'm not seeing it grow a ton. Why would it? If it does grow, who loses touches? Bell? Brown? Probably Wheaton I would think. But he's a young gun as well and soundly
  11. This guy looks stronger than Plaxico and a little faster...Anyone think we are looking at WR1 production next year perhaps?
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