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  1. Sorry, I'm not here very often. Our modern media isn't very good. End.
  2. he quit his writing in USA Today because they wouldn't publish his one article about Hunter Biden. He's actually pretty smart and interesting. Doesn't mean he's right or wrong, but i like his writing style.
  3. i don't want to heal. I spent most of 2020 listening to lefties tell me on the news that Antifa "was an idea" or denying its existence at all. And then, on video with buildings burning and hundreds of people rolling in the streets, major media says "mostly peaceful protest" https://conservativedailypost.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/calebhullmostlypeacefulcnn.jpg look, i live in Portland. This city is full of Antifa. I can take you to meet them. Hell they just had a publicly organized soccer tournament https://libertyunyielding.com/2020/12/29/antifa-starts-own-soccer-league-wit
  4. it is incredible. I'm very glad Amazon bought it and continued it. Its the best "sci fi" i can recall seeing onscreen. They nailed the science.
  5. weird golf year for me. With the Rona, golf was one thing i really could enjoy this whole pandemic. from June-Aug i was playing pretty good golf and my handi dropped to high 4, low 5 then September came and we had the fires. So much smoke you couldn't play, this went on for 3 weeks the club was closed. They cancelled our member member, which we were defending champs (me and my BIL), ended up pushing to late oct. Well i didn't touch a club for 5 weeks. oops. played horrible during the member member in late oct, shot mid 80's both days and we finished in the middle of the p
  6. Here's one more perspective. A few years back I was driving around with a very wealthy friend of mine. He was worth about 200 million. I asked him why he cared so much about deal making, given that he was 69 yrs old and already owned several mansions, lots of rare cars, a huge ranch, etc...I said what do you care about the money at this point? He thought for a second and said "well you can always make more". Interesting insight. He really didn't care about the money, he cared about the game of making it. He just wanted to "win" the game.
  7. i know people that make 300-400k per year and live paycheck to paycheck and carry huge debt. income doesn't mean much in that regard. i know people who earn far less than that that own several houses and carry no debt. You wouldn't think they are rich, they live in a basic house and drive Kias. unless you understand how money "should" work, you won't really be "happy" with just more of it, because you'll spend it on meaningless stuff. that being said, once you start earning a few thousand dollars per month, your lifestyle options increase and i believe that
  8. They will probably release Boba as a 4 part mini around Thanksgiving, then mando right after it which would be right around Christmas
  9. I've watched the Luke scene like 10 times now. The music is incredible. That is better than most of the movies they put out. The director nailed this episode and the moment will be star wars legend forever.
  10. No. He communicates with grogu so he knows all about mando. No surprise. He's only there for the child.
  11. Oh, forgot.... the sound effects on this show have been fantastic, combined with the music. The sound of an ion charge exploding, whoa. The effects of the force connection when grogu was on the rock, and it's sound. Just pure geekery for me.
  12. I will probably watch this 4 times tonight. They just do such a great job of capturing the original star wars feel, themes and emotions. Maybe even better. I'm wondering what happens with mando and the darksaber. That's a big problem to be resolved. Also, fett will be off being a warlord, but it will be a plot line, I don't think he gets a show (not announced). How did Gideon know everything about everyone? There is a spy near mando. Who? I sure hope they put out a video game. Just great.
  13. Couple big callbacks: the darth/dark trooper birth The darth/Luke hallway combats I don't think star wars has been this good since ROJ. I got choked up on grogu & mando. Also loved the empire mini Hitler rant right off the bat. Best episode ever
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