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  1. i will say having a heart attack and 3 stints will force you to lose some weight. had to switch to greek diet, lots of fish, light dairy and sugar, avoid processed foods. eat mostly veggies with some fish or eggs or beans for protein needs.
  2. You guys realize this is a dead company? Like literally dead. Their business model is toast and they won't exist in 5 years. The only haggle you should do is tell them what you'll pay for a year, what you want and either take it or leave it. If they pass, cancel. You can get everything you want for less money via apps and the internet
  3. 27 years ago my wife and I went to New Mexico for a week, on business but also to see what the land of enchantment was all about. We spent time in Albuquerque, taos and Santa Fe My wife is not into spicy food but couldn't get enough of the Chile. It's addictive. We bought an old New Mexico cookbook and have made several recipes over the years. One of my buddies from Albuquerque will send me a burlap sack full of fresh chiles every fall. I roast them on my grill, then freeze them. Sometimes he'll send frozen diced Chile. But roasting them yourself is better. The smell is unbelievable. There's nothing like it. Just a nice green Chile stew is hard to beat. But green Chile on a burger or sandwich is also fantastic. Red Chile, I make carne adovada. It's our favorite pork dish. Enjoy
  4. Ha... No. Kids are in high school here so that would be a long commute. Besides, wamic is pretty isolated. If you want groceries, Nearest place is The Dalles. It's an hour drive
  5. You and I were neighbors not long ago. I lived in eastmoreland for 20 years. One of the fancy old Portland neighborhoods. I'm 54 and have lived in Portland most of my life. I will never move back to Portland or Multnomah county again. We sold our house 2 months ago and moved to the country. I would highly recommend anyone that lives in Portland to move to a neighboring county. The city has gone down several notches in the last couple decades. It's dirty now, didn't use to be. It's full of homelessness and crime. Didn't use to be. There's graffiti and boarded up windows in places there never was before. And it's expensive. So if you're moving to Portland, move to Beaverton or Hillsboro or west Linn or lake Oswego or Tigard or Oregon City or Happy valley, make sure you're in Clackamas county or Washington county.
  6. No. Just the threat of it is enough
  7. i just disconnected with them about a month ago. took about 3 weeks to get the credits back. Was really easy, just took the directv consoles back to Fed Ex office, and they send them back to directv for you, no cost. Just make sure you get a receipt. I ended up getting YouTube TV and a ROKU. love it. Signed up for HBO max as well. I already had Disney, Discovery, netflix and amazon. My total bill went from 190/month with direct TV, to $65/mo Youtube +15/mo HBO. With Roku you get a lot of free content on Peacock, Pluto TV, ROKU itself and a bunch of other apps you can sign up for free.
  8. isn't that what wrestlers do? Besides, wrestlers know how to punch, just not as well as a boxer or mma guy, but they can still punch. I'm really torn on my own question. I've known a lot of wrestlers, you really don't want to mess with them. I don't know the mma crowd, but i'm assuming they are just as dangerous if not even moreso than a wrestler. i've known lots of boxers. People don't realize how quick boxers are and how good they are at avoiding being hit. However, i assume that the MMA guy and the wrestler guy will eventually get into the body of the boxer, get them on the ground and then its over for them. that leaves me with mma guy and wrestler guy, and for the life of me, can't decide
  9. just to win the fight. could be all 3 of those things
  10. Approximately yes. The point is they are similar size and strength and skill level
  11. No refs. No rules. The is a free for all. I'm talking heavyweight class. Over here you got a 240lb Olympic quality wrestler, right here you got a 240lb professional MMA fighter and over there we got a 240lb professional boxer. They get to fight each other but only one on one. Which one walks away the winner?
  12. it was terrible. killed some of my plants and trees too. just stayed inside mostly, thank goodness for AC. Not sure how anyone could live in Phoenix for example
  13. i'll add now: I think for sure he's a hall of famer. I mean you can look at some acts that have recently got in: The Cars, Roxy Music, ELO, Yes, Nine Inch Nails, T Rex. i think Lenny is their equal or greater. Other than "The Cars", most of those bands served a niche. Lenny served the masses. Its not such an easy thing to do. quote: Kravitz has had sales of approximately 40 million albums alone worldwide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenny_Kravitz_discography
  14. There's 2 different questions that randomly popped into my head today when I heard an old Lenny Kravitz song on the radio. 1 is he a rock n roll Hall of Fame guy? I believe he should be. 2 where does he rank among black pop/rock artists all time? Top 5, top 10, top 100? I'm not sure. Thoughts?
  15. Has always been an athletic sport. To endure the pressure and fatigue of 5 hours of mental chess along with the physical demand of walking 7 miles and having to hit 72 pretty good shots in a row. You could say golf isn't athletic, but you'd also say that every pro golfer has to be an athlete to do that at that level.
  16. The ability to move the ball right to left or left to right depending on wind direction and pin placement. The ability to launch the ball high or low depending on wind direction into the wind or downwind.
  17. Between Phil, Tom Brady and tiger, the idea that age 40 is the end of your prime athletic years has been destroyed the last 2 years. To put Phil's accomplishment into perspective, no one in the last 180 years has ever won a major post age 48. Phil is 50. You have to be amazed that at age 50 he lost a bunch of weight, changed his diet and rededicated his life to golf. This is after a hall of Fame career (he's already in) with 5 majors in the bag. If your 50 or older, there's your inspiration. Unbelievable. Well done, legend.
  18. Sorry, I'm not here very often. Our modern media isn't very good. End.
  19. he quit his writing in USA Today because they wouldn't publish his one article about Hunter Biden. He's actually pretty smart and interesting. Doesn't mean he's right or wrong, but i like his writing style.
  20. i don't want to heal. I spent most of 2020 listening to lefties tell me on the news that Antifa "was an idea" or denying its existence at all. And then, on video with buildings burning and hundreds of people rolling in the streets, major media says "mostly peaceful protest" https://conservativedailypost.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/calebhullmostlypeacefulcnn.jpg look, i live in Portland. This city is full of Antifa. I can take you to meet them. Hell they just had a publicly organized soccer tournament https://libertyunyielding.com/2020/12/29/antifa-starts-own-soccer-league-with-four-clubs-in-portland-or/ Portland looks like Detroit circa 2005. It is boarded up windows, empty retail spaces and restaurants. homeless encampments everywhere, streets crumbling, graffiti everywhere. That's in the outlying areas of the city. In the downtown, its even worse. I spent all summer reading about Antifa trying to burn down the Federal Courthouse and Ted Wheeler (mayor) did virtually nothing to stop it. We just had 4 years of "the resistance". Get ready for 4 more.
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