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  1. That would be so Lions esque. Rodgers leaves the division and Stafford leaves us. We were never even THAT good last ten years but there’s been a good few seasons where I wager that we’d have won the division if Rodgers wasn’t the Packers QB
  2. He’s had his fair share of knocks and injuries the last couple of years but he’s generally durable as hell, and his arm has lost absolutely none of its strength. I think in the last 2-3 years he’s kind of matured as well in the mental aspects of the game. Barring any further major injury, I think a team would be getting 3-4 good years out of him
  3. Sad day tbh, but certainly don’t begrudge him at all. Just sad we could never build something reliable around him that give it a fair crack of the whip. He’s a stand up guy, and always represented the city and the team in the best fashion possible. It’s going to be weird not seeing him at the helm.
  4. Wow. No idea if he’s going to turn us into a winning team, but I’m definitely feeling pumped up now ! "This place (Detroit) has been kicked, it's been battered, it's been bruised, and I can sit up here and give you coach speech all day long, I can give you (sic) hey we're gonna win this many games. I can't - none of that matters and you guys don't want to hear it anyway. You've heard enough of that **** - so, excuse my language. Alright, here's what I do know... this team, is gonna take on the identity of this city, alright, and this city has been down and it found a way to get up...
  5. I don’t think you can pigeon hole it that simply ie previously went inexperienced so must now go experienced or vice versa. That’s no way to decide what route you should go down, all you can do is evaluate the prospects that are available or on your radar each time you go through the process.
  6. I don’t think it really has Patricia written all over it at all, if it’s Campbell. Campbell is a physical specimen, and a former player, who by all accounts is a fantastic people person that players respond to. The only thing that they would have at all similar is that they were/would be rookie HCs. Their personalities couldn’t be more apart ... Some video examples ... https://twitter.com/lionsontap/status/1350165345160605696?s=21 https://twitter.com/johvincan/status/1350270507334180864?s=21
  7. Yep me too, after the Arthur Smith option disappeared. I definitely don’t want the likes of Lewis or Bowles, those just reek of uninspiring to me. I don’t profess to really know much about some of the others, I guess I’ll just hang my hat on Martindale now and hope some new names, maybe including his, start to crop up now in the playoff teams, with our other options narrowing significantly
  8. He’s selected 13 or 14 ( can’t remember ) starters on the Rams in the last 4 years without any first round picks. Apparently, Rams were so open to using 1st rounders to get other players because they had such faith in his drafting. 33 out of their last 42 picks are still playing in the league
  9. Birkett reporting Holmes as GM https://eu.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2021/01/14/detroit-lions-brad-holmes-general-manager-la-rams/4144977001/
  10. Why is no one looking at Don Martindale ? Saleh seems like the more in vogue choice but not if you get into deeper details. Lombardi did a good section on this in one of his recent GM Shuffle podcasts. Martindale is basically 1st in the league in about ten defensive categories and 2nd to 3rd in about ten others and he’s done it with a wide variety of personnel and a huge slew of injuries. Guy apparently is great with players, speaks their language and creates a strong identity in the group. Yet no one seems to go for him. Lombardi is convinced he has all the qualities of a great HEAD coach.
  11. Wow. Honoured and a little surprised I have to say ! Being Scottish and having only played FF for around 7 years, I mostly bow in deference to the guys on here that have had American Football ingrained into them from childhood and have played FF a lot longer, but it’s nice to know my meagre contributions might have helped even just a little bit to someone somewhere. This forum remains as a vastly important tool in collating information and tbh I use it more than any of the major websites or lists/rankings that get thrown together. Far better to allow all the info in here to
  12. Arthur Smith the Titans OC would still be my choice for HC. I believe they have requested an interview but it’s not a guarantee that he will take it. That offence has just continued to get better and better since Smith has come in
  13. Price check on Gaskin ? Picked him up for free this year and I’m stacked at RB so interested in selling. Coming off a big week, but could continue to do more in the playoffs. I'm just not a believer long term, not with the low draft capital and the average athletic traits and size. Got to think theres a good chance Dolphins use a draft pick on a new RB given their D looks great and the fact they have multiple 3rd round picks
  14. Diggs put a dagger through my heart in my oldest re-draft league champ finals game and also caused our dynasty leagues resident villain to come from 30 points behind and win his third championship in a row. Absolutely insufferable. He’s amassed a great roster and deserved his 2peat but this third one really did have an absurdly high level of fortuity to it. For both those reasons, I will forever hate Mr Diggs ( until I draft him at good value in a re-draft league next year 😂 )
  15. Anybody starting him this week ? I’m a mess at WR and I have him in just now over Claypool, Gage and Higgins. Snap share increasing every week, and he’s going into what should be an absolute shoot out. Taking the risk that this is the week he breaks back out
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