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  1. Hopefully it’s okay starting a thread for this topic . I’ll try not to border it into being an Assistant Coach style thread, by asking the general questions on my mind, whilst using one of my own rosters as an example. I’m relatively new ( 3 years ) to dynasty and have never had to face this question before as I took over a decent orphan squad and improved it. So, how do you know when is the right time to rebuild a dynasty roster ? Do you look at the ages of your sellable assets, and even if you have a good roster, decide that the very near future might be the best time to get some return on them and make the move ? Should it be predicated on what offers you are able to receive for said players ? Of course, to a degree I think. How small should the remaining contending window be before you decide to rip it up and try and create a bigger one whilst you can ( ie have players of value to sell ) ? Or perhaps, you just ride with what you have, hope to make some good draft picks along the way that can bolster it, and keep going until the wheels come off. Or just send multiple multiple trade offers out and keep trying to improve ? Is there a moment for a good squad where it’s time to write off 1-2 seasons max and do a short rebuild. This isn’t as obvious as having a terrible squad and knowing you need to rebuild I'm very interested in how the more experienced members of this board reach this kind of decision as I’ve clearly made some errors along the way and maybe backed myself into a corner. The example roster/situation I’d use as an immediate tool to try and have something tangeable to apply to these questions would be thus…. 12 team, 0.5ppr, not super flex. This team is currently 6-6 ( double headers ), whilst being 3rd highest scorer and is about to go 0-2 this week in bye hell. QB - Carr, Lawrence, Dalton RB - Elliot, Kamara, Gaskin, J Williams, Edwards, Kelley, D Evans, Ozigbo, Doaks WR - Jefferson, A Cooper, Thielen, Kupp, Chark, P Williams, G Davis, K Raymond, C Moore, Benson, Merritt, Swain TE - Schultz, Parham, Arnold, Firkser Things to note … I had no 21 or 22 draft picks due to trading for Kamara last year Brees retired and Newton flamed out. Pre season I was offered 21 1.12 and 22 1st rounder for Josh Jacobs. Felt it was too good to turn down. Used the 1.12 to draft Trevor Lawrence and re-energise QB. Was offered ‘23 1st rounder and 4th for Shenault. Again, felt too good to turn down. This season is close to being a wash which in my mind leaves only really next season where I can confidently say that Elliot and Kamara will continue to be the spine of an RB corps. Should this team rebuild ? See what can be got for Elliot, Kamara, Thielen and maybe one more WR, load up big on ‘23 draft picks, keep Lawrence and the main spine of the WRs + TEs, tank for rest of this year and next then draft young RBs/players in ‘23 to add to a good core of WRs and be good to go in 23. Or should it keep going this year from what will be a 6-8 position after week 7, hope to slip into playoffs and do something, maybe use that 22 1st to add someone here and now and just keep going ? Im more interested in answers to the general questions stated at the start as this isn’t the only dynasty league I’m in, it just felt like this roster and situation fit the bill. Apologies in advance if it’s felt this thread shouldn’t be here l, and feel free to move it if needed.
  2. Yeah, I think the turning point was the Vikings game. There’s only so many times you can raise yourself to absolutely burst your ### and knock on the door. There will be a time where when it has never opened, and doesn’t open, the stuffing will be knocked out of you and it will be diminishing returns. Kind of feel like The Vikings game was that, after going through the Ravens game and a few other close ones. The Bengals result, and the nature of it, did not surprise me in the slightest.
  3. I completely disagree. It’s not like he threw him entirely under the bus. I found it refreshing to be honest. Goff doesn’t have a lot around him, but he’s also not playing well either aside from that, with a lot of fumbles and errant passes missing open men. Not to mention being very poor in situational football. Leaders come in many shapes and forms and Stafford most certainly was one of a type who isn’t a rabble rouser, but leads by example by showing his toughness and his abilities in crunch time. Goff doesn’t strike me as someone who can lead a group of men in any way really. He’s just totally vanilla all round and comes across as really passive. It’s fair for Campbell, in context, to ask him to stand up in some way and try and make something happen. It’s not like Campbell has at all shirked his own responsibilities or not taken blame, even though he’s in charge of a squad that is absolutely threadbare.
  4. I’d look at this draft class just gone and be hopeful that the Lions won’t force a QB, since they didn’t take one this year. Having said that, having a rookie QB on the books for TWO years of Goffs money being there as well is a different prospect to taking a QB to sit for the ONE left of Goffs deal. I’ve always liked how taking a QB to sit for a year behind a more experienced QB dovetails. It makes sense. I’ve never understood the need to throw a young just drafted QB to the wolves immediately if a situation allows them to sit for a season and learn. Think Mahomes/Alex Smith EG if we had a chance at Malik Willis and did actually really like him, then he’d have the opportunity to sit for an entire year behind Goff and he’d hopefully be much less of a project by the time he saw the field
  5. Nice to see Kirk Merritt getting a chance, he’s one of those players I’m holding in dynasty and stubbornly refusing to drop because I just think I there’s something there. Hope he gets a target or two his way and does something with them
  6. Malik Willis anybody ? Loved Stafford but after 10 odd years of him I have wondered if it might be fun to have a Lamar/Deshaun/Kyler type who is a proper dual threat. I wonder if we just keep taking non QB talent this year ( if the 22 QB class is as poor as some suggest ), then get ready to take a QB in ‘23 when Goff will most likely be out the door.
  7. As a Scot who took up fantasy in 2012/2013, and usually commits to things obsessively, I was very very quick to find myself on this board and haven’t left since. The staff at FG are excellent, and the podcast work has always been some of my favourite, but I’ve always thought that one of the most underrated credentials of FG is the Shark Pool itself, where there are so many dedicated and knowledgeable members who post great info year in and out and help other fantasy players. I wouldn’t include myself in this, but it’s lovely to see you recognise the input that so many people put in here, Joe. The Shark Pool is a vital cog of FG.
  8. I’m glad I’ve got him stashed on benches all over my leagues, initially purely because he was coming out of Stetson and that was just kind of cool to me 😊
  9. Benched him in two leagues this week for the first time this season 😩
  10. I’ve pulled the trigger. Took him with a late second in 2020. Seems like a good turnaround for him, I suspect Jags may invest further at WR in the draft next year looking for a WR1. The guy that offered has had a good start to the year and thinks he’s a contender for next couple of years. I’m not so sure, with a little luck this 1st round pick could land in the 5-8 range in ‘23
  11. I’m aware he’s about to see increased usage, and will actually be in my starting lineup for the first time this week, but I’ve been offered 2023 1st, 2023 4th for Shenault. Contending this year and Shenault could be very handy but these 23 1st rounders look valuable given the apparent strength of drafting class. How are people currently valuing him ?
  12. Looks like the main handcuff behind Barkley now. Surely worth adding in dynasty if he’s out there. I just managed to get him through waivers yesterday.
  13. Well quite. Aside from potential career ending injuries ( Okudah ), nothing really matters does it ? There’s a reason why I haven’t bothered watching more than a single Lions game this season probably for the first time in over ten years. It would be nice if we were terrible and injury ravaged when there may be a franchise altering level of QB as a reward at the end but can’t ever complain about having high draft picks and lots of them as well.
  14. The injuries are really stacking up this year. Two torn Achilles in Okudah and Okwara. Anyone else with Ok starting their sir name should look out. Not Ok man
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