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  1. That’s where I’m at. Dying is a way too easy outcome for him.
  2. https://twitter.com/bnodesk/status/1312122808294465536?s=21
  3. Maybe they can get the same guy who told us he was 225 pounds.
  4. He plays by certain rules but if the tables ever get turned on him it’s out of bounds for anyone to act towards him the same way.
  5. Idk. Maybe my sarcasm detector isn’t working right today. I will go ahead and give some thoughts and prayers as well.
  6. I love Miracles. Long song and pretty risqué lyrics for that era. I listened to it a lot last year and it helped get me through a rough time in my life.
  7. I made my first bet since that white dude won that fight in February. Hit a parlay. NE -7 with LV Raiders straight up
  8. I dealt with all this stuff for about 5 months. Canceled the first 2 tries and then finally found someone good right as rates fell back again and done before the fee was announced. I feel pretty lucky. Company was Gateway. They sold it already to Fannie Mae but still servicing, not sure I understand how that works exactly. 2.875% 30 year, 100K loan.
  9. Once you get the final bill tell your son he’s going to have to mow grass and other chores to pay it back. Then take a little off every time he does something.
  10. Made me think of the pilot that let his kid fly the plane and crashed it and killed a bunch of innocent passengers. Coulda been worse I guess!
  11. Brock stats vs. Seaver, pitcher he faced the most 157 PA 38 Hits (10 2B, 2 3B, 1 HR) 4 BB 21 K 9 RBI 1 HBP .250/.274/.362
  12. Don’t know if this is the big one. Probably not. Market has been fake and irrational and could easily continue. I have been avoiding this thread. I’m sure many have been saying in here look at the market, everything is fine, Trump is the best, lol.
  13. Hope everyone else got some sqqq yesterday. Yeehaw
  14. I believe this is the WS they pitched Seaver on 3 days rest and ended up losing if I am remembering right from the documentary I watched about Seaver maybe a year ago.
  15. Honestly if I had to pick the best pitcher of the last 50 years I might pick Seaver.
  16. I’m probably one of the few people who thinks of Seaver as a Red. Started watching baseball in ‘80 and my whole family were Reds fans.
  17. Loved it too. I hadn’t thought of it forever til about a year ago I googled it because randomly thought of it and discovered the guy who played Phinneas Bog killed himself accidentally. I’d never heard about it before then.
  18. I housed my dad the last 4 months of his life. He was in bad shape. I know he wanted to stay alive though. He was 77.
  19. You can’t live too long. No matter how bad it gets it is better than the alternative.
  20. People who merge onto freeways at 30 mph on the ramp. People who won’t make a left turn unless they see no other cars in view coming the other way. People who have a stop sign on a side street but still drive super fast towards you as you’re driving along the main road. People who tailgate me as I stay a proper distance behind the actual slow car. Too many to list all from driving 😂
  21. That’s probably true. Strip clubs, drugs, gambling
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