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  1. So I couldn't find a Defensive player of the year page so just will put all my guesses hear for the main rewards. I think Alex Smith is basically guaranteed CPOY after everything he has been through and helped his team get to the playoffs. I believe Justin Jefferson should win Offense Rookie of the Year even though I see Herberts' name often. Herbert is a rather average qb with great promise while Jefferson is in a conversation of his own. I believe Aaron Donald DESERVES DPOY but my gut says he will get voter fatigue and it will go to TJ Watt. MVP is a hard one as both Maho
  2. As a Rams fan I am still speechless after that performance. Top down everything was awful including play calling. But this did help me and few others. The rams losing knocked out 30% of the people in my league. We are down to 16 after starting with over 400. I switched my pick last second and took Tennessee to save Balt for week 17 as I no longer trust Vegas. So next week I have Cleveland vs the Jets and than Balt vs cinci. After everyone seeing the jets win I HIGHLY doubt Cleveland will sleep on them like the rams did. I also don't think the jets are dumb enough to win 2 games and drop t
  3. Pretty boring week again for my pool. Only 1 had picked NO which was marked as 4%, The majority had Seattle including myself which was at 80% and the rest had the Titans. This upcoming week I have Baltimore then after that Cleveland. The final week I am still leaning the Raiders as long as they are in the hunt for the playoffs. As always, best of lucky to everyone that's still in it.
  4. Same. Only me and 1 other person had kc. The rest had raiders, Minny and Seattle. Still cant believe jets lost that. They just fired the DC Gregg Williams and that's good as that last play call made zero sense. 13 seconds left and 48 yards to go and you blitz everybody!! Just dumb. Oh well on to next week. I have Seattle already in and am feeling a lot more confident in them now that they just lost at home and Rams getting a win. Should have a little fire under there ###
  5. So nobody lost this past week in my league as all the "favorite" choices won. For the next few weeks I am set up pretty comfortably. This week I am taking KC at home in primetime Vs Denver. Week 14 I have Seattle at home vs the jets. Week 15 I have Baltimore at home vs Jags. Those are 100% penciled in unless a crazy scenario occurs like what happened to Denver this past week, Week 16 I currently have Cleveland @ Jets. This game I'm like 75% confident in. Jets if still defeated will be playing not to go winless which should keep the game close. Cleveland on the other hand should be playing
  6. Going saints defense and Cleveland offense. Will write out used teams tomorrow when I can get yo my labtop and look at the spreadsheet
  7. Just switched my giants to the saints. They are talking about using Royce freeman as QB for denver.
  8. No idea what the odds are, but I would put house mortgage money on him winning comeback player of the year.
  9. Okay well this is a pretty tough week. I had Seattle penciled in right after the rams won but then I started looking ahead which i haven't done really at all this year. been taking it 1 or 2 weeks at a time but we are nearing the end. I still have a handful of good teams left but now its about matching them up with good games. After I looked ahead a bit i switched Seattle out to week 14 and currently have NO in now. I am highly tempted to put NYG in though and even Cleveland so I can save NO. NYG have no future value while NO can only be played week 16 or 17. Have to make it that far fir
  10. As a Rams fan I wouldn't look much into the rushing stats. McVay clearly came into this game not wanting to run the ball. Instead he used quick screens/slants as the "run game". The Bucs are very well known to be good against the run and he clearly understood that. Brady struggled because we could get pressure with just 4 all night. Throw a blitz here and there and he is manic back in the pocket. There was multiple throws he had time in the pocket but since he was hit so many times already, he would throw it early and mostly inaccurately. Goff was surprisingly well against the blitz. They
  11. Think its Calvin, Manning, and Charles Woodson as shoe ins. Everyone else is fighting for the left over spots this year.
  12. All game it's been a quick whistle. They called Goff delay of game before it even hit 0
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