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  1. +56 O used: Minny, TB, Seattle, Vegas, KC D used: SF, NE, Car, Buff, Pitt Week 6= O-Baltimore / Def- Colts
  2. KC has lost 3 of their last 4 games and are last in their division. It's only week 6 but this game seems like a make it break it type of game and I just can't imagine the chiefs DON'T make the playoffs. Was debating using the Bucs tonight vs the Eagles but I think I'd rather just hold them. Was also debating Pittsburg vs Seattle without Russell Wilson but Geno came in and actually looked decent vs the rams. Pittsburg with all their injuries and a QB who looks like he should retire, yeah I'm just going to avoid. I truly think Indy is a trap game. Its a divisional game and Houston hasn't played terrible. Wentz is no doubt a special athlete but we have yet to see him lose a game because of his own mistakes. He has only 1 pick and 2 fumbles. Its just a matter of time till he does some dumb ##### like he did back in philly. Either way GL everyone LAR->GB->Car->Buf->NE->KC
  3. I've used the Rams already but as a Rams fan this game scares me. We CONSITITENTLY play down to worse opponents Maybe it was a Goff thing and his inconsistency or it could just be a locker room/coaching thing where they over look certain teams. We struggled against both NY teams last year and even lost to the jets, and that was with a top 5 defense. This new DC needs to change things up and go back to what made us top 5 last year and stop playing zone. If Danny is out I think it should be an easy win as Glennon is good for a pick or two. If Danny plays I'm hoping we don't embarrass ourselves again. Just some insight and good luck. I have yet to decide myself on who I'm going to take
  4. Good read to kill some time mid work week. He looked it up for zeke here is his quote "So I checked @NextGenStats. He's been a top-20 "fastest ball carrier" in 2 of the first 4 weeks so far. ... He didn't make that list in a single week last year.”" I'd say that's pretty solid. He has burst and breakaway speed I just don't think he has endurance which is why they have Pollard to give him breaks.
  5. +55 So far: Offense: minny, TB, Seattle, Vegas /// Defense: SF, NE, Carolina, Buff Week 5: KC offense, Pitt Def
  6. Even without him, as a philly native, I think Carolina walks over them. If he isn't 100% I wouldn't risk it. Yeah he'll help exponentially to win but I don't see him being needed this game.
  7. Zeke a Leak for random league where I grabbed Zeke Trust the Process. Friends one that has been going on for years. Majority are philly natives
  8. In on New England even though they just lost half their line to Covid. Only other chance to use them is against the Jets again but that's a divisional game and New england one the 1st one. Jets could easily win the 2nd. LAR->GB->Car->Buf->NE
  9. Back at practice already. In the article says Rhule will update more at end of today. Will be interesting to see if he comes back this week.
  10. I'm looking at them and possible Tennessee. They just lost to the Jets. Were missing their WR1 and WR2. And Jags are in utter chaos with this Urban Meyer situation. I wouldn't be surprised if they get blown out and Meyer gets fired.
  11. I'm on the Bills. If they lost this would have to be the biggest upset in NFL history right? Spread is -17.5
  12. It will be interesting to see how Mack performs once he is traded. I know the players are all different but will still be interesting to see pre-injury Mack against after injury Mack
  13. If my memory serves me right I believe Akers had the same injury last year and was out 2 weeks. It was earlier in the year so I know he wasn't the full time starter yet but still he took 2 weeks to come back. Right now it has only been 1 for Henderson so if he does come back I wouldn't be shocked if he only has 10 or so total touches. As Hot Sauce stated as well, It could just take 1 big hit to the ribs to knock him out again. I believe once he is fully 100% it'll be around a 70-30 split. Henderson is more athletic but Michel can grind out those 3&2's up the middle to preserve Henderson. I just wouldn't start Henderson this week if you don't have too. It is possible he gets more touches than I think but again its a big risk.
  14. Switching to Buff defense. didn't realize Julio and AJ have injuries and could miss the game.
  15. Went through yesterday. 12 team standard, 1qb 3 wr, 2rb, 1flex, 1te kicker, defense CMC and Dj Moore (Team A) for Ekeler and Hunt (Team B) Team A, 0-3 starting Rojo and Mkissic as Rb1 and Rb2 with CMC hurt. Has Dhop, Jefferson, and DJM as 3 starting receivers Team B, 3-0 Zeke Rb1 with drake/pollard RB2 till cmc returns. Has Kupp and Theilen as Wr1/Wr2 with now DJ moore Wr3
  16. +41 Used Offense: Minny, TB, Seattle Used Defense: SF, NE, Car Week 4: Vegas offense, Tenn Defense
  17. as a local who listens to 97.5 the fanatic at work I would expect it to change rather than stay the same. As he said he has only coached 3 games and will learn from his mistakes. here is a quote from the coach himself. “We wanted to make sure we were able to keep up with them,” Sirianni said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We knew they were an explosive offense. We wanted to be able to push the ball down the field and hit some of the underneath zones that we saw while also obviously mixing the run game in there and the screen game. You fall behind a little bit, you have to get off that game plan a little bit. We knew we had to score with this team because we knew they were able to score and score quickly.” At the time he abandoned the run he was only down 14 in the 2nd quarter and he clearly was just panicking. It was his first prime time game VS the most hated rival of philly and I believe ( along with a few radio host) that the moment was just too big for him and the playcalling got away from him. Sanders had a great 24 yard run in the 2nd and didn't get another carry the rest of the game in the 2nd half. I think everyone sees flaws are showing in Hurts and they have a running back with some burst. I definitely see the play calling changing for more runs and Hurts will get 9+ points a game just rushing. So I see why he has hurts high. Just my
  18. I agree with all but the last point. Jackson was throwing a good amount of dimes last week but everybody couldn't catch. Brown dropped 2 easy touchdowns that were great passes. I didn't get Bateman anywhere but I'm excited to see how this offense looks with Jackson throwing good passes as of late.
  19. He sent me the trade. I just reached out and said I was interested. Took me awhile to hit accept as my RB2 for these 2 weeks is in rough shape, but if he is healthy it won't even matter.
  20. Just got him in a trade. Seemed fair on both ends as he is winless and I was 3-0 with most PF. League is redraft, 12 standard, 2rb 3wr 1flex for reference. trade was CMC/dj Moore for ekeler/hunt Don't want to list whole rosters but he was starting Mkissic, Rojo as RB1 and RB2. Just thought I'd show what he went for at least in my league and what the CMC owner had for rb's. Now hope he comes back fully health and it isn't a season lingering injury
  21. Has anyone traded for him or traded him away in redraft? Just curious on where people value him and might try and make a push for him depending on the answers around here.
  22. Need 30 points between Devonta smith, Zeke, and zuerlein in standard. Should be close
  23. Honestly over the few years, it feels like the #1 rb just last 1 year. Of the top of my head you had David Johnson, Freeman, Barkley, and Gurley that were all basically 1 and done. Actually I think Gurley had 2 years he was the number 1 but the others just dropped
  24. Child please Relevant to this topic is @ 2:15 He was a special one. Miss those days
  25. They sketched me out going into half. They must have flipped a switch and said " wtf are we doing this is the texans, they fking suck let's go" as they finished pretty strong. Either way happy they won, sad McCaffrey is hurt. I don't have him in fantasy anywhere but he makes the game better. Now just need Denver to lose to the jets😀 Either way gl everyone this wkend
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