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  1. I don't care for any of the following: Sammiches Mouf Teef Jeebus
  2. noun?As in someone will use a noun followed by yes please.Pistachio Ice Cream - YES PLEASELet me get this straight...Is the same person saying both said noun, then the YES PLEASE?Exactly right. All over my facebook recently.New episode of Entourage - YES PLEASEWow, that is pretty bad. Kicking these people in the nuts - YES PLEASE
  3. noun?As in someone will use a noun followed by yes please.Pistachio Ice Cream - YES PLEASELet me get this straight...Is the same person saying both said noun, then the YES PLEASE?
  4. Anyone care to guess the over/under on when "NEXT QUESTION!" starts to show up in here?
  5. Leaving work no later than 1:00 today. Can't wait to sit in traffic tonight.
  6. Anyone?My wife and I are in the process of adopting. We are using the domestic agency assisted program at our place. This is esentially where they match you up with a birthmother who has come to them while pregnant looking to give up their baby once they have had him/her. Some of the birthmothers live at the facility while they are pregnant while others continue to live on their own. They won't allow for a match until the birthmother is at least 4-5 months pregnant, but can take on girls who are little as a week or two away. We started the process a few months ago and have gotten all of our paperwork in and completed our homestudy. The only thing we have left to do is complete our profile that the burthmothers see when selecting an adoptive family. We've been told on the average that the wait is 12-18 months, but my wife and I are on the younger end of the spectrum for couples who adopt, so we're hoping it might be a little quiker. So far the agency we have gone to has been nothing but professional (and fast). However, we haven't gotten to the point of being matched yet, so I'm not really sure what to expect.I hope things move quickly for you. Waiting stinks, although we're getting a little better with it. When we first finished our home study we were contacted right away about a possible match, so I think that skewed our expectations. Now we've just put it in the back of our minds and realize that we just have to deal with it when a potential match comes up. When it happens, it happens.Wife and I started down the path with an agency, but ended up going with private adoption through attorneys. The whole process was rather quick, albeit on the expensive side. We engaged with our attorney in the October07 timeframe and got matched in January 08, if I recall correctly. We were matched with a birthmother who was pregnant with twins who delivered in April08 and we've had them since they were 3 days old. Worked out great for us!
  7. I ended up getting a male blue Betta fish. He seems happy in this aquarium cell.Fixed...In nature, they are living in shallow puddles half the year.
  8. 1. Led Zeppelin -- Tangerine 2. Sugar -- Going Home 3. Sunny Day Real Estate -- Grendel 4. Matthew Sweet -- Don't Go 5. Lush -- Nothing Natural 6. Creeper Lagoon -- Chain Smoker 7. Live -- Rattlesnake 8. B52s -- Rock Lobster 9. Barenaked Ladies -- One Week 10. Big Star -- Back of a Car
  9. Just because YOU did that doesn't mean others will.TLEF if you're not sure how much you'll like/be into this, I suggest you start out with a 30G tank, not 55, and get a variety of "heartier" tetras....get used to the routine of checking the water for various things (temp, pH balance etc), see how you like it overall and go from there. Zebras, blue neons, mollys, maybe a few cherry barbs....things like that are good to start with; they're hard to kill and have some bright/mixed colorings. IMO anyone telling you to start with a 55G is giving bad advice; you don't start out in a hobby with some of the more expensive/labor intenstive options available. That's like saying "I'm thinking about getting into golf but never played" and someone goes "dude buy a set of Pings!" Walk before you run. Not everyone who tries this goes ape-sh-- about it.
  10. Keep us posted. I got my first tank about 17 years ago. Still a great hobby for me - wifey likes it as well (just looking at it, not the work part ).
  11. Those cannister filters seem pretty expensive. One on thatpetplace.com costs around $250, and that is for up to 500gph. Seems a little steep to me. I think id rather go with a high quality external power filter. This one seems to get very good reviews, and i can get 2 of them for less than the cost of most of the cannisters. Are the cannisters really that good? It hardly seems worth the extra cost and maintenace I think they're worth it. Eheim is more expensive than other brands, but even a lesser brand is better than the hang-ons IMO. You can load up the canisters with ceramic rings or other media to vastly increase the surface area for beneficial bacteria. That means a more efficient and scalable nitrogen cycle, which means better water quality. That's really the heart of what you're investing in. It's worth the extra.I've heard good things about this value canister. It should fit the bill for you for $114
  12. Quick rule of thumb is to buy more heater and filter than you need. I'd probably even want to go with two heaters for fault tolerance. I personally like Eheim canister filters - you'll want something around 400+ GPH
  13. If you want an easy plant, go with Java Fern. No special lights, no CO2, slow growth, can root to rock and driftwood, and fish don't like to eat it.yeah, thats pretty much what im looking for. All that stuff seems ideal. Ill probably just use wood, small rocks and some mid size fake plants in the background to add some depth. Im getting pretty psyched about this.edit: any other species besides java fern if i want variety?Java Moss is another very low maintenance plant. I wouldn't worry too much about the Java Fern clogging your filters, especially if you're not investing in bright lights or CO2. Regular filter maintenance will keep things going fine. Plain old hair algae will be more likely to clog your filter intakes.
  14. If you want an easy plant, go with Java Fern. No special lights, no CO2, slow growth, can root to rock and driftwood, and fish don't like to eat it.
  15. Right now, I've got a 29 gal. planted tank with 3 Bolivian Rams. Looking at setting up a 55 gal. African Cichlid tank sometime in the next couple of months or so. As far as the plants go, if you start out with a good substrate (I used Eco-Complete) and good lighting (I have 2x65w compact flourescents) and some low-tech CO2 supplementation, it's fairly low maintenance. The biggest problem I have is pruning - if you don't do it at least monthly, things will get out of control pretty fast.
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