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  1. I was late to the party last year and bought half of b11j's action. I want my own team.Not even sure if was b11j it was someone who lost a lot though. Didn't you split with comfortably numb? I was on my own. Derek might still have the link to the spreadsheet.
  2. very good food...expensive The dog might be "bored" with the food. I rotate a new brand in after about 3 or 4 bags. TOTW is manufactured by Diamond and they're in the middle of a recall, but TOTW is not affected. Don't think either is at Petsmart.Isn't it bad to keep changing their food? I heard it gives them a bad case of the runs if you do this to them...When I got my dog, I was instructed to mix the original puppy chow she ate, with our new food of choice... and to reduce the amount of puppy chow as the days went by to transition her into the new food. We did this and she still #### her brains out.
  3. I have a 3 year old Pitbull / Lab mix and she eats the BLUE BUFFALO - Adult Breed food. Blue Buffalo is supposed to be one of the better brands.
  4. Not sure if this one has been posted - but, this has got to be the WORST. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYCIzQL2QKw State Farm - State of Fandom ETA: That Mother's Day Droid one is pretty bad too.
  5. Got a confirmation this time. Should be all set.Rec'd it - thanks!
  6. Cheese - try it again and let me know. I haven't gotten anything from you yet. Make sure everything is spelled correctly! There are a number of places in my e-mail that could cause an error. Derek - I rec'd the $20 from you.
  7. Derek - what if you able to trade/buy teams throughout the tourny? For instance, I could trade/sell you Cincinnati since they're your boys! I'm clearly kidding...but would be an interesting twist. Kind of like a chinese auction?
  8. I thought I had an OK draft...for a rookie... I liked the #6 seeds... and thought I was in good shape with UNLV, SDSU, Cincinnati... UNLV losing was surprising. I was "hoping" that NC State was over-hyped. But they played great. Now I am down to Cincy, Florida, Ohio State (Duke losing screwed me). So Good luck everyone!!! It was a very interesting draft and I learned a lot. I was able to go to the 2nd and 3rd Round in Pittsburgh...and I've gotta say, watching the games in person is MUCH more exciting than on TV. Go Cuse!
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