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  1. Congrats to the posters discovering dark mode. It's a game changer.
  2. I picked up Cairo Santos to start over Jason Sanders this week, but may pivot back if MIA gets some of their offensive starters back. Santos has been pretty good as of late and Jags D will surely offer plenty of opporunities.
  3. no chance i trust my ship hopes in the hands of the Texans D, they're awful. I think i'm going KC vs ATL over the Rams in one and CLE vs NYJ over NO vs MIN in the other.
  4. I'm bored. 2014 - DT and Sanders 2013 - DT and Decker 2012 - DT and Decker / Roddy and Julio 2011 - Cruz and Nicks 2009 - Moss and Welker 2008 - Moss and Welker / Fitz and Boldin 2007 - Moss and Welker / Housh and Chad Johnson 2014 -- Cobb and Jordy 2013 -- Marshall and Jeffery 2011 - calvin Johnson and
  5. This first week he was back I think week 6 I understand that. Vick was at qb, and we weren't sure exactly how involved he would be in the game plan. There were stretches last year where he was completely ignored as a rookie. In week 6 I struggled mightily bw martavis and Diggs. Ended up going with martavis. Diggs had a solid game. 129 rec. and did a lot of his damage in the first half. While Bryant was flopping. Then Landry came in and laser focused on Bryant and he exploded for 2 tds I believe. One that was a highlight reel. After that I knew that this guy is a permanent fixture in
  6. I've sat him the 2 weeks he's blown up and started him the dud week/decent weeks lol
  7. One could say there is no starks resemblance in offensive weapons.
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