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  1. Even after seeing the offense last week?
  2. All 12 team redraft 1) 100% (I was second with 30%) 2) 47% Me (second was 37%) 3)37% Me (second was 25%) 4)51% (I was second with 32%)
  3. i'm going 30-40% across various leagues.
  4. Hmmm may pivot then and reevaluate next week…
  5. Over Javonte Williams in one and Debating over Melvin Gordon in another. Lost Gus in both
  6. i am in for this. was gonna make the same call on Ridley, but THE WR1
  7. I wasn’t aiming to get him but he fell to me in the mid 6th and I had to do it. In my main/favorite league too.
  8. Congrats to the posters discovering dark mode. It's a game changer.
  9. I picked up Cairo Santos to start over Jason Sanders this week, but may pivot back if MIA gets some of their offensive starters back. Santos has been pretty good as of late and Jags D will surely offer plenty of opporunities.
  10. no chance i trust my ship hopes in the hands of the Texans D, they're awful. I think i'm going KC vs ATL over the Rams in one and CLE vs NYJ over NO vs MIN in the other.
  11. well that's even better! on my computer right now before game starts lol. thank you
  12. I picked him up after losing Gaskin with mixon hurt/bye, Jamaal Williams on the Covid list, and yesterday packers were pessimistic about Aaron Jones. Looks like I may have to roll Wilkins..
  13. I like it, I actually offered a league member the same exact offer today. My Mixon for his Sanders, only thing is, he JUST traded him to me last week lol.
  14. We’ve seen plenty of what Lamar can do in 3 quarters. Think he’ll be fine.
  15. I’m definitely starting him but as we inch closer to kickoff I find myself also flexing mattison. Over the likes of John Brown, Christian Kirk, bilal powell.. keep flip flopping it’s driving me crazy. Just keep thinking about what happened to Conner although that was a different injury.
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