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  1. I agree with everyone who's suggested "Broke his/her/their silence" should be retired. So stupid.
  2. I don't plan to. I have 500 picks in hand and more patience than most Master locks.Cool. Any recommendation on where to get a lot of lock picks?I haven't bought any there are so many laying around. I think I have 100 or so right now inventory.Yeah, 500 was an exaggeration. I bought some early on, but mostly pick them off of bandits or just find them lying around. I saved up quite a few while I had the Skeleton Key too.
  3. Conjuration? Bound Bow?I wanted to slow leveling as much as possible so the only Conjuration spell I use is Soul Trap. I also use Heal from Restoration everything else is Destruction.I think he means what do you do when you get cornered and HAVE to melee? Conjour a weapon? Die?I don't melee, I've died a couple of times after getting cornered but just try to avoid tight spaces. Once you get Impact on the Destruction tree you can pretty much own any melee enemies.I'd like to try to do another guy who won't use anything ranged, just a one handed sword and shield but I think fighting dragons would be too tough with that build.I just did the Morokei dungeon with my mage/one-hand elf (5+ deaths), way more challenging than my tank nord (0 deaths)...must say, good thing I had that magic damage ax as back up, worked like a charm on that last boss. When you get cornered and run out of magic it can get really interesting. that one arena where the dragon skeleton goes after you and your follower gets locked out, I got This is where Sanguine Rose has come in handy more than once. I don't even bring followers with me anymore.
  4. Cranked up the difficulty to Master last night. That made the battles a little more interesting, but I'm still finding myself getting pretty bored after about 45 mins or so. Might just finish off the main quest along with Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild and be done with it. After I get married, of course.
  5. I like the sound of this but one quick question. Are you not saving dragon scales or bones? The thought of not having tons of crap to sort through, and making a choice about what to keep and living with it defnitely sounds appealing. But I think I would want to hang on to dragon scales or bones because, as a Dragonborn, I just feel that at some point in the game, I should be sporting dragon armor of some sort. And I want it to be something I crafted from those dragons I had conquered. I imagine there are places in the game, without having to purchase a house, that would let you store some stuff?I am selling them. I figure that dragons are plentiful enough that when I'm ready to make my dragon armor I'll go out and kill some more.There are "guild hall" storage spots... The Mage college comes to mind as well. I'm not using those, either.I love having my house bursting at the seams with stuff, I just couldn't do it. I probably have the best library outside of the Mage college. By the end of game I will have massive collections of armor, weapons, jewels, the whole shooting match. I can't help myself.Yeah, I pretty much have to have a collection of every type of armor, along with one of everything else I find along the way. At this point, however, I have everything spread across 3 houses. At some point I should probably do some spring cleaning.
  6. Aurelio Lopez (Señor Smoke) September 21, 1948 – September 22, 1992 My lasting memory of Aurelio Lopez is from the 1983 season, when I saw my first major league game at old Tiger Stadium vs. the Twins. We were 10 rows back from the Tiger bullpen. Every time Aurelio would start to warm up, some insane chick about 5 seats down from me would start screaming "Aureeeeeeeliiiiooooooooooooo!!!" in an obnoxious, high pitched voice. It was non-stop until he sat down. I don't think he ever actually got into the game. I wanted to kill that woman.ETA: I know I'm doing this wrong, but I was thinking about Aurelio earlier this week and then this thread popped up. Miss you, Aurelio.
  7. I'm an old school AD&D purist, so I've actually played up to level 52 without intentionally improving any of the spell skills. I've had to cast a couple spells to do some of the College of Winterhold quests, and I've found books that increase spell skills, but otherwise I've avoided casting spells. I've stuck to the rogue/alchemist line, along with maxing out enchanting and smithing. Carrying around all the health and stamina potions can be a #####, but since I put all points into health and stamina, it really hasn't been an issue for a long time.
  8. I got this last night as well and thought it was weird. I was just going to ignore it, but my OCD would've gotten to me eventually. Now that I know there's actually another sword there, I'll have to do it. I will avoid reading anymore of the Legend of Red Eagle books though.
  9. Mazzy Star is all the same, but as usual, I will buy the new album on the chance I run into Hope Sandoval and she asks me to play track #3 while we make slow, dreamy love. So hot.
  10. Along those lines...I'm about 30 hours in (and haven't even touched the meat of game...no DB or Thieves Guild quests yet...wtf are they? Not asking, just wondering aloud) and today, while driving, I was somewhere I needed to do a U-turn in a residential neighborhood and saw a rabbit. Honest to God, my first thought was "Where's my bow?" yet at the same moment. It made me chuckle to myself. This happened to me while I was playing Red Dead Redemption. Every time I'd see a bird fly across my path I'd reach for my sidearm.
  11. FWIW, a quick look at the lists has me preferring the following: Thorn TUPside Bob Lee Swagger Rikishiboy
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