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  1. 16t ppr qrwwtffkddddddd $450 cap Sent JK Dobbins $20, Chark $1, Darnold $7 Received Kamara $28 and Tua $15
  2. Yeah to be clear, I offered Damien Harris and 1.07 for Jeudy. The worst offer was actually the counter of Barkley and 1.07 for Jeudy. I thought Harris and 1.07 was actually very fair. Usually when people counter with that garbage it's because the starting offer is insulting. Is Jeudy for Damien and Waddle that bad?
  3. I offered Damien Harris and 1.07 for Jeudy. He countered with Saquon instead of Harris. That's so passive aggressive I imagine we'll never actually do a deal.
  4. Logically, the commish did not simply break a tie... He also had a vote. Without his vote it would not have been an auction. Since he's the only to have traded a pick, it does not make sense for him to vote anyway. Also, the team that previously paid for a pick just got screwed. If nothing else, you have to wait an additional year out to apply a change like this so that everyone is aware before the season that impacts the draft.
  5. Ppr 14 team qrwwwtfkddddddd Barkley, Chase Young, and Justin Jefferson For Dalvin Cook, Maxx Crosby, and Amari Cooper
  6. QRRWWTFKDDD 16 team PPR $400 cap Team A traded: Todd Gurley ($51), Kyler Murray ($20), and 1.04 Team B traded: Miles Sanders ($26) and 1.01 I love Gurley more than consensus and Murray as a dyno QB, and even the value at 1.04, plus, not even as high on Sanders as most are (outside of my top 12 dyno RBs). But love this trade for my team as I already have Lamar at QB, need to cut some cap space, and needed to clear one contract spot going into the rookie draft. I figured I can always trade Sanders away, too.
  7. I've been a fan of FBG over the last decade or so but find myself enjoying the content less and less each year. It's still decent, but there's a noticeable decline in the IDP realm which is one of the last frontiers to separate you from the 1000 other sites and free info out there. Innovation is great, but I also prefer the rankings and custom team tools prior to myFBG.
  8. 16T PPR qrwwtffkddddddd contract league. Hunter Henry 1% of cap. For 1.16, 2.02, and 2.05 Needed TE with only OJH under contract.
  9. This is puzzling... is his health the issue? Other things at play? Have him in multiple leagues and want to find a compelling reason to either bench or start. Literally have to choose between him and Nuk in a league, so was it Gilmore or was it health/weather, etc?
  10. I respect your insight, thanks in advance, hoping questions here will be helpful for other owners, too: 1) 16 team PPR QRRWWTFKDD - Which two to start: Gurley, Chubb, David Johnson (need higher floor). 2) 16 team PPR QRWWTFFKDDDDDD - Quick take on Shady if active? Worried active means McCoy = Decoy 3) Prosise a good speculative add before gametime? 4) 12 team PPR QRWWWTFF - Need 5 WRs from this list: Adams, Agholor, Smokey, Cobb, Gordon, A-Rob, Thielen, and Deebo. Can make a case for any/all. Thanks!
  11. My team: Foles as backup in a deep league with no QBs on the waiver wire Derwin James IR Hunter Henry OUT and probably done OJ Howard invisible Building for the future so of course I have Jordan Thomas and Warring... oh wait, both on IR! Hakeem Butler as rookie pick and now IR Derrius Guice will save the day, oh wait At least I had the privilege of facing an owner starting Desean Jackson and Tom Brady in week 1. Time to rebound!
  12. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/778303-do-not-post-here-trying-to-sell-spots-in-your-league/
  13. 16 team PPR - Q RB WR WR TE Fl Fl K 2DB 3LB 2DL, 30 man total, Salary cap contracts, up to $500 (using $200). Fill up remaining spots with FAs each season. With my low cap usage I can draft just about anyone I want from the player pool on 1 year rentals around the roster below. Just need a kicker, a few top IDP guys, and whatever fliers I want to take a shot on. Max # of contracts are filled so it's a hybrid dynasty/keeper with redraft elements baked in. QB: Jimmy G, Lamar Jackson RB: Saquon Barkley, Sony Michel, Derrius Guice, Josh Jacobs WR: Allen Robinson, Juju Smith-Schuster, Odell Beckham Jr., Amari Cooper, Dante Pettis, Parris Campbell, Deebo Samuel, Hakeem Butler TE: Chris Herndon, OJ Howard, Hunter Henry IDP: Derwin James, Tremaine Edmunds, Darius Leonard, Devin Bush, Josh Allen Also, have 3x 2020 1st, 2x 2021 1sts, 4x 2020 2nds, and 4x 2021 2nds.
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