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  1. This is the most nervous I've been for a game ever. I bet $180 at +950 the Skins would win the division about 8 weeks ago. If they win today I win $1800. One time please
  2. I bet the Skins win the division at +950 4 weeks ago. Need the Giants to lose a couple.
  3. Hey I don't own him anymore so he'll probably never get hurt again in his career. Lolol
  4. TD Diontae! This dude gets such a heavy target share. Hope he continues to stay healthy.
  5. You followed me around this board trolling me. I'm not trolling through. I just came back for one victory lap. Enjoy. I really like Hurts work ethic. I hope he succeeds.
  6. And it begins......should have been starting a lot earlier.......
  7. He shouldn't do those back flips though. Could see him getting a toe injury from that last one.
  8. They'll move coverage over to him. He still might get free a couple more times though. Lolol
  9. Sure but he was literally the best WR in the league for 5 years. That's unheard-of........but hey talk crap about him now. By all means he deserves it.
  10. Lol wow. Way to talk crap about the best WR thats played since Moss and TO......and for your team too. Yikes!
  11. Chark has been basically garbage this year. So bad in fact he doesn't seem to even have his own thread in this forum anymore.
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