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  1. Hollywood Brown has to be one of the most underrated receivers out there. He looks uncover -able to me. Bateman coming back soon too. Get your popcorn ready.
  2. I realize there are individual threads already out there for all the SF RBs. I figured it might be easier to lump them all together in one place to talk and share opinions on what might happen here. Will 1 guy step up, or will it be a 2 or 3 back committee? Thoughts? I don’t think there is better schedule stretch (weeks 11 - 17) for any team and if one of these steps up he could be a league winner.
  3. I personally think we are on the verge of a Lamar breakout in terms of passing yards. I was incredibly impressed with passing this past weekend but at the same time a bit disappointed that his rushing stats are going to slowly start fading away. Although it’s taken a bit longer this eerily reminds me of what happened with Josh Allen.
  4. Don’t mind this call. Gio needs to be ruled out though. Add to this it’s the Sunday night game and we might not have the luxury waiting to find out if he is.
  5. D Hopkins or Mike Williams? Thinking Hopkins might play a decoy or sit the second half in what might be a blowout. Chargers should be passing all 4 quarters. Am I overthinking this ?
  6. What game were you watching? CEH is awful. It actually wouldn’t surprise me to wake up tomorrow and hear he was released. He has more room to run than any RB in the league and does nothing with it. You can bet at the very least Darrel Williams has earned himself a 50/50 timeshare.
  7. No upside. This is a full blown committee after that. And there wasn’t much there anyway. No way Andy doesn’t punish CEH after that. Yards weren’t even important there. Just hang onto the ball.
  8. Hmm, I saw who will be the hot add week 1. My apologies if this is overlapping that thread.
  9. Who ya got and what are you bidding?
  10. Love him this year. Nothing but good news regarding him coming from Bucs camp thus far. Brady loves to check down too. This years McKissic.
  11. 10-12 carries a game and the 3rd down/passing role for Henderson and I’m a happy camper.
  12. I appreciate the feed back. The full team roster is….. Lamar, Z Wilson Chubb, Mixon, Gaskin, D Henderson, Fournette, Hines, C Evans, L Rountree Julio, Golladay, DJ Moore, E Moore, G Davis, J Palmer Waller, L Thomas, Jonnu Not sure I need to make this trade. I guess I feel like I’m lacking a stud WR which Hopkins would fill. But as many have stated. How far until he falls off the cliff?
  13. Was just offered Hopkins and Pitts for my DJ Moore, E Moore, D Waller. Thinking really hard about this one ….
  14. This won’t last. Giving Mims Crowder and company a bit of confidence before Moore blows by them in 2 weeks.
  15. I agree on the DJ’s, Moore and Chark. Not as much on Golladay. With Samuel gone in CAR and some positive TD regression I think there’s a potential for top end WR2 numbers from Moore. Starting out with another new QB he may get off to a slower start however. Chark is one of those if he starts out 7-113-1 in week 1 you’re going to be kicking yourself you didn’t take him kinda situations. Lawrence is elite in my eyes. I think they will be playing from behind a lot this season, and I think Chark is clearly the best WR talent on this team. Golladay I’m struggling to stay positive on. I see an injury prone WR mixed in with a bunch of other WR’S with nobody really standing out. He’s going to need 10-12 TDs in my mind to maintain WR2 status. He might be a good sell high candidate if Barkley is slow to return and Golladay has some string early starts because of this.
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