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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I feel similar. Davis is wildcard to me. Really hoping he can step up and be solid WR2/WR3. Gaskin is another I’m sure a lot others on this board are sitting on eggshells about. I have 5 draft free agent/rookie draft picks coming up in a month but I don’t begin selecting until the 3rd round. It will more than likely be backup/ bye week type players unless someone sneaks through the cracks. thanks again
  2. I bought this dynasty team a few months ago in a $1250 league. Anymore care to rate it? Lamar Chubb Mixon Gaskin Fournette Pollard Hines Julio Golladay DJ Moore G Davis Waller L Thomas Jonnu Blankenship NO
  3. Exactly!! Only interested in the cash. Which raises even more flags. When OJ did “his thing” it defaulted to a criminal trial. The Goldman’s wanted OJ put away. Only after they lost did they seek Justice civilly. Shouldn’t that be the main interest?? To get Deshaun put away if he’s such an evil predator.
  4. I don’t doubt he’s done more than get massages. The question is was it consensual? And as far as there being 15,16, or 57 accusers, hell if there’s no consequences I might even give Buzbee a call and take my chances on a quick pay day. Put some %!£€!ing consequences on the other side and I’m pretty sure the numbers of accusations dry up pretty quick.
  5. Call it a gut feeling but I’m siding with Deshaun here until I have something more concrete. It’s wayyyy too convenient that in the middle of him refusing to play for the Texans that this all surfaces. Someone brought up a possible addiction and I believe that may hold some weight. That said there is WAYYY too much grey area surrounding this whole ordeal. It’s too bad he stands so much to lose.
  6. It’s much easier and more profitable to steal from a pro athlete via child support or sex/abuse allegations than it is to go out and work a 9-5.
  7. The unbelievable exaggeration in this day and age is jaw dropping too. Who’s to say Watson wasn’t picking up on some ques these women were giving? Massaging a little extra close to his soldier or rubbing up against him. Whether for a big tip or throwing him some signals this happens. So he acts out on this and he’s guilty and they’re not??? And you think they don’t know who he is before he goes for these massages either.
  8. Agreed 100 percent. I’m not blind to the other side. Not that it matters but I’m a father to 2 girls. We openly discuss these matters quite frequently. The last 2 years or so the world has become so unbelievably sensitive. Everyone is using the system to expose someone, use their sex, age, or background, etc, etc for some sort of gain. The worst part is we are setting the precedent that all of this is ok and digging the hole even deeper. I think as someone stated earlier. The ZERO police reports speaks volumes. If it turns out Deshaun was innocent in all of this and my d
  9. That’s the problem with the world today. Sports athletes and men in general are extremely exposed. I’m not saying Deshaun is guilty or not guilty. Women, children, and minorities hold all the cards these days. They can say or make up anything they want for financial or public gain with next to ZERO consequence yet on the flip side Deshaun's, life, reputation, and career are on the line. Very very sad world we live in.
  10. Not sure if it’s been talked about yet on here but both this WRs are intriguing to me this year. What are some thoughts and predictions on these 2 with Stafford at the helm? I think Rams will be better as a team but the numbers won’t change much. Woods 81-1221-7 Kupp 87-1087-9
  11. Would like to see Tampa bring Fournette back. He really came on down the stretch.
  12. Hunts role seemed to become a bit murky as the season went on. I don’t know if this was caused by game script or because Chubb is clearly a superior talent which kept Hunt off the field. Either way I’d be a tad bit nervous to be starting Hunt in my RB1 or 2 slot next year.
  13. Don’t forget 3-4 of those carries are coming on his exclusive 3rd down role. So 5-8 ish on 1st and 2nd downs. Henry is a beast no doubt. I get worried though as he needs to cash in on those weekly TDs or he’s very RB 2ish. Lucky for him he has. When I think of Ekeler I think 10 carries for 43 yards 7 catches for 73 and a TD The receiving upside is so exciting.
  14. Ekeler’s appeal is his receiving role no doubt. No RB is threat for a 8-10 reception game quite like Austin is. He isn’t a 3 down workhouse RB, who says he is? He is precisely what you said. Exclusive 3rd down, and passing duties RB with a sprinkle (8-10 carries) on first and second downs. These are the types of RBs I like to target in PPR over the Jacobs and Henry’s of the world.
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