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  1. Hmm, I saw who will be the hot add week 1. My apologies if this is overlapping that thread.
  2. Love him this year. Nothing but good news regarding him coming from Bucs camp thus far. Brady loves to check down too. This years McKissic.
  3. 10-12 carries a game and the 3rd down/passing role for Henderson and I’m a happy camper.
  4. I appreciate the feed back. The full team roster is….. Lamar, Z Wilson Chubb, Mixon, Gaskin, D Henderson, Fournette, Hines, C Evans, L Rountree Julio, Golladay, DJ Moore, E Moore, G Davis, J Palmer Waller, L Thomas, Jonnu Not sure I need to make this trade. I guess I feel like I’m lacking a stud WR which Hopkins would fill. But as many have stated. How far until he falls off the cliff?
  5. Was just offered Hopkins and Pitts for my DJ Moore, E Moore, D Waller. Thinking really hard about this one ….
  6. This won’t last. Giving Mims Crowder and company a bit of confidence before Moore blows by them in 2 weeks.
  7. I agree on the DJ’s, Moore and Chark. Not as much on Golladay. With Samuel gone in CAR and some positive TD regression I think there’s a potential for top end WR2 numbers from Moore. Starting out with another new QB he may get off to a slower start however. Chark is one of those if he starts out 7-113-1 in week 1 you’re going to be kicking yourself you didn’t take him kinda situations. Lawrence is elite in my eyes. I think they will be playing from behind a lot this season, and I think Chark is clearly the best WR talent on this team. Golladay I’m struggling to stay positive on. I see an injury prone WR mixed in with a bunch of other WR’S with nobody really standing out. He’s going to need 10-12 TDs in my mind to maintain WR2 status. He might be a good sell high candidate if Barkley is slow to return and Golladay has some string early starts because of this.
  8. What are people paying to acquire Akers in dynasty right now?
  9. I would think that Henderson would be looking like a RB2 as long as the Rams don’t bring in any healthy competition. I would fit him in right around the Gaskin, Jacobs range without looking at anything too closely.
  10. FFPC Any thoughts or ideas on moves I should make? Am I a win now team? Am I set up for future success? I inherited a team with basically zero draft picks this year. I traded some future picks to move up in our rookie draft to get Elijah at 1.12 and also made a trade to get Julio for a year or 2 of stability at WR as I had no WRs Lamar / Z Wilson Chubb / Mixon / Gaskin / Drake / Fournette/ D Henderson / L Rountree/ Julio/ Golladay / DJ Moore / E Moore/ G Davis / J Palmer Waller / L Thomas / J Smith Blankenship New Orleans
  11. All very good pts on both sides regarding Dobbins outlook. I watched his usage very closely last year and can understand the frustration. My take, Dobbins is a very real talent. His ranking this year is dependent on how creative the Ravens can get with his touches, as well Lamar NEEDS to learn how to check down. I saw countless times Dobbins open in the flat for what would be good gains and LJ doesn’t even look at him. I think Harbaugh knows this is what this offence needs to take the next step up. All this negativity about how Lamar is so bad for Dobbins outlook though needs to be re-examined. We cannot overlook how much attention Lamar demands on those RPO’s and the space Dobbins has in front of him to run because of this. Potential outcomes IMO 1. We continue to see more of the same this year as last and Dobbins on efficiency alone finishes a mid to strong RB2. Possible 2. Baltimore based on their draft starts to become more Buffalo, wants to pass and the running game is somewhat phased out and Dobbins becomes a frustrating RB3. Not likely 3. The Ravens travel to Vegas and play the Raiders on Monday night of opening weekend and show us a new version of themselves. We see Lamar doing most of his usual stuff but added are some screens and check downs and high percentage passes designed to utilize the strengths of some of these other players. In turn Dobbins puts up 117 yards on the ground and another 38 through the air along with 2 total TDs. 4 weeks later we are all asking ourselves how the hell we doubted picking him in the 3rd round along the likes of Jacobs, Montgomery, and Gaskin while he’s putting up strong RB1 numbers. Quite possible and IMO very likely
  12. I would assume he’s a top 5 WR if not top 3, and overall I could see him drafted around the 1-2 turn in redraft by July.
  13. Nick Chubb begs to differ. I do agree though. Dobbins needs to get 15-18 creative touches weekly. The sky is the limit for this kid.
  14. What Julio and Matt have/had is special. Anywhere aside from going to GB, KC, and maybe LAC is going to be a big downgrade in terms of fantasy outlook for Jones.
  15. How about another WR for that guy whining up in GB?
  16. My thoughts exactly. Quite possibly the safest RB2 out there. Top RB on the best running attack in football. Add in any sort of reception totals and he’s threatening the top 5 RBs. 1200 yards rushing 250 receiving 12 TDs
  17. If Mixon holds up this season he’ll be a mid to high end RB1. I fully expect Cinci to run less but the quality of Joe’s touches should improve.
  18. Chubb’s that much more impressive considering he missed around 5 games.
  19. Great pts above. I agree there are wayyyy too many mouths to feed in the running game, and not just from the other RBs. The upside is there but the risk outweighs it IMO.
  20. All good points. That said Rodgers did not play good at all in that NFC championship game.
  21. Terry Bradshaw’s comments about the situation were quite interesting. I also don’t think it’s about the money. At what point does Rodgers lose his identity as an employee and his opinion hold more weight?
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