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  1. Is this show worth getting into? I need a new show to watch....
  2. Question... If u guys win isn't gift taxes going to eat you guys?
  3. I picture Pete looking like the guy from the south park World of Warcraft episode whenever he posts. Randy?The fat nerd heavy_matt72?Jenkins the griefer
  4. I picture Pete looking like the guy from the south park World of Warcraft episode whenever he posts. Randy?The fat nerd
  5. I picture Pete looking like the guy from the south park World of Warcraft episode whenever he posts.
  6. What you say is true about the general nature of the game but obviously to each his own. In all my years of playing video games, imo, Diablo 3 (Reaper of Souls) has arguably the best end game material of any game I have played, and they are still adding to it. Yah I just hate they took PvP out of the game
  7. I still don't understand the point of diablo 3? You get really good gear and just kill the same stuff over and over again. Sounds boring. At least in diablo 2 after you gear you can do some pvp and collect ears.
  8. I cook my fish in the microwave whenever I want to. Gains > what some fatty thinks
  9. I busted out good ole team fortress 2 with my brother this weekend. That heavy medic ownage
  10. I agree with you, but the bold made me :shuke: Yourselves** had a brain fart lol.
  11. Lawyers please move your posts to the lawyer thread then kill your self's. Thanks.
  12. Yeah. This may not be for you.Not many badass lawyers out there. Why not watch Breaking Bad? Have tried to, accidentally deleted the first 3 season's from when AMC ran their marathon. Not sure where else to get them, but probably too cheap to pay to watch them.Sign up for net flix Get free month Binge watch BB Cancel Membership Profit ????
  13. I see where Fennis is coming from. Electrocution is pretty friggin barbaric. I think the major difference between what we do here in the US and what ISIS is doing is due process. We kill people after they have gone through our justice system and have been found guilty of horrible crimes. ISIS kills people because....well, because they happened to catch them and they're Western. i.e. they kill innocent people. Hopefully, we don't do that here, but that's another debate... We kill innocent people with bombs.Not intentionally.Don't forget about the high murder rate in the US. And the polic
  14. Back in my high school days I worked at pool store where we kept our time cards in a box. I use to either fill his box with pool salt or tape his box to the top of the warehouse. Every day.
  15. Agree with this. I thought the first half of the first episode was tough to get into (other than the courtroom scene). Some really good scenes but I wouldn't say this show overall has been spectacular or the GOAT. Odenkirk's terrific and his lawyering his way and the doofus twins out of the desert was another terrific scenes but to this point it's been more about some really great scenes and not two great episodes for me. But it's a new show getting its legs and few shows start off being amazing (although Breaking Bad did in my opinion).One thing I'm curious about is how Tuco ever gained a pos
  16. You guys killed this thread with your religious debate. Please hard delete this garbage.
  17. I'm gonna go ahead and say you're trying just a bit too hardThis clown always trys so hard.
  18. He wasn't a pilot. He was an air traffic controller. And I don't think he was among the numerous BB cameos. Not sure if trolling or not so let me rephrase. Are they showing last nights episode tonight before the new episode?
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