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  1. 1 QB 2 flex PPR league. League Invite: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1260475/invitation?key=3244565677d1aa04&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=8a8fe54ae5c72fd2 Pay with the leaguesafe link noted or you will be removed. https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3918515 We have two hours to fill I think it will - and if by some chance it doesn't, leaguesafe refunds are free.
  2. Not if Cam is out. Is there anyone else for the defense to focus on? Put 3 guys on McCaffrey and the offense is lost. There's no way he should have a big game.
  3. At least you know he's not startable now. Bench him for any WW QB if you're in a 3rd place game.
  4. I'd like to thank Cam for only scoring 4.7 points to advance me to the Championship game. Thought I was toast - opponent only needed 11 points!!! Didn't even watch the game, lmao.
  5. Yea this is a tough one. It sure seems like he's not taking enough risks. 359 passes without an INT, 18:1 rate on the year, and twice as many throwaways as any other QB? He definitely took more chances earlier in his career. Maybe he's losing his edge.
  6. Steve McNair and Rich Gannon both won NFL MVP. Let's give it a season or two (or a decade?) before anointing the next great QB. Rodgers has been doing it for 14 years.
  7. I guess we're watching different games. Packers D has kept them in almost every game despite nearly leading the league in starts lost due to defensive injuries. They're 3rd in sacks despite having no star pass rusher besides an aging Clay Matthews. He has Alexander, Clark, and Martinez playing incredible football as ascending core players for the team.. Frankly, I think Pettine has been a revelation. I find it unlikely Pettine will be gone. The CEO/GM restructured decision points on key coaching hires. It's now the CEO's job to hire/fire head coach and he probably has a lot of say over coordinators. He may not want to hire a head coach that will get rid of Pettine. Any offense-minded head coach would be shooting themselves in the foot firing Pettine after this year.
  8. Do some better homework. Pat Fitzgerald is one of the best coaching talents available. I'd rather have someone rock solid who holds people accountable like him rather than someone like McDaniels. You can hire an OC to work with Rodgers.
  9. Hope the rest of you do this too! Injuries and bad games happen. Seems like it happens to Fournette more often, but whatever. He'll be worth the risk in round 3 or later next year. Similar to Gurley last year. Gurley was going in the mid-2nd because people were down on him after a crappy year. Fourette, like Gurley, is still a stud-talent with a workhorse role.
  10. It's not a really convincing argument. Falcons playing at Lambeau with the worst secondary in the league. 25th in total defense. 28th in sacks generated. Coach or no coach he should dominate this game.
  11. Assuming Rodgers continues playing as he pleases ... Falcons are so depleted on defense that he should be able to put a lot of points up. I think the twitter rant by Winston Moss is very telling. I think he's screaming that a lot of the issues stem from Rodgers not listening to coaches. You can cut Montgomery but how do you deal with an elite QB that doesn't listen? Very hopeful they come in with a hard-nosed, no-nonsense coach. There's not many things Brady does better than Rodgers but I would say he's proven to be much more of a team-player and followed orders.
  12. Didn't the Colts have a GM when Irsay personally orchestrated the Trent Richardson trade? Lol. Case in point.
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