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  1. Hey Faust - could you guys update the QBBC analysis/article that you do every year? I find that one super valuable. 


  2. Oh someone is definitely getting reamed for not finding this issue. These NFL teams follow around draft picks with private investigators and know what they ate for breakfast 7 years ago. It's sad that they don't have a decent system for checking employees.
  3. 9:30am est. finally the west coasters get hosed. Nice. A morning game means there will be 4 watchable games .... I'm going to have to make a double pot of chili and stock up on beer to make it through 14 hours. I might have to pace myself since I'll be sick of watching football by the time the Packers play on Sunday night. Pretty good lineup this week for those in the midwest: Thursday: Chargers/Broncos Sunday AM: Lions/Falcons Sunday noon: Bears/Patriots Sunday afternoon: Eagles/Cardinals (both 5-1) Sunday night: Packers/Saints
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