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  1. I am shocked at the amount of people that think Dri Archer is going to affect Le'veon Bell in any way whatsoever. Even PFF knocked Bell down to RB15 recently. Bell is/was the bellcow. Archer is 180 soaking wet and will never be a regular ball carrier. He's more of a Dex McCluster than an actual running back. I doubt he carries the ball more than 30 times this season. Blount was signed to be the change of pace back. Le'veon is still in the top 8 RBs for me and is a first-round pick this year, below Lacy, and above Gio/Spiller. The latter two have not actually shown they can be the bellcow. Le'veon did it in his rookie year.
  2. Report: Marqise Lee won't slip past Packers Perfect example of why 98% of this pre-draft chatter is complete garbage. There is absolutely no way the Packers use pick 21 on Marqise Lee. Not only is he grossly overrated, but Ted has never (and likely will never) use a first round pick on a WR. Especially not in a deep WR class like this one. And the fact that you can plug in any dime-a-dozen WR with Rodgers and the offense will still be top 5. http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/46661/311/nfl-draft-the-phenom-index?pg=2
  3. Was this dynasty? If so, you're going to regret that BIG TIME. Rice is not the guy you pay that premium for right now. I know lots of Gio owners who wouldn't trade him straight up for Rice. And that's not even including Trent, and opinions vary widely on him. Nope, redraft. Agree it wouldn't have made sense in dynasty. For me, Gio was only going to be a bye-week fill-in behind Moreno/Lacy. Rice will be the same thing unless he goes back to being Ray Rice. Also, if I hadn't made a 2-for-1 trade, I would have had to drop Steve Smith or Hilton. I like Bernard a lot, and he could easily end up outscoring Rice the second half of the season (just as he did in the first half). I just took a calculated risk on the higher upside. Its not a bad redraft move if you think Rice is going to get back no trap. It would be awful in dynasty, obviously.
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