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  1. This is the most likely reasoning. Don't forget they lost Corey Grant as well. And a 5th rounder isn't much for someone of Hyde's talents.
  2. ??????? You're not watching the same game as everyone else. Look at the film again. There was a zone corner BARRELING down on Jimmy during that play. The multiple pump fakes froze that guy hard and made him STOP before hitting Jimmy G (otherwise he hits him before the ball gets there and it's a PI). It was a brilliant play by a magician playing the QB position. The pump fakes were needed not only for the completion but to prevent Jimmy G from being hit by a fast-charging defender. tldr; Your analysis is terrible and you should feel bad. This is a hugely underrated skill for great QBs - throwing the ball in places where the receivers aren't going to get smashed. And like everything else, Rodgers does it better than everyone.
  3. This is demonstrably false. Total point leagues were the first games and H2H concept came much later. https://www.fantasyindex.com/resources/the-birth-of-fantasy-football
  4. Yea, well, I'm 0-6 in one league where I took Gurley with the first pick. More points than some teams with 3 wins. The whole aspect of H2H needs to go away, imo. Victory points is a good middle ground but I wish more leagues were total points only regular season and just be H2H during playoffs. The point is to score points, not beat a random assortment of other players. I don't get how this concept even started. Makes no sense to me but have to play it because everyone else does.
  5. There's never been a greater selection of types of leagues to play. You can play whatever you want. Fantasy is luck-based enough for my tastes - prefer not to lose to the highest scoring team with the 3rd highest score every week.
  6. I have an 0-6 team where I drafted Gurley. I have more points than guys with 3 wins. Pretty f'in dumb. I'm moving to Victory Point only leagues next year.
  7. Spanos got greedy and turned down a lot of public money from San Diego. Dude is getting what he deserved. These billionaire pricks are lucky they get a dime from tax-payers.
  8. The next six games are against the 4th, 14th, 13th, 2nd, 7th, 5th WORST pass defense in the league. Ultimate buy-low right now. Barkley just showed he can ball out against good run defenses so they're going to stack the box even more. Beckham is going to run wild the rest of the season. Trade for him if you can.
  9. This is going to be the last week. The Falcons are starting the hot dog vendor in the secondary. Eli is going to toss 4 TDs this week and Beckham is going to get 2 of them.
  10. Not advisable. You're chasing numbers. Chase targets, not numbers. Tyrell had 3 catches and half the targets. Just because he scored on two of them doesn't mean he's going to sustain that production.
  11. This is not true. There is a very real possibility (and I think most likely scenario) that the Steelers look to keep them both fresh for the playoffs and they end up in a timeshare. Pittsburgh thrives off of the up-tempo game - they crave offensive players that can do it all so they don't have to substitute (thereby not allowing the defense to substitute). So it's perhaps unlikely they will swap out during drives. But it's very possible they do something like Drive 1 - Conner, Drive 2 - Bell, Drive 3 - Conner, etc. I've never known a coach that benches solid talents. Conner may not be a future superstar but he's definitely shown enough talent to get him on the field. I was initially on the bandwagon that Bell would be traded - since teams rarely come out and say a guy is available and he's NOT traded. But this is a unique situation where the traded player can't sign a long-term contract. If a trade was going to happen, I think it would have happened already. Teams are recognizing that there's too much risk giving so much up (2nd rounder plus ?) and not being able to sign him long-term. Not to mention the fact that if a team wants to sign him, they can probably offer the same contract in 6 months and not have to give up any other assets. For a team like the Jets that aren't going to win this year anyway, that seems like a way better plan.
  12. I'm going to disagree with this... DJ is currently RB10 in PPR. Just because he's not blowing up on a weekly basis doesn't mean he was a super disappointment if he's still getting RB1 numbers. Bell is a season killer if you didn't handcuff. 8 weeks of lost production and you can't drop him for someone else. Baldwin was a an injury risk so was depreciated into the 4th round. The risk hasn't paid off yet but that was baked into his draft position. So he's not really a bust. Fitz is a huge bust for me - he was projected to have 100 receptions regardless of who was QB. He's been playing so people had him in lineups but clearly wasn't 100% and has just killed teams so far this year. Crowder/Goodwin were hyped and projected really high by FBG and both have been unstartable.
  13. I agree with this ... squeaky wheel gets the grease (when it's a top player). I think he gets 10 targets against the Raiders crappy DEF. Baldwin explicitly stated his knee wasn't a factor and that they're just not throwing him the ball. Lowest pass attempts in the league seems to corroborate that story. With the Raiders and Lions on tap - could come out of nowhere for a couple big games.
  14. Zeke is leading the league in rushing and is on pace for 70 catches.& 2,000 all-purpose yards ... and has no competition for touches. There is no way I'd trade Zeke for Kamara, but good luck trying.
  15. Why are people surprised about this development? RB production is tied to touches. Any reasonable person would have expected the touch percentages to remain the same as last year and for Kamara to revert back to the mean with his efficiency. That means he was not worth a first round pick in fantasy. Drafted in 0/14 leagues and glad about it.
  16. TRADE FOR BELL! Just kidding. It's a mess. But even when it wasn't a mess, Peterson played 3 guys in the rotation. So it's a fantasy black hole either way.
  17. Starting him with confidence in the flex going forward. Dude makes plays.
  18. Pats DEF is available in most of my leagues - running with them vs Indy thursday. The Colts have multiple offensive weapons out (Hilton, Doyle, Mack). And Edelman is returning. I think the Pats control the whole game and blow Indy out.
  19. FYI he's gone for 40-60% in all my $300+ leagues. Be prepared to go big for him if you need/want him.
  20. Depends on the league. In the bigger leagues he's going for 50%+
  21. I think people are missing out on it in this thread ... didn't the Pats give him a boatload of guaranteed money a few years ago? Basically, more than any other QB at the time. He got more guaranteed money but a lower APY - this was a benefit to both Brady and the Pats. Brady wins because he would have gotten $60M or something even if he was hurt immediately. The Pats win if he stays healthy and leads them to multiple Super Bowls. You can't go back after making that agreement and argue that you need more APY because you didn't get hurt.
  22. Is this a serious post? They were both on the roster the entire season last year. I'm pretty sure the coaches would know if they had a superstar sitting on the bench.
  23. It's not worth projecting for me because I don't think he's a Steeler by the trade deadline. You guys can keep me honest here but I don't recall a case where a team explicitly said they were shopping a player and he didn't end up being traded. Otherwise, it causes nothing but animosity when teams are public about it before it happens. So when it's public, the player is as good as gone. The best they'll get is a 3rd in two years (2020 draft) for letting him leave after this season. That's equal to a 4th in 2019 draft. Someone will give AT LEAST a 2nd in the 2019 draft, which is a lot more draft capital. Another team might even give a player plus a 2nd. In order to maintain locker room accountability and to avoid lingering distractions (or the possibility Bell stops playing after the regular season since he's not getting paid for the playoffs), I think he's gone for as much as they can get by the deadline. With the news that Bell will report in two weeks - Conner might be the cheapest right now that he will be all year - and is an all-in trade target for me this week.
  24. Fantasy is a multi-billion $ industry. Any important injury news is on every major site within 10 minutes.
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