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  1. I would not. It's clear JAX will be using a committee until Fournette gets back. I only blow waiver priority on solid PPR FLEX guys (Lindsay) or workhorse handcuffs (Chase Edmunds if DJ goes down).
  2. Delete this and put it in the Gordon thread
  3. Gordon is the antithesis of what Belichek covets ... team-player, intelligent, disciplined, fills his role quietly, even if slightly less athletic than others. He wants players that are in the right place at the right time and execute - and abide by a lot of rules. None of this fits Gordon. They did take a shot on Moss but let's be real - Moss was a generational talent and wayyy more proven than Gordon.
  4. Just wanna say I was wrong on him so far ... 0/14 ownership. I didn't think he was going to faceplant, but drafting a guy with QB8 in his first year of starting full-time generally doesn't work out as you'd expect. So I passed on him for Roeth/Rivers type tier (which also wasn't terrible). Rules can be broken though and he's done a phenomenal job so far.
  5. Yes, numerous times. Didn't David Johnson do it recently? Erik Dickerson. Maybe Tomlinson. It's rare but it's been done 3-4 times.
  6. Matthews was flagged last week and it was deserved. This call was horrendous and it 100% cost them the game - the pass was intercepted, no other flags. League needs to come out and say that it was a bad call or I'm going to continue to lose interest in watching games. Either let them play football or give them flags in their waistband. Because that's where this headed.
  7. Everyone drafting him high assumed he was going to do the same dog and pony show where he reported right before the first game. It makes a huuuuge difference that he's willing to miss up to 10 weeks of game action. If he is indeed rusty (or the Steelers just roll with the team player/Conner) then his value takes a monstrous hit. Offering a solid fringe RB2 like Devonta/Royce Freeman or Lamar Miller seems just fine to me. I'm not saying I would accept it as the Bell owner, but it's not a terrible offer.
  8. Every starting QB is usually gone by round 10 in superflex drafts. And a few backups will be drafted as well. QBs will score, on average, 5 points more than any player low enough on your bench to consider flexing. It's a huge difference. They are very valuable during bye-weeks or as either handcuffs or streaming options. Every one that can possibly play a game, even for a few weeks (Fitz, Foles) should be rostered. Just don't take it to excess - we had one guy draft 4 starting QBs before round 10 (while also not filling all of his starting positions). His logic was to use them as trade bait. Unsurprisngly, he lost his first week by 80 points.
  9. Bell wasn't rusty last year. Their first five games were against four of the stoutest run defenses last year (MIN/BAL/JAX/CLE). Chicago was also a top 10 defense most of the year. As soon as he played depleted KC/CIN teams, he exploded. Look at all the facts, please. The moment Bell steps on the field he's a top 3 overall fantasy player.
  10. Yes, that's an insulting offer. Even if Bell reports at week 10, you're getting undisputed #1 points-per-game player for 6 weeks, including the playoffs. That's INCREDIBLY valuable. I've offered D. Freeman, R. Freeman, Ajayi, Lamar Miller all straight up for Bell in the leagues where I own Conner and was insta-rejected for all of them. I don't blame him, either. But I won't offer anything more valuable.
  11. I have Fournette and little depth (Stud WR/TEs) ... so I'm dropping 60% of my FAAB on grabbing Lindsay, hoping he'll be flex worthy all year. He doesn't need to ever turn into a feature back to be worth that for me. Note that this is a deep league (18 spots) so there's basically nothing on the waiver wire. Desean, Hines, and Jalen Richard are the only other roster-able guys.
  12. I would not have dropped Burton for Quincy. Two top TEs just went down which makes all of the TE5-TE10 much more valuable.
  13. Good thread! I had a weird feeling about Bell and ended up drafting Conner in 8/14 leagues. So I'm sitting pretty good and am actively trying to get Bell (not trade away Conner). I've sent out offers with just about every RB2 out there to try to get Bell ... D. Freeman, R. Freeman, Miller, Collins, Ajayi, etc. So far nobody has bought. I would NOT trade someone like Mixon or anyone who is currently operating as a feature back. Basically Mixon/Mcaffery or better is a better value right now. The most I'll offer for him is a RB2 + small WR upgrade if that gets it done. If I were to trade Conner (which I'm not considering at the moment), I'd probably want a big WR/TE/QB upgrade.... like WR2 -->WR1. Just my opinion, but I think Bell reports by end of September. He's not endearing himself to anyone (especially future teams) by losing out on millions of guaranteed dollars. And I think he becomes the feature back when he returns. He's just going to miss 1-4 games to reduce his touches from 400 to 300 and save some wear on his body. And he'll be just as amazing as when he missed 1-4 games in previous season due to suspension - he won titles when he came back.
  14. I offered Lamar Miller for Bell and was insta-rejected.
  15. This is correct. Rams have arguabably both the best secondary and the best defensive line in the league - but are horrendously weak at linebacker. So what do you do? Target your TE so much he goes off for 200 yards. Cooper was double teamed most of the game as well. Oakland doesn't play another elite defense until week 10, with two somewhat tough secondaries (Chargers) mixed in between. I'm not worried about OAK. Probably try to pick up Cooper if people are panicking. He's going to get fed this year.
  16. I think he was over-projected by FBG ( avged WR17) but still took him in thh WR25 range in a couple drafts. Very promising target share and targets deep. He had at least three deep ball targets and two were called on PIs. Converting only one of those each games, plus his intermediate catches, makes him an every week starter in any format.
  17. Kittle and Yeldon are on the WW and I have Fournette and Olsen ... so bidding pretty high. Probably go 80%+ on Yeldon in one league and 70%+ on Kittle. I have no backup TE nor RB depth in those two leagues.
  18. Lost someone to IR already??? Start a new one! Email meyerj31@gmail.com for invite. http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=460946
  19. Packer fan and I'd rather he sits 4 weeks and we start 2-3 then have him 100% the rest of the season. I'm pretty sure Cobb (emergency QB) could pilot them to a win against Buffalo week 3. That team is soooo bad.
  20. They would get literally nothing in return if they rescind the tag. Not even a compensation pick. Zero chance of that happening. Even if he comes back in week 10, purely from a depth perspective for the playoffs, they wouldn't rescind it. And the precedence factor.
  21. ### #### that was an awesome game last night!!!!! Rodgers = GOAT. No way Brady does that on one leg. Amazing!!!
  22. 7.5 spread feels more than fair. I'm not running out to put bets on the Packers. Bears have an underrated defense and have all the pieces on offense (if they can put it together). The o-line is respectable (13th on PFF), they have a great RB and now have two solid WR (Robinson and Miller). Burton is going to be a chess piece. Maybe not early in the year, but I think the Bears have a chance to be competitive this year. This could be one of the tougher divisions in football in 2018.
  23. He's rated as WR7, seems more than fair. The part I don't understand is people not drafting him in the first two rounds. I have a huge share of him this year because I was consistently getting him in the early/mid 3rd. Ahead of unproven or aging guys like Mixon, Fitz and guys with questionable/new situations like Hilton/Hill.
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